What Is Anura DAO (RIBT)? Complete Guide & Review About Anura DAO?

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What Is Anura DAO(RIBT)?

Anura DAO is a governance first protocol. They are a team of developers with past experience in finance, development, and marketing, who have come together to develop various “”Dev-Tools”” for Web3. They are currently developing an: Encrypted Messaging App, A Cross-Chain Bridge, A Stablecoin, and more. They are constantly developing new tools that provide utility to users, revenue for the protocol, and value for $RIBT holders.

In essence Anura DAO Coin are a group of developers who like to build tools for fun, and decided to bring these projects to the public to provide value to the web3 space whether it be for individual users, or for entire protocols. The token $RIBT can be described as: is a fundamental component of ecosystem that has been well-tested and refined by world-class development team. The token is tied into protocol-driven applications and acts a common currency for both primary development and Anura-incubated projects. $RIBT can be staked in the protocol, earning additional rewards over time.

With an active development cycle and more protocol-driven apps to come, $RIBT is a token that investors will want to keep in their crypto portfolio for the long haul. To reiterate some tools that they have developed and are launching in the next month are: – Cross-Chain Bridging Protocol – Stablecoin – Encrypted Messaging Dapp – Community NFT that will be incorporated into an arcade play to earn game – NFT Generation Dapp – Since they are a DAO they always take community requests into consideration, and constantly seek to develop new Dev-Tools to solve problems.

Anura DAO Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAnura DAO
Short NameJOLT
Max Supply 500,000,000
Total Supply1,609,335
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Real Utility and Rock-Solid Stability

Anura DAO Coin are focused on providing utility and opportunities for stable and consistent yield return for those who participate in our protocol. With a doxed development team and years of collective experience in traditional finance, decentralized finance, and the greater field of technology; we are primed for rapid development and long-term protocol growth.

The development team has been hard at work to bring welcomed, long-sought-after innovation and stability to the DeFi space. It’s long past time to deal with rampant manipulation and projects that only benefit the ground-floor. They are looking to change the game by bringing some common-sense investment principles into decentralized finance. With a wealth of protocol utility and a focus on stable and consistent return on investment, Anura will become a sure footing for the future of decentralized projects.

Development Process

Anura has a transparent development process and anyone can build their ideas here. Every community member has the ability to obtain an equal share of governance and vote on official proposals to grow our ecosystem.

Community Ideas

Anura DAO Coin community members share their ideas for new protocol-driven applications with the development team. Any member can participate.

Open Project Planning

Members of the development team whiteboard project ideas in open voice channels with the community to iron out action items.

Official Proposal

Anura DAO Coin Project details are finalized with the development team and an official proposal is put up for a community vote. All members holding governance may vote.

Contribution Cycle


Anura DAO Coin After successfully integrating the application into the rest of the Anura ecosystem, the protocol-driven application is finalized, deployed to the blockchain, and made available to the public for use.5

Protocol Integration

When core development is completed, the protocol is integrated into the Anura ecosystem and can interact on-chain with other Anura fintech services. Integration will vary by protocol.4

Open Development

Anura DAO Coin proposal is passed, the development team will begin building the new protocol-driven application. Active development sessions are held in open voice chat. Community members are welcome to sit in.

Why Anura Core Features

Protocol Efficiency

Anura DAO Coin World-class optimization and development focused on consistent performance.


Multichain resource availability and universal token for all Anura protocols.

Web3 Development

Protocol-driven applications designed for the next layer of internet development and financial systems.

Doxxed Development Team

Transparent and experienced development team with years of experience in traditional finance and blockchain technologies.

FinTech Ecosystem

Protocol-driven applications are interconnected in a highly-scalable Web3 ecosystem.

Active Development

High-volume development pipeline and community engagement for consistent protocol updates and growth.

Consistency and Stability

Smart contract innovation changing the way protocols interact on-chain for a faster, smoother experience.


Open development process allows community to engage our team in all areas.

Anura Roadmap

Initial Protocol Development

Revamp website and roadmap designs. Beta testing for the Anura Games platform and play-to-earn functionality. Finalize production of MetaFrog MiniDao for fractionalized Metaverse investment. Development team participates in Moralis and ETH Denver hackathons.

Anura Fintech DApps

Complete the launch of the Anura community token. Web3 development and creation of protocol-driven applications such as a multichain bridge, cross-chain liquidity bonding to support bridging and protocol growth. Development will begin on the StableFrog project – stablecoin yield farming with auto-compound functionality.

Protocol Development and Update Cycle

Continued development of protocol-driven synthetics/derivatives FinTech applications. Updates and improvements to the MetaFrog MiniDao; development of NFT ladder liquidity protocol. Additional community-building activities and market expansion.

Announcement Pending

There are a number of additional projects in our development pipeline slated for an announcement later this year. Stay involved and keep informed on the latest Anura news to avoid missing out on some of the best protocol implementations on Web3.

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