Centric Ico Review : A Dual Cryptocurrency Network Designed For Low-Volatility And Predictable Returns

About Centric

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Centric is the world’s first dual-cryptocurrency payment network. Its innovative and unique concept is engineered to achieve breakthrough as a reliable form of payment.

The first token, Centric Rise, is the network’s transactional currency – it steadily increases in price hourly in accordance with immutable price blocks set publicly one year in advance. The second token, Centric Cash, is pegged to the first and will freely trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCentric
Token SymbolCNR
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Soft cap$ 5,000,000
Hard cap$ 10,000,000
Total supply1,000,000,000 CNR
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Centric Rise is designed for everyone who wants to use a currency that has a clear future value and is non-speculative. Initial early adopters come from all backgrounds and are looking for alternatives to fiat currency as well as alternatives to speculative and volatile cryptocurrencies. The design of it Rise is for mass adoption, ease of use and multiple applications. The Centric team is creating partnerships, apps, and utilities that will increase adoption, exchange volume, and utility of the token over time. Through these apps and partnerships, the market will increase organically through the use of the token on multiple services.

How Centric Implements Price Stability

It addresses volatility by design, allowing the price to increase over time in a managed way. At the same time, It is subject to immutable protocol mechanisms that are able to react to real-time supply and demand.

In this section, we explore the following topics:

  • How the Centric Protocol balances aggregate demand through a two-token system
  • How exchange rates are measured
  • How these protocol-enforced actions incentivize speculators to stabilize exchange rates

Centric Cash

The protocol values and exchanges Centric Cash for Its at a value of 1.00 USD, translating to a 1:1 USD peg. The market capitalization of Centric Cash indicates the aggregate demand for it.

Utility for Centric: dApps, Applications, and Services

Centric Wallet

The wallet provides a place to store Centric Rise & Cash allowing members to send, receive and convert. Additional features in the future will include the ability to find businesses that accept Centric Rise, Tap & GO for in-store purchases, send gift certificates to friends and family. The wallet will be the hub of it.

Centric Business

Any business around the world can easily set up its Business account and start accepting payments.

Centric Centres

Customers will have a range of traditional licensed and regulated products and services accessible locally.

Centric Developer Hub

The Centric road map includes the release of the SDK/API and test network for 3rd party app developers to connect to Centric and create their own apps. The Developer Hub will provide documentation, news, support, and discussion for working with Centric.

How Centric Incentivizes Adoption

Centric Rise tokens are designed to increase in value over time. The value increase is performed consistently through a mechanism of burning tokens. The more transactions, conversions, and adoption that take place, the faster Centric tokens are burned out of circulation. As the tokens gain utility through the ecosystem, the velocity of use will result in improved liquidity.

The Rise tokens value is not dictated by the volatile cryptocurrency markets today, or any market for that matter; rather it is built into the token design and carefully calculated the rise in the price based on how the project is forecasted to perform. At present the token increases at 28.5% value per month. Over time this is expected to drop as the project achieves more liquidity and utility.

Key Highlights

  • Live product with two-year operational track record
  • Verified and secure external audits
  • Solves key problems experienced by first generation blockchain projects
  • 85,000+ registered Centric Wallet members. 15,000,000+ on-chain transactions
  • Proven and experienced management team
  • Global patent pending protection

Future Growth Rate

The Future Growth Rate is a network variable expressed as a percentage stored by the protocol, it dictates the future monthly nominal price growth of CNR. The Future Growth Rate is controlled by the Centric team.



MemberGabriella Davis, CEO
Jordan Turnbow, COO
Nikita Ryabuhin, CTO
Martin Chapcak, Head of Blockchain
Charlie Firebrace, Global Partnerships
Atma Degeyndt, CMO

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