10 Best Food Delivery App Singapore

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DeliverMe is unrivaled when it comes to Best Food Delivery App Singapore, thanks to its user-friendly interface, wide variety of restaurants available and lightning fast service – the go-to choice among foodies on the island. The app offers an assortment of cuisines spanning traditional local delicacies to international delights, to meet every palette and preference. DeliverMe stands out from its competition with its efficient tracking system, enabling customers to monitor their orders in real-time for an enjoyable shopping experience.

DeliverMe stands out as an essential app for food enthusiasts in Singapore due to its smooth payment process, numerous promotional offers, and responsive customer support team. When looking for convenient, reliable, and diverse food delivery service solutions in Singapore, DeliverMe stands as an obvious top pick – an unrivalled source of sustenance delivered directly to them from within this bustling metropolis.

How do choose the Best Food Delivery App Singapore?

To select the optimal food delivery app in Singapore, consider these factors:

Restaurant Selection: When searching for an app with an impressive restaurant selection and cuisine variety, find one with as many choices as possible so that it will increase the odds that you’ll discover something you enjoy. The more options there are available the greater are your chances of discovering something you enjoy!

User Interface: For an optimal experience, look for apps with simple and straightforward user interfaces that make navigation simple; browsing menus should be straightforward and placing orders should not present any difficulties.

Deliveries Speed: For optimal food delivery services, your chosen app should provide quick deliveries that ensure fresh, hot food arrives right when promised. Look out for apps offering real-time tracking so you can track its status throughout its journey to you.

Payment Options: Check whether the app offers multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets or cash on delivery to ensure convenience and flexibility when paying your bill. This ensures you can settle it with ease.

Promos and Discounts: Look for apps that regularly offer promotions, discounts or loyalty rewards to make dining experiences more cost effective.

Customer Support: Reliable customer support is crucial if any issues arise with your orders, which should be provided via multiple channels such as chat, email or phone call.

Reviews and Ratings: To gauge an app’s overall performance and customer satisfaction, user reviews on app stores or online platforms provide invaluable feedback about it.

Special Features: Apps can provide special features like vegetarian/halal filters, scheduled orders or the ability to create personalized dishes – find one that meets all of your specific needs!

Delivery Coverage: Check that the app provides coverage in Singapore for your location, particularly if you reside in less central areas.

Security and Privacy: Ensure the app prioritizes data security to safeguard both personal and financial details.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the ideal food delivery app in Singapore that meets your individual preferences and ensures an easy ordering experience.

Here is List Best Food Delivery App Singapore

  • Deliveroo
  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood
  • WhyQ
  • Grain
  • Oddle Eat
  • Chope on Delivery
  • Pickupp
  • Oddle Eats
  • Fong Fu Food Industries

10 Best Food Delivery App Singapore

1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo was one of the prominent food delivery apps operating in Singapore. Deliveroo is a global food delivery platform that connects users with a wide range of restaurants and eateries in their area. It offers a diverse selection of cuisines, from local favorites to international dishes, giving customers plenty of choices to satisfy their cravings.

Deliveroo’s user-friendly app interface allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and track their deliveries in real-time. The app also provides various payment options, including credit/debit cards and mobile wallets, ensuring a seamless and convenient checkout process.


One of Deliveroo’s notable features is its fast delivery service, promising to bring food to customers’ doorsteps swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, the app often runs promotions and offers discounts to make dining experiences more affordable.

To ensure the current status and any recent updates about Deliveroo in Singapore, I recommend checking app store reviews and the company’s official website or social media platforms for the most up-to-date information.

2. Foodpanda (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Foodpanda was another acclaimed food delivery app operating in Singapore. Foodpanda is an internationally-recognized platform which connects users with restaurants and eateries in their area.

Foodpanda’s app makes ordering food online effortless for customers by providing menus, placing orders, and tracking their deliveries in real-time. Foodpanda features an expansive range of cuisines spanning local favorites to international dishes to satisfy every palate and preference.

Foodpanda (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Foodpanda provides multiple payment options, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets and cash on delivery – making it simple for users to settle their bills quickly.

Foodpanda is known for their extensive delivery coverage in Singapore, covering both central and outlying regions so customers can access their favorite meals no matter their location.

