CUDOS Airdrop Review – Also, Earn $0.7 worth of CUDOS for Each Referral.

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About CUDOS Airdrop

Founded in 2017 by CUDOS Airdrop tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins, Cudo’s highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists and strategists, are joined by world class advisors including the Ex-President of Sony Playstation, Chris Deering and the Director of Blockchain at AMD, Jörg Roskowetz with the mission to:‘

Make Better Use of the World’s Computing Power.’

Cudo is already generating revenue with users in over 145 countries. This network, comprising of tens of thousands of blockchainers, gamers and service providers, will become early providers to cloud consumers globally. The CUDOS network links the blockchain world to the extensive Cudo platform through a smart contract governed layer 2 oracle, reducing the cost and increasing the performance for DeFi and other popular blockchain use cases.

Token NameCUDOS Airdrop
Estimated Value$7 + ref
Total value $71,800
KYCKYC Is requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. Participants9,000
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join CUDOS Airdrop

First Step

Chat with this Telegram bot.

Second step

Submit your details to the bot and verify your mail.

Third Step

Join their Telegram group.

Fourth Step

Follow them on Twitter.

Fifth Step

Like their Facebook page.

Six Step

Submit your details to this airdrop form.

Seven Step

You will receive $7 worth of CUDOS tokens.

Eigth Step

Also, earn $0.7 worth of CUDOS for each referral.

Nine Step

Top referrer (minimum of 500 confirmed referrals) will win one grand price of $2,500 USD worth of CUDOS tokens.

Ten Step

More details about this campaign can be found here.

The Applications of Compute

CUDOS Airdrop computing already uses around 20 million servers, and this number is rapidly increasing. By adding to the network the billions of electronic devices that are spread around the world, distributed computing is the bridge to the mass-adoption of this revolutionary technology.


CUDOS is a layer 2 oracle network, governed by smart contracts, connecting blockchain developers and services including DeFi, to a global footprint of computing power on the Cudo platform. Cudo is a distributed computing platform already providing customers around the World with up to 10x more cost effective computing, whilst also providing more equity for hardware owners.

CUDOS Network

The CUDOS network provides a layer 2 to various blockchains, in order to solve the current scalability issues. The CUDOS network comprises a set of smart contracts that act as compute oracles, connecting blockchains to secure external sources in a decentralized way. By allowing smart contracts to request off-chain computation, CUDOS offers a Turing-complete solution that can run code in any language, such as Python, Go or C++.

CUDOS Validators

  • BUY or RUN an approved CUDOS validator server
  • STAKE 2 million CUDOS and stake for compute workloads
  • EARN up to 30% staking reward per annum + passive income from blockchain & compute jobs

How It Works

The connection to the outside world is done via the CUDOS Validator Nodes (CVNs), which are one of the main pillars of the network. Blockchain developers are able to choose through the CUDOS smart contracts the level of decentralization that they want, by selecting how many CVNs should receive and run the desired code. This gives the power and freedom to developers to choose and select the most appropriate settings and configuration for each job.

Once each CVN has run the job, they all share the result and run the validation and consensus piece. The consensus in the CUDOS network can run either on-chain or off-chain, to further reduce the network’s transaction costs, at the will of the developer requesting the work. This system gives the control back to developers, not only allowing them to choose the level of decentralization they want, but also controlling the cost for the overall request.

Benefits of Decentralisation


Become a CUDOS Airdrop citizen and be part of the next web3 era. Provide your opinion on updates and changes to the network.


Vote on proposals to apply changes to the network and grants for projects to be built on CUDOS.


Support the network by staking tokens or become a validator and receive rewards for your contribution.


Store your CUDOS assets on the network or with the many wallet partners.


Supporting multiple chains including Ethereum, Polkadot and many more in the future.


Build your own dapps and integrate smart contracts on the decentralised CUDOS Web3 network.

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