Binance Complete Review: Earn Money Without Any Investment With This Ptc Website

About InnoCurrent

InnoCurrent was started by members like you who were frustrated with the way other networks operated. We wanted a system that listened to it’s members and provided new ways for members to earn money.

Simple, easy, and innovative are words that InnoCurrent takes pride in. The user easy interface will make your money making experience not only enjoyable but also stress-free. The are always doing our best to make sure we meet our member’s expectations. And to keep finding new ways for our members to earn more though our network.


The network has survived the test of time and proven itself to be a stable paying website. The business practices do not involve risky investments and we pay our members the money we receive from our advertisers.

We’ve never missed a member payment since 2009, and have received many positive user testimonials. You simple search through any search engine, review site, or our community forums will speak for our reputation itself. Let me answer a few questions of those who are new in the PTC niche, before proceeding to Full InnoCurrent Review.

What Is InnoCurrent?

Innocurrent is one of the many Paid To Click websites or PTC Sites where you can earn money in exchange of viewing ads. You can also advertise you website or product from them for a reasonable price.

How to earn money from InnoCurrent?

All you need to do is to Sign up with InnoCurrent. Once you’re done, login to your account and proceed to Start Earning section where you need to browse websites for a specific time.

How am I going to be paid?

You will be paid through electronic cashouts. You can use either PayPal or Payza.

Who can join InnoCurrent?

Anyone can join! No restrictions.

Is InnoCurrent free to join?

Absolutely FREE! no hidden charges! You don’t even need to upgrade your membership to view high value ads :D.

What’s the average daily income?

The daily income varies on your activities, obviously those who will click more ads will earn more. But the average income from InnoCurrent is at least $0.10 per day which is way higher than most PTC Sites.

Now, let’s proceed to our Full InnoCurrent Review

InnoCurrent Review

This review focuses on how to earn money from InnoCurrent and the Pros and Cons of their website. We also shared our take of this website and answered the most frequently asked question which is “Is InnoCurrent Legit or Scam?”. Please stick around and continue reading to learn more about InnoCurrent.

InnoCurrent was launched on February, 2011 by the same admin of Ayuwage. This website is one of the highest paying PTC Sites in the business. With an average daily income of $0.10 – $0.15 it separated itself from most PTC Sites known today.

InnoCurrent is not a typical PTC site where you need to view ads for a few seconds and get paid. Instead of cash, you will be rewarded with credit points which can be traded with real cash once you reached 10,000 credits (worth $5.00).

In addition, they have specific instructions that you need to follow to be credited for your work, and InnoCurrent requires their members to strictly follow these instructions or you will receive a Warning Point for non-compliance. Accumulated Warning points can lead to permanent suspension of the account so always follow the instructions carefully.

But don’t worry too much that your account might get suspended due to technical issues, you won’t be penalized for something you did not commit. All technical issues such as website did not load while browsing the website, or you were not redirected to the specific ad won’t be counted against you. InnoCurrent is smart enough to detect if it’s a technical issue. Remember, you will only accumulate warning points if you don’t follow the instructions, everything else doesn’t count.

Ways To Earn Money From InnoCurrent

View Site and Passive Site:
Just like any other PTC Sites, you can earn money from InnoCurrent by viewing websites, the only difference is you need to follow a specific instructions to be credited for your work just like what I have mentioned above.

View Site – 1-3 Credits Per Website Visited.

  • Read the site title and description.
  • Visit the site by clicking on the box.
  • View the contents of the website.
  • Allow for the website to load completely.

Passive Site – 3-6 Credits Per Website Visited.

  • Read the site title and description.
  • Visit the site by clicking on the box.
  • View the contents of the website.
  • Stay on website for at least 20 seconds.

Standard Site and Focused Site:
Another way to earn money from viewing websites, the only difference is you are required to click a link or advertisement within the page. But this easy task pays higher than most PTC Sites.

Standard Site – 5-10 Credits Per Website Visited.

  • Read the site title and description.
  • Visit the site by clicking on the box.
  • View the contents of the website.
  • Stay on the page for at least 10 seconds.
  • You must click on ONE (1) link that interests you.