3. GrabFood

GrabFood was a popular food delivery service operated by Grab, a leading Southeast Asian super-app that offers various services, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and more. GrabFood is a well-established and widely used food delivery platform in Singapore.

GrabFood allows users to order from a wide selection of restaurants and eateries, offering a diverse range of cuisines to suit different tastes and preferences. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to browse menus, place orders, and track their deliveries in real-time.


One of GrabFood’s notable features is its integration with the Grab ecosystem, which means users can access both ride-hailing and food delivery services within the same app, providing added convenience.

GrabFood often offers promotions, discounts, and loyalty rewards to enhance the overall customer experience and make dining more affordable.

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4. WhyQ (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

WhyQ was a popular food delivery app operating in Singapore that specialized primarily in hawker center cuisine and local dishes. WhyQ stood out from other food delivery services by providing affordable meals from traditional food centers called hawker centers which provided an array of tasty local cuisine options.

WhyQ (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

WhyQ stands out as an outstanding hawker center experience by bringing its delicious cuisine right to its customers’ homes, offering authentic flavors without having to physically visit stalls.

The app features a straightforward user experience that makes navigating hawker centers and selecting their desired dishes simple and straightforward, all within minutes of ordering online.

WhyQ stands out among Singaporean restaurants by providing affordable and value-for-money meals, making it a prime choice for those seeking authentic Singaporean fare without breaking the bank.

5. Grain

Grain Food Delivery Service of Singapore was an acclaimed food delivery app focusing on providing its customers with healthy and nutritous meals.

Grain offers an assortment of healthy dishes made with quality ingredients and balanced nutrition in mind, which cater to various dietary preferences such as vegetarianism, veganism or those who require special accommodations.

Apps typically feature user-friendly interfaces that make ordering simple for customers, enabling them to browse menu items quickly, place orders quickly, and select delivery times that work with their schedules.

Grain’s dedication to offering fresh and nutritious meals made it an appealing option for busy professionals or health-minded consumers seeking convenient dining solutions.

Staying current with Grain’s current services and offerings in Singapore requires frequent checks of app store reviews as well as their official website or social media channels. With the food delivery industry continuously developing, these sources will give the latest insight into their offerings and features.

6. Oddle Eat (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Oddle Eat was a popular online ordering platform and food delivery service in Singapore. Oddle Eat stands out by providing a platform for restaurants and F&B (Food & Beverage) establishments to manage their own online ordering system.

Unlike conventional food delivery apps that list various restaurants, Oddle Eat allows individual restaurants to set up their own digital storefronts and manage their orders directly. This gives restaurants greater control over their menus, pricing, and promotions, providing a more personalized experience for customers.

Oddle Eat (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Oddle Eat’s platform typically offers a user-friendly interface for customers to browse menus, place orders, and make payments seamlessly. By using this platform, customers can discover a wide range of restaurants, including local favorites and international cuisines, all within one centralized platform.

For restaurant owners, Oddle Eat provides tools and analytics to help them manage orders efficiently, track sales, and understand customer preferences, ultimately enhancing their online presence and overall operations.

To get the most current information about Oddle Eat’s services and partner restaurants in Singapore, I recommend checking app store reviews and visiting the official Oddle Eat website or their social media channels. As the food delivery and online ordering landscape may evolve over time, these sources will provide the latest updates and insights on Oddle Eat’s offerings.

7. Chope on Delivery

Chope on Delivery was a food delivery service available through Chope, a popular restaurant booking platform. As part of this new feature on Chope’s services, it enabled customers to order food directly through the app from their favorite restaurants – providing a more convenient ordering process than previous methods.

Chope on Delivery was designed to bring customers restaurant-quality meals right into the comfort of their own homes, offering them the opportunity to experience all types of cuisine without ever having to leave home. Through an app, users could browse menus, place orders, and schedule deliveries – all within Chope itself.

Chope on Delivery

Given Chope’s expansive network of partner restaurants in Singapore, Chope on Delivery likely offered a wide array of dining options that were tailored to individual preferences and palates.

Staying current on Chope on Delivery and its offerings in Singapore requires staying informed through app store reviews and visiting either their official website or social media channels – these sources provide up-to-date insights into Chope’s services, features, including Chope on Delivery – which should help keep you in the know!

