CannAvenue Ico Review : Patent-pending technology for the Cannabis Industry

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About CannAvenue

CannAvenue aims to be a breakthrough blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS) company for the cannabis industry. Their objective is to support access to and growth of legal cannabis industry through a fully secure online ecosystem.

CannAvenue expects to hold an Initial Coin Offering. It is expected that funds we raise through the ICO would be allocated towards further development of our software solutions, production and distribution of high quality cannabis throughout Canada, and opening of retail cannabis stores, pharmacies and veterinary clinics in cannabis-friendly regions.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCannAvenue
Token SymbolCANA
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Soft cap£ 1.00M
Hard cap£ 6.00M
Tokens for Sale9.22M
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


CannAvenue will be one of the first companies to bring Blockchain SaaS, enabled by predictive analytics and customised AI solutions to the cannabis industry during the process of legalization and adoption of cannabis in Canada. Our objective is to support access to and growth of the legal cannabis industry through a fully secure online ecosystem.


The vision for CannAvenue is to be one of the fastest growing service providers in the cannabis industry. We also want to be recognized as the most effective Blockchain-based software company that uses AI to successfully manage inventory while enabling businesses to make their products accessible across all cannabis-friendly markets.


Poor inventory management

Inventory management poses a serious challenge for most businesses. While sales forecasts often help with inventory management, there are always instances where businesses still face problems.


With impending growth in demand in the cannabis industry and the expected growth in volume of transactions, it is important to have an automated safeguard in place, ensuring legitimate and transparent transactions for all stakeholders in the business.

CannAvenue Software Solutions


A private B2B marketplace platform allowing companies to connect and do business. A true one stop shop, where businesses can view products, ratings, and reviews before purchasing.


An inventory management software designed to provide seed-to-sale traceability and efficiently provide real-time suggestions for allocation of inventory based on stock requirements.

Data Analytics

CannAvenue provide real-time data analytics to users of our ecosystem to provide the best customer experience, as well as optimize business processes.

Comprehensive Support

Our team provides excellent support to all users of our ecosystem. Live chat, email support, and telephone support are provided to all users.

CannAvenue Opportunity

With recreational cannabis slated to be legalized for sale in Canada in October 2018, there is a need for the private sector to create a system which will aid the public sector in implementation of safeguards in this industry. Being a Blockchain based company, It hopes to be in a position to ensure a transparent, safe, and auditable network of licensed, quality inventory.

Applying Colorado’s results to canada

Could Canada’s experience with legalizing recreational cannabis mirror Colorado’s? Maybe. There are some similar dynamics work. Both Canada and Colorado allowed legal use of medical cannabis for several years before moving to legalize recreational use of the drug. Cannabis legalization enjoys public support in both areas.

How big might the cannabis market in Canada be if we applied Colorado’s results? The population of Colorado in 2017 stood at 5.6 million, while Canada’s population is around 36.3 million. That makes Canada’s population roughly 6.5 times larger than Colorado’s.

Turnkey Solutions

CannAvenue is our parent brand with multiple sub-brands using capabilities built to cater to the varying needs of the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and consumer in the cannabis industry during various stages of the product lifecycle. These capabilities will use custom AI solutions on a Blockchain-based platform to create what we believe to be a legitimate and legalized ecosystem whereby each merchant could conduct business within the regions of operation.

Products of CannAvenue


Private Merchant Network: An inventory management software designed to provide seed-to-sale
traceability and efficiently provide real-time suggestions for allocation of inventory based on stock requirements. Software will use algorithms from historical sales, cyclical trends, demographics, socioeconomics and other relevant information to provide merchants with suggestions to assist with allocation of inventory to different markets. Further, when stock drops below predetermined threshold, it will automatically create an alert for the merchant to make an allocation.

This will balance the inventory levels at all locations and reduce stock outages. Software will also have the ability to auto-order inventory, based on customizable pre-defined inventory thresholds set by the customer. This will reduce the need for a large warehouse with too many inventory management employees. It will also help keep the product fresh and reduce the possibility of missing out on a sale due to low inventory levels. This will be a FREE to use SaaS for everyone.


Public Merchant Network: A public trading platform for merchants only, where they can post their inventory for trade. This will be fully integrated into CannInventory. If merchants have stock to sell, it can be promoted within platform for all other merchants to view and bid on. If merchants are looking to purchase stock, they will be able to connect with other merchants on the platform. Trade can be done using fiat and cryptocurrencies. This platform will generate revenue through the following methods, without limitation:

  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Ad revenue from merchants to promote inventory
  • A Pay Per Use transaction fee of 1%


A comprehensive payment system, powered by CannAvenue own cryptocurrency. This enables a cashless, transparent, decentralized network for everyone from the producers to consumers.


Mobile App that will allow users to locate and purchase specific products using inbuilt geo-location
services. Users will also be able to schedule a consultation with a doctor and get a prescription filled quickly from a local retailer or licensed producer. This will streamline the purchase process and save consumers a whole lot of time.


All of these products will be driven by our patent pending Cann-AI. An ultra-intuitive system geared to automate processes and make suggestions for businesses and users based on trends, historical information, and various other data points.

Incentive program

CannAvenue incentive program will have 2 objectives; it will help build stickiness for the platform and drive buyers and sellers to use the CannAvenue currency.

It is expected that both buyers and sellers will receive a cash back in CannAvenue currency for transactions made on the platform. Further, it is expected that buyers and sellers transacting in our currency will receive a cash back in the same currency.

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