Focused Site – 15-30 Credits Per Website Visited.

  • Read the site title and description.
  • Visit the site by clicking on the box.
  • View the contents of the website.
  • Stay on the page for at least 10 seconds.
  • You must click on ONE (1) advertisement that interests you.

Explore Site:

InnoCurrent recently DOUBLED the value of this task, from 30-60 to 60-120 Credits Per Website Visited. Which means you can earn up to $0.03-$0.06 every time you complete one. This is a superb way of earning money from browsing a website, Easy Task with Great pay! Sweet right? ?

Explore Site – 60-120 Credits Per Website Visited ($0.03-$0.06)

  • Click the button below to visit the website.
  • Come back to this page and copy and paste the URL of the website you are directed to and continue to view the website.
  • Click on any click that goes to a page within the website, do not click on any link that goes outside of the current site.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the page that you clicked that was within the website and continue to view the page for 10 seconds.
  • View and click an external page / banner / advertisements that leads you out of the current website.
  • Copy and paste the external URL of the page that you redirected to and continue to view the website for 10 seconds again.

Email Site:
This program is not about reading emails. Rather, a message will be sent to the main email account with a link of a website for you to click. Just click the link and view the website content for 10 seconds. This easy task will reward you “15-30 Credits Per Emailed Website Visited”.


  • Make sure to add our promotion email (“[email protected]”) to your address book and email whitelist.
  • Click website title to request an email, an email will arrive to your main account email.
  • Check on the website that arrives to your inbox and continue to the website.
  • Stay on the page for at least 10 seconds.
  • You must click on contents that interests you.

Search Site:
This isn’t a complex task, you just need to search a specific website using a keyword provided. View it for 10 seconds and click a link that interests you. This task rewards “25-50 Credits Per Website Searched and Visited”.


  • Open a new tab or window in your browser and go to the search engine.
  • Search for required keywords and click on specified site on the search engine.
  • View the contents of the website.
  • Stay on the page for at least 10 seconds.
  • You must click on contents that interests you.
  • After doing all of above, return to the site and click on the done button.

Special Site:
This task requires screenshots as a proof of your work, and you need to upload the image to their picture sharing site as well. You can say that it’s a bit tedious work, but the pay is worth it which is 50-200 Credits Per Website Action.


  • Read the instructions provided by the specified site.
  • Make note of what proof you need to provide for the website.
  • Visit the site to complete the action according to the instructions.
  • The site will be moved to the -Reserved Special Sites- table.
  • Return to our site and submit the proof of completion for the site.
  • You will receive credit for the site within 24 hours after staff review.

Survey Site:
This task is not all about surveys, most of the time you will download an app and launch it. This is pretty much the same as regular tasks from other PTC Sites. They are giving out decent pay of 250-2000 Credits Per Website Completed, but most of them have low ratings from the members.


  • Read the instructions provided by the specified site.
  • Visit the site to complete the action according to the instructions.
  • The site will be moved to the -Reserved Survey Sites- table where you can check the status of completion.
  • The review process is managed by a 3rd party publisher and you will receive credit upon their approval.

Live and Interactive Site:
These two are basically autosurfing program which provides an opportunity to Earn Up to +250 Credits Per Hour. It’s similar to any other autosurfing except for the Interactive Site which requires surfers to click the contents of the website before it changes to the next site.

Live Site – Earn Up to +50 Credits Per Hour

  • View website contents and let the browser surf for you.
  • Visit the site by clicking on the box.
  • You will be credit based on time live surfing the website.
  • If you wish to surf a website longer, you may right click on the site before it changes and open the frame in a new window.

Interactive Site – Earn Up to +250 Credits Per Hour

  • View website content within the window.
  • You must interact (click) on the contents within the website to continue.
  • You will be credit based on time interacting with the contents on each site.
  • If you wish to surf a website longer, you may right click on the site before it changes and open the frame in a new window.

Pros And Cons

High Paying:
With an average of $0.015 per website visit, InnoCurrent is one of the most profitable PTC Sites today.

Unlimited Referral Program:
Unlimited Referrals is definitely a plus if you’re good at referring. This is where you can have a nice income.

