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About Coinstats Wallet

Coinstats Wallet makes it simple to track any cryptocurrency on the market, and it’s especially useful for investors who are mainly focused on the areas of Ethereum and DeFi. Unlike some other major crypto portfolio trackers, CoinStats users are able to sync their MetaMask, Ledger, or other Ethereum-compatible wallet directly with the portfolio tracker.

This allows users to keep track of all their bets in the Ethereum ecosystem in one place. Let’s take a closer look at CS compares to some of the other crypto portfolio trackers on the market in CoinStats review.


Coinstats Wallet Review: Manage Your Crypto and DeFi Portfolio From One Place

Coin Stats Widget

Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash update. CoinStats is the #1 free crypto portfolio tracking and management app and DeFi wallet.

Track and manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 20,000 other coins from over 300 exchanges. Connect all your favorite exchanges and wallets to your CoinStats portfolio and monitor all your assets in real-time from one place.

Coin Research

Find the next great coin. CoinStats allows you to do advanced filtering, sorting, and research in order to find your next investment. You can access the latest data about any cryptocurrency, links to their website, Reddit, Twitter and read up-to-date news in order to get as much information as possible.

Track Every Coin

Never miss a buying or selling opportunity. Easily track and follow the prices of over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, set up alerts and notifications, and access charts and analytical data. You will be able to select the exchange you’re using or look at average prices across all exchanges. Also “favorite” coins you want to keep an eye on.

CoinStats Wallet

Get a free CoinStats Wallet and start swapping directly from CoinStats without ANY fees. The industry-leading security standards make trading on CoinStats as secure and convenient as possible.

Your Portfolio

See your entire portfolio on one screen. Set up your portfolio on CoinStats by manually adding your buy/sell transactions or syncing your exchange or wallets for a live view. Easily set up multiple portfolios.

Portfolio Sharing

Compare your portfolio with friends and track your gains over time. You can share one or more of your portfolios with your friends and it will appear in their CoinStats app.

Weekly Updates

They move fast and update the CoinStats app each week with more features and improvements for users. You can check backlog and plans at feedback.

CoinStats Wallet

Your Door to DeFi Manage all your DeFi and crypto in one place – one wallet to buy, sell, swap, track, and earn on your crypto.

The Easiest Way To Access DeFi

Swap on BSC, Ethereum and Polygon

Trade your favorite coins and tokens without going to multiple exchanges.

Security Comes First

Swap and send funds directly from your wallet securely.

Buy Crypto with Bank Card

Want to buy crypto with fiat? In a few easy steps you can sync your bank card to get started.

Earn on Your Crypto

Deposit and don’t miss out on earning up to 20% interest on your crypto when you save.

SwapBoth on BSC,and Ethereum Mainnet

They Give You Flexibility Track all of your Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart
Chain and DeFi assets with unlimited access, anywhere, any time!

Security Comes First

Your Wallet Holds the Key CoinStats Wallet gives you control and enables you to export your private keys securely, giving you absolute control over your crypto and DeFi portfolio.

Earnon Your Crypto

Get More for Holding Receive up to 20% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on your crypto assets. Put your hodlings to work.

Average Sign Up

Is Only 5 Sec Never Miss a Pump!Get the opportunity to buy, sell and earn crypto instantly after only 5 seconds sign up process. Download the app now.


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