xDeFi Airdrop Review – Also Earn More Points for Each Referral.

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About xDeFi Airdrop

xDeFi Airdrop is a stack of decentralized finance protocols. They believe that a fully developed DeFi ecosystem should start from well-established infrastructures. xDeFi ecosystem includes xDEX as one of optimized AMM DEXes, xHalfLife as a money stream protocol, xSTA as a stable coin minted from crypto assets, xBadge as a incentivating approoach based on social consensus, and any other DeFi building blocks which are essential for a well-ordered market.

xDeFi is giving away a total of 168,000 XDEX tokens to top participants. Sign up for the airdrop and complete simple tasks to earn points. The top 5,000 participants will get 30 XDEX each and the top three participants will get up to 10,000 XDEX.

Token NamexDeFi Airdrop
Airdrop Start2021-02-09
Airdrop End2021-03-02
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Total Value168,000 XDEX
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join xDeFi Airdrop

First Step

Visit the xDeFi giveaway page.

Second step

Submit your details and sign up.

Third Step

Now complete simple tasks to earn points.

Fourth Step

You need to complete at least 5 tasks to submit your ERC-20 wallet address.

Fifth Step

Also earn more points for each referral.

Six Step

The top 5,000 participants will get 30 XDEX each and the top three participants will get up to 10,000 XDEX.

Seven Step

The rewards will be distributed when the project goes live on the mainnet.

Eigth Step

The rewards will be distributed when the project goes live on the mainnet.

XDex: Optimized Multi Asset AMM Dex

Trustless and Permissionless. Accept any standard and non-deflating ERC20. The xdefi.com , xFarm, xHalfLife and DAO Protocols have been audited and released on Ethereum mainnet. The xPerp and xOption Protocols will release soon!

XFarm: None for Pre-sale, Pre-mint

Fair launch and Antifragile. XDEX token distributed 100% based on community consessus and participation.

XHalfLife: Trustless Money Stream

Any XDEX from XFarm voting pool, ordinary pool, and founder teams’ fund, is rewarded through xHalfLife protocol. Withdrawable reward updated in every block.

Kyber Network:

xdefi.com from 2017. Compared to binary pools (Ethereum + any other token) Compared to Uniswap’s fixed binary pools of 50%-50% proportion, Kyber introduced multiple assets at non-fixed proportion in 2019. It can provide about 4 times of liquidity efficiency* over Uniswap V1 and 1.5 times over Uniswap V2.

These AMM DEXes

These AMM DEXes are extremely precious data examples, since they achieved more than 6 billion USD TVL in their on-chain trading systems. At the same time, in Ethereum community and even in similar ecosystems like Tron and Polkadot, many DeFi projects, with different product forms, with greater DAO mechanisms, with better tokeneconomics, and with better fairness are rapidly emerging.

xdefi.com like MakerDAO, AAVE(lend), Compound, Synthetix and YFI attend this Cambrion of DeFi in many forms, greatly helped the development of all AMM DEXes. The first time since the ICO mania in summer 2017, people feel the enthusiasm of creativity and species’ diversity of Ethereum community.

Special Optimization

xDeFi doesn’t focus on different AMM curves or special optimization for any certain trading scenarios, but it proposed a full set of parameters which reward fairness and loyalty. Initial design by a small team fewer than 10 developers and a small group of community volunteers, xDEX is full ready to embrace DAO after community users had a fully understanding about what problem xDeFi is solving, which could enable xDEX Token with a much more decentralized governance process.

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