10 Best Camera App in 2024: Top Ai Camera App

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Best Camera App One of the premier camera apps available today is “Snapseed.” Created by Google, Snapseed features powerful editing tools and filters designed to enhance photos. With its user-friendly interface, Snapseed makes editing photos simple: adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, selective editing (enabling precise changes to specific areas) creative filters & text/frame addition. Regardless of whether you are an amateur photographer or experienced professional looking to take mobile photography further – Snapseed should be in every mobile photographer’s arsenal!

Here Is List Of Best Camera App in 2024

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Camera FV-5
  • Cymera
  • Filmic Pro
  • Manual Camera
  • Open Camera
  • ProCam X
  • mcpro24fps
  • SayCheese
  • Photoshop Camera

10 Best Camera App in 2024

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is technically a photo editor and not a camera app; however, it includes an impressive camera app built-in. The camera includes key features like HDR, RAW support and various modes and presets – with manual camera controls available if you require.

Adobe Lightroom

In addition, Adobe Lightroom stands as one of the top photo editing apps for mobile so once your photo has been shot with Adobe Lightroom you can immediately begin editing!

2. Camera FV-5 (Best Camera App)

Camera FV-5 was taken off our list due to lack of updates, yet FGAE wasn’t quite done with it yet. The current version of Camera FV-5 is actually quite impressive with manual controls, exposure bracketing, built-in intervalometer capabilities, regular updates as of this writing (at $3.95 and with refund periods in place for most phones),

Camera FV-5 (Best Camera App)

Regular manual controls support (such as shutter release autofocus lag reduction ) as well as other more specialized functions like built-in intervalometer. Unfortunately though some phones seem to behave poorly so make sure you use refund period if this applies.

3. Cymera

Cymera is one of the older and more well-known camera apps. It focuses on mainstream features, like filters, stickers and special effects; and offers beauty camera mode to add or take away features from your face or body (we don’t particularly care for such drastic alterations); plus a photo editor for minor edits. Downloading it for free allows access to additional items through in-app purchases.

4. Filmic Pro (Best Camera App)

Filmic Pro is one of the newest camera apps on Android and is also the most expensive on this list. This camera app offers some unique features, including specific manual controls like an exposure and focus slider, white balance adjustment matrix and gamma curve control; additionally there are live RGB control, analytics features, live RGB adjustment as well as some added analytics features if desired.

Filmic Pro (Best Camera App)

However, Filmic Pro had an uncertain start but its developers appear to be listening closely to user feedback and making updates regularly to fix bugs – hopefully one day it will become great; be sure to test this out fully within its refund period before investing too!

5. Manual Camera

Manual Camera is an admirable camera app. Featuring manual exposure, white balance, ISO, focus and shutter speed controls as well as support for RAW files if your phone supports them, as well as burst shots and 4K video recording modes to round out its user experience.

Manual Camera

Though its post-processing may not match that of stock apps such as your phone’s native camera app – perhaps some specific modes might even exist there which Manual doesn’t have. Unfortunately it hasn’t seen an update since 2020 so we hope its developer hasn’t abandoned it altogether!

6. Open Camera (Best Camera App)

Open Camera is one of the premier camera apps for serious photographers. It boasts all of the essential features we’ve previously discussed – manual camera controls, timer functionality, external mic support, HDR and exposure bracketing are just some.

Open Camera (Best Camera App)

Furthermore, this open source app offers no in-app purchases or advertisements and comes complete with its own separate donation app for those wanting to support its development team.

HedgeCam 2 (Google Play) is another fork of Open Camera that is quite good, although no updates have been provided recently.

7. ProCam X

ProCam X is one of the newest camera apps on our list and does an admirable job. It focuses more on professional-oriented features rather than filters and social media-style stuff; features include burst mode, facial recognition, 4k video recording support, support for RAW format files

ProCam X

Manual controls if your device allows it, shutter sound off option as well as several camera modes like scene and focus modes – and all at an attractive price tag too. Plus there’s always the premium version which costs a mere few bucks more!

8. mcpro24fps (Best Camera App)

mcpro24fps is one of the most powerful video camera apps available for mobile, with pro-level features like recording in 10-bit video and HLG. LUT readouts, focus peaking, metadata storage and more all make this camera truly exceptional for videography – the only real downside being its complexity; but, nonetheless, this camera truly is top tier.

mcpro24fps (Best Camera App)

Unfortunately it may require additional software support on some phones; otherwise this app offers everything needed for high quality videos! The main con against it may be its difficulty at first until you become used to all its capabilities; good things do come at cost ;

9. SayCheese

SayCheese is an innovative new camera app with some special capabilities: remote camera functionality that enables users to connect to another phone’s camera and take pictures using that phone on your own device.


Perfect for taking group shots without someone else taking it. At this writing, SayCheese was still in early access beta; as expected there may still be bugs, but our testing showed it worked effectively and further updates should only add stability over time.

10. Photoshop Camera (Best Camera App)

Photoshop Camera is an app-based photo editor with its own built-in camera app that enables you to take and edit pictures with the help of filters and editing features, similar to desktop Photoshop but less professional focused than Adobe Lightroom.

Photoshop Camera (Best Camera App)

You’ll have access to auto-tone, portrait mode controls and filters to play around with for social media and professional use – plus they have some unique ones which could really add character and visuals. Overall it makes a good option if you want to jazz up Instagram!

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Best Camera App Conclusion

Overall, choosing the ideal camera app depends on your personal preferences and photography needs. Snapseed stands out as an exceptional contender on the market with its comprehensive editing tools, intuitive interface, and advanced features that enable users to transform photos and unleash creativity.

No matter whether you are an amateur or experienced photographer – Snapseed provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for capturing and editing images on smartphones – give it a try and elevate your mobile photography to new levels!

Best Camera App FAQ

What is the best camera app for smartphones?

The best camera app for smartphones can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular options known for their features and performance include Snapseed, Camera+, ProCam X, VSCO, Moment, ProShot, Halide, and Adobe Lightroom.

What features should I look for in a camera app?

When selecting a camera app, consider features like manual controls (exposure, focus, white balance), RAW capture support, a variety of filters and effects, advanced editing tools, intuitive interface, and compatibility with your smartphone’s hardware.

Are camera apps better than the default camera app on smartphones?

Camera apps can offer additional features and functionality beyond what the default camera app provides. They often provide more manual controls, advanced editing options, and creative filters, allowing users to have more control over their photography and enhance their images.

Are camera apps suitable for professional photography?

While camera apps cannot replace the capabilities of dedicated professional cameras, they can be a valuable tool for professional photographers. Many camera apps offer manual controls, RAW support, and advanced editing features that can help photographers capture and enhance high-quality images using their smartphones.

Are camera apps available for both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, camera apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Many popular camera apps are developed for both platforms, ensuring a wide range of options for users regardless of their smartphone operating system.

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