120% Referral Commission:
This generous commission will boost your earnings drastically. It works hand in hand with their Unlimited Referral Program. Those two is your ticket to stable decent income.

Long Standing Site:
This PTC Site has been online for more than 4 years and it’s still getting stronger.

No Upgrade Needed:
Unlike most PTC Sites, InnoCurrent has free membership without a need for expensive upgrades. And the sweetest thing about it is you can make $0.03 per website visit without upgrading. Aren’t they nice? ?


Late Payment:
Recently, there’s a delay receiving payments from them, but it’s already been resolved and members should receive payments again within 7 days.

Inactive Rented Referrals:
Unreferred members who click within 365 days are eligible to be rented, you can expect that most of them are already inactive.

Unresponsive Support:
Most of the time, InnoCurrent will not respond to support tickets. Though, they will fix the issue or concern, still you will not receive a response from them to answer your question directly.

InnoCurrent Quick Strategy

Quick tip and strategy to earn more money from InnoCurrent without wasting time. I recommend to do the Explore Site all the time. This simple task pays $0.03 – $0.06 every time you completes one, this is a great pay for a simple task.

After completing the available tasks from Explore Site, go to the Focused Site and do several of them, go back to Explore Site every 3 minutes to check if there’s available tasks again. Take it if there is, continue doing the Focused Sites if there’s none.

If you’re not comfortable going back and forth, I recommend to install InnoCurrent Toolbar to get notified every time there’s new available task. Repeat this cycle until you exhaust both Explore Sites and Focused Sites.

If you still have spare time after that, do some Search and Survey tasks, those will give you additional income. These whole cycle if done for an hour or two can provide roughly $0.2 profit. This is high daily average income compared to most PTC Sites.

In addition to this, I recommend to recruit few active members to maximize your profit. InnoCurrent is giving away an awesome 120% commission for all of your referrals activities. Take advantage of it and you’ll be surprised how fast you can earn money from them.

Is InnoCurrent Legit or Scam?

We’ve been promoting InnoCurrent as one of the Top PTC Sites in the business for more than a year.

It’s true that InnoCurrent used to pay late, we receive payments from them roughly between 3 – 4 weeks. This late payment issue has already been rectified though and they’re paying within 7 days again so there’s nothing to worry about this site!

We recommend InnoCurrent to everyone since they are a High paying site without a need for membership upgrade!


Effortless Income and Work
Get paid for something you already are doing! Not extra knowledge is required, we’ll pay you per website you browse through our network, it’s that simple.
100% Free, No Investment Required
While other sites may charge for membership or offer some type of upgrade incentive, we don’t. We have one goal, and that is to make sure you’re paid, not us!
Trusted Network Paying Since 2009
We’re part of a trusted network that has been paying members since 2009. Our reputation is well established and you’re guaranteed to receive your payment!
Swift, Easy, and Direct Payments
Upon payment request, we’ll process and pay you within 5 business days or less via Paypal or any other chosen payment method.
Weekly Fun Staff Events and Prizes
Our staff organizes events that encourage and reward you for being an active member of our network. Participating in events will help boost your earning potential.
24/7 Friendly Support
Got questions or suggestions? We got answers! We have friendly staff answering member questions and taking in feedback for our next new innovative feature.
Guaranteed Ads and Unlimited Referrals
We reserve sites for every member and make sure that there are always sites to view. We have no limit on the number of members you can refer either.
Innovative and Updated System
Our system is always subject to new improvements. We promise that you’re journey with us will not only make you money, but be both fun and interesting.
Multiple Earning Opportunities
You don’t always have to browse sites to earn from us. We offer other easy tasks to complete through our network that pay even more than surfing sites.
Low $5.00 Minimum Payment
We’ve kept our minimum payment low to prove that we want to pay you. With a low payment minimum payment, you’re sure to reach the minimum and receive your earnings.
Earn 120% Referral Rewards
Get rewarded for referring your members to our network! Your friend will be happy you did and we’ll pay you an additional 20% of your friend’s earnings.
Instant Toolbar
Install toolbar and we’ll let you know the instant there is a new site available for you, never let an earning opportunity slip away from you.
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Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

InnoCurrent Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

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