8. Pickupp (Top Food Delivery App Singapore)

Pickupp was a last-mile logistics and on-demand delivery platform operating in Singapore. Pickupp provided delivery services for various businesses such as restaurants and online merchants to deliver their goods efficiently and reliably to their customers.

Pickupp’s service model typically involved connecting businesses to an on-demand delivery fleet that would pick up items at their merchant location and deliver them directly to their customers’ desired addresses. This allowed businesses to offer same-day or same-week deliveries for added competitive advantage in this fast-paced delivery market.

Pickupp (Top Food Delivery App Singapore)

Pickupp’s app and platform were developed with ease of use in mind, making it simple for businesses to schedule deliveries, track orders in real-time, and optimize delivery logistics effectively.

Pickupp’s delivery services were designed for customer convenience and flexibility, with orders arriving promptly to customers’ homes or preferred locations.

For up-to-date information about Pickupp’s services in Singapore, I recommend reading app store reviews as well as visiting their official website or social media channels. As delivery industry trends change quickly, these sources will offer insight into Pickupp’s offerings and features.

9. Oddle Eats

Oddle Eats was a well-known food ordering and delivery platform in Singapore, part of Oddle, an online ordering solution tailored towards restaurants and F&B businesses.

Oddle Eats allows customers to order directly from their favorite restaurants using either its website or mobile app, serving as a central platform where many restaurants list their menus and offer online ordering and delivery services.

Oddle Eats

Oddle Eats’ user-friendly platform makes browsing menus, placing orders, and making payments seamless for customers. Customers can explore an abundance of cuisines and dishes offered from various restaurants – all on one convenient platform!

Oddle Eats provides restaurant owners with a comprehensive set of tools and features to manage orders, track sales and enhance their digital presence. It enables restaurants to streamline the online ordering process while efficiently handling delivery logistics.

10. Fong Fu Food Industries (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Fong Fu Food Industries has been offering Singaporeans quality delivery service for more than 15 years, serving any and all events such as buffets, tea receptions or weeknight dinner deliveries.

Fong Fu Food Industries (Best Food Delivery App Singapore)

Trust them to deliver fresh, healthy food that tastes delicious; their kitchen adheres to stringent standards of hygiene.

Their organization is committed to offering delicious treats and superior assistance at reasonable prices, so if you find yourself hungry at any point during the day, give them a call and they’ll come right over.

Best Food Delivery App Singapore Conclusion

Conclusion When it comes to food delivery apps in Singapore, there are multiple outstanding choices that cater to individual tastes and preferences. DeliverMe is the go-to service, providing a seamless user experience across multiple restaurants and cuisines to satisfy every craving. Their efficient tracking system, multiple payment options, and ongoing promotions add even further customer satisfaction.

But other apps such as GrabFood, Foodpanda and WhyQ remain equally popular choices with their unique features and extensive food offerings. In Singapore, choosing the most appropriate food delivery app depends on individual preference, dietary needs and location – whether at home or work! No matter which app one chooses though, food delivery services have revolutionized dining experiences by making delicious food more easily accessible than ever to its residents.

Top Food Delivery App Singapore FAQ

Which is the best food delivery app in Singapore?

DeliverMe is considered one of the best food delivery apps in Singapore due to its user-friendly interface, extensive restaurant selection, fast delivery service, and efficient tracking system. However, preferences may vary, and other popular options include GrabFood, Foodpanda, WhyQ, and Oddle Eats.

What cuisines are available on food delivery apps in Singapore?

Food delivery apps in Singapore offer a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from local favorites like Hainanese chicken rice and laksa to international cuisines like Italian, Japanese, Indian, and more. Most apps have a diverse selection to cater to different tastes.

Do food delivery apps in Singapore offer halal or vegetarian options?

Yes, many food delivery apps in Singapore offer halal and vegetarian options. Customers can filter their search to find restaurants that cater to specific dietary requirements, including halal-certified or vegetarian dishes.

How can I pay for my food orders on these apps?

Food delivery apps typically offer various payment options, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash on delivery. Customers can choose their preferred payment method during checkout.

Do food delivery apps have customer support for inquiries or issues?

Yes, reputable food delivery apps in Singapore usually have customer support available through various channels, such as in-app chat, email, or phone, to assist with inquiries or address any issues.

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