What Is Hawksight?(HAWK) Complete Guide & Review About Hawksight ?

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What Is Hawksight?(HAWK)

Hawksight is a DeFi super-app for Everyone. Simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies and earn profit-optimized yield on Solana & Terra. Or make smarter investment decisions using our superapp’s AI-driven trading signals, social signals, DeFi-NFTs, and GameFi utilities. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures & Terraform Labs.

Hawksight Coin is a Solana-based protocol for decentralized, non-custodial investment management and quantitative trading. Our goal is to democratize data-driven investments, by making it easy for anybody to invest, create, or manage top-performing vaults and trading strategies in Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT and Synthetic Assets.

Building on the Solana ecosystem enables us to achieve the scalability, user-friendliness, speed, and security required to fulfill our mission and accelerate the mainstream adoption of DeFi. Solana will be a key entry-point, after which we will expand cross-chain support with an immediate focus on Terra.

Hawksight Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHawksight Coin
Short NameHAWK
Circulating Supply 100,000,000.00 HAWK
Max Supply5,000,000,000
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Core Value Proposition

Hawksight has built and launched an AI engine that pushes profit-optimized trading signals to reach 1,284,429+ Individuals & Institutions globally via web platform, email, Telegram chatbot, Discord chatbot, and API, which is key to expanding the addressable market and driving mainstream adoption of DeFi – by pulling everyday Individuals & Institutions into the Solana DeFi ecosystem with actionable AI signals that can be instantly executed with a non-custodial DApp. In our roadmap, this AI engine will be progressively decentralized.

DeFi Super-app for Everyone on Solana and Terra

Simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies and earn profit-optimized yield on Solana & Terra. Or make smarter investment decisions using our super-app’s AI-driven trading signals, social signals, DeFi-NFTs, and GameFi utilities.

Easily Invest & Yield Farm in 1-click

Discover top performing vaults that let you instantly invest & yield farm with profit-optimized strategies – on Solana & Terra. Maximize profits from asset gains plus yield.

Low fees, Deposit & Withdraw Anytime

Low fees are key to making DeFi accessible to Everyone. Start with as little as $10 USDC, and join us on a mission to empower and “mint” the next 1 Million First-time DeFi users.

Secure & Non-Custodial

Users retain full ownership and control over investments in their own wallets. Hawksight’s DeFi app is also battle-tested through internal audits, external audits, and will dedicate an insurance fund to protect users.

HawkDAO Mission

Drive value for NFT & $HAWK token holders through strong utility & demand. In other words, we drive $HAWK value from Strong Utility & Demand, not hype or engineered tokenomics.

The Hawksight Token, $HAWK, will serve multiple functions:

  1. 1.Fees earned from protocol will be allocated to $HAWK staker rewards, treasury, and dedicated to $HAWK Token Burning
  2. 2.Incentivize Investors to invest in top-performing vaults
  3. 3.Incentivize Creators to create top-performing vaults
  4. 4.Staking rewards for $HAWK yield and discounts on vault fees
  5. 5.Hawksight Premium Features for Stakers (AI-driven trading signals and social signals)
  6. 6.Facilitate decentralized governance

Key Benefits

  1. Access to AI-driven trading signals and NFT social signals, only for NFT and $HAWK token holders
  2. Boosted DeFi yield on Hawksight Solana & Terra vaults, and NFT staking rewards
  3. Rarity-based airdrops of $HAWK token (IDO Confirmed)
  4. Access to HawkDAO: Asset management DAO to crowdsource strategies and bring revenue stream to NFT holders and DAO treasury to fund vault expansion.

Launching from Existing DeFi Ecosystem on Solana & Terra

Hawksight DeFi

Hawksight makes DeFi accessible to Everyone with 1-click Automated Investments & Yield Farming – on Solana and Terra. The Yield-generating Indexes enable users to instantly and simultaneously invest and earn yield on both Solana and Terra.

AI-driven trading signals

Access to real-time AI optimized trading signals for $HAWK token holders. Get technical and on-chain alerts for cryptocurrencies, DeFi assets and even NFT floor prices straight from Telegram or Discord.

AI-driven social signals

Map NFT, Crypto, DeFi, and Web3 projects with top Twitter accounts by following, mentions, and engagement- and vice versa. Powered by social signals team & engine used by Amazon, Warner Media, BCG, and Bytedance.


Q3 2021 (Achieved)

  • Formed team of 15+ across Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, and United States
  • Launched Hawksight’s AI Engine and Signal Platform with 500,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms, spanning Individuals to Institutions in 36+ Countries, including a Southeast Asian Tech Unicorn
  • Finalized DApp Whitepaper, $HWK Tokenomics, and DApp Trade-to-Earn concept

Q4 2021

  • Won 1st-place in SCB10X Global DeFi Hackathon – in partnership with Terra & Polygon
  • Scale community of 1,000,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms
  • Complete private token round of $HWK tokens with strategic partners
  • DApp Platform Testing

Q1 2022

  • Token launch IDO in February 2022 in partnership with IDO Launchpads, DEXes, and CEXes
  • DApp mainnet launch in March 2022 onwards
  • Initialize and test DeFi app natively on Terra
  • Pilot Hawksight Hotline: localized grassroots campaigns to onboard first-time DeFi users
  • Rewards & incentives for early-adopters and OG community members on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter

Q2 2022

  • Expand Hawksight Hotline in key countries to onboard first-time DeFi users
  • Expand cross-chain support
  • Integrate with more DEXes and CEXes
  • Catalyze growth through DeFi and NFT partnerships within the Solana & Terra ecosystem
  • Progressive decentralization of AI engine and on-chain trading signals

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