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TreasureTrooper is a unique GPT website with an Indiana Jones feel. Like other get-paid-to sites, members can earn rewards for shopping, completing offers, taking surveys, completing tasks, and referring friends. These are all done on a somewhat “gamified” platform, complete with cartoon-like and comic-style images of jungles, treasure maps, dragons, and more.

TreasureTrooper, LLC is filed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is completely free and pays you money for doing many different things. Some examples of these things include taking surveys, trial offers and even shopping at online stores. The site also offers prizes, rewards and even contests to its members.

The site allows people residing in all nations to become members but most of its offers are targeted towards Canada, USA and UK residents.

Since it was launched in the year 2005, TT claims to have paid almost $6,000,000 to its users.

How it works

Earn cash for completing offers, shopping online, completing surveys, and completing tasks.

  • Offers – offers range in payouts from $0.50 to $50.00. Most of the offers are free. This is the fastest way to accumulate earnings in your account, as there are thousands of dollars’ worth of offers available for completion.
  • Shop – earn cashback on the purchases you already make with popular online retailers. Hundreds of stores are listed where you can earn rebates. For every $5 you earn from cashback, you will receive a platinum coin credited to your account which can be exchanged for gifts and prizes.
  • Surveys – there are 8 daily surveys available to take, and they are worth up to $1.00 each per completion. Other paid survey opportunities are also posted to the website.
  • Complete tasks – fill out forms, use TreasureTrooper’s search tool, watch videos, and more, and get paid cash to do so.
  • Play mini-games and earn non-cash credits such as gems and gold coins which can be traded in for prizes (read more under “Rewards”, below).
  • Referring Friends – refer friends to the website and earn 20% of their earnings and 5% of what your friend’s referrals earn. Commissions increase when you start referring more referrals.


Once your cash balance reaches $20, you may request a check or PayPal payment. Checks take a little longer to process, but PayPal payments can be instant. Note that completed offers, surveys, etc., can take a little while to be approved in your account which can temporarily delay reaching the minimum account cashout level.

Checks are processed between the 15-20th of the month for the balance on your account on the final day of the previous month.

By playing games on the site, you may also be awarded with other types of credits on your account such as gold and platinum coins, pearls, gems, etc. These can be exchanged at “Mabutu’s Trading Hut” for prizes such as gift cards, small electronics, and clues to games on the site.

Contests – frequent cash contests are held with goals such as earning a certain amount of money within a month, and receiving an additional cash bonus.

TreasureTrooper is unique fun

Members of TreasureTrooper have earned over 7 million dollars and the site has been around since 2005. Their popular online forum features around 500,000 posts, and hosts popular discussions surrounding making money on TreasureTrooper, including chats about treasure hunts and contests that the website holds.

Eligibility: TreasureTrooper is open to residents worldwide who are 13 years of age and older. However, US, Canada, and UK residents will find that they have the most success using the website.

» TreasureTrooper is currently offering a $1 signup bonus to new members.

Is TreasureTrooper scam or legit
TreasureTrooper is not a scam but legitimate reward websites that have been online since 2005. Before writing this TreasureTrooper review, we decided to test the site to know if they actually pay and got paid. You can also find TreasureTrooper payment proofs all over the web.

The only problem with TreasureTrooper is that they have preferential treatment to all their USA members. If you are not from USA then you may find yourself earning very little with the website.

Although you can still earn big if you know how to refer members through their referral program. We have seen people make over $300 per month just on referrals.

How TreasureTrooper works

TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides you with several money-making opportunities. Simply register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Complete some offers. We have hundreds of offers ranging in payout from $.50 to $50.00. Most of them are completely free! Once you’ve completed an offer, click the corresponding ‘Done’ button to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your ‘Pending Offers’ page (on the ‘My Treasure’ tab) to await verification.

As offers are verified, they are moved from the ‘Pending Offers’ page to the ‘Approved Offers’ page and the money will be added to your earnings on your ‘My Treasure’ page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem for items at the Trading Hut that will help you on your journey!

You are eligible to receive payment once you have reached a minimum balance of $20. You may request an Instant Payment or wait and be paid automatically on the 15-20th of each month for your entire previous month’s earnings.

Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper and get an extra 20% of all of the offers they complete for life! In addition, you’ll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!

Get involved in the many other aspects of our site like forum contests, the Dragon Lair, and Treasure Hunts. The current Treasure Hunt is for the lost statue of the Mambiko Tribe and is worth $100 to anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the number of people that can win this treasure! Start by purchasing the map in the Trading Hut!

TreasureTrooper features

What Gold Coins are used for and how they are earned
Gold Coins are a virtual currency that can be used in Mabutu’s Trading Hut to purchase Treasure Map Pieces, Journal Pages, and more. You earn gold coins everytime you complete an offer that pays cash. Offers that pay less than $3 give you one gold coin; $3-$8, 2 coins; $8-$15, 3 coins; $15-$20, 4 coins; and everything over $20 nets you 5 gold coins.

What Arrowheads are used for and how they are earned
Arrowheads can be exchanged for either Dragon Scales or Platinum Coins in their Currency Converter. They can be earned in their Dig Site and Cash Search features.

What Dragon Scales are used for and how are they earned
Dragon Scales are used to buy items from Cogg’s Coop to enhance your Dragons and Dragon Lair. There are many ways to earn Dragon Scales listed here.

What are Platinum Coins used for and how they are earned
Platinum Coins are used to purchase giftcards and electronics from Mabutu’s Trading Hut They can be earned on some Cash Offers and in the Daily Deals feature.

TreasureTrooper Cash Offers review
How to complete an offer
Simply click on any of the offers on the Cash Offers page and follow the instructions. Once you have completed an offer click the “Done” button next to it, indicating its completion. When they receive verification from the advertiser that you completed the offer, they will credit your account accordingly.

Can you give fake information when completing offers?
Absolutely not! You must sign up with genuine interest and honest information. Lying when you complete offers (fraud) will cause pending payments to be reversed and will cause possible removal from their system.

Most offers credit within 24 hours, some offers can take 2-3 weeks. As long as you do the offer completely and provide honest information, the offer should credit. However, they realize that there are some occasional offers that just won’t credit.

Why there there different payout icons next to each offer
While most of their offers pay in cash, some will pay in platinum coins or dragon scales. The payout type is mostly determined by the advertiser according to what they are most comfortable with.

TreasureTrooper Cash Surveys review
Why you may not receive credit for the Daily Survey you participated in
The Daily Surveys have a great approval rating, but paying attention to these rules can help to ensure that you get credit all of the time. 1) Do not rush through the survey. Take your time to read all of the questions entirely and answer them thoughtfully. 2) Give honest and real info. 3) Complete the entire survey.

When Daily Surveys credit to your account
The surveys all come from different advertisers and, for that reason, approve at varying times. Generally, they will not take longer than noon the following business day to approve.

TreasureTrooper Cash Tasks review
Can you do the same task multiple times
Yes, you can do the task over and over again until the quota is filled. Beware though, if your accuracy is too low (you make too many mistakes) you will not be allowed to keep going.

Cash Search
The best way to receive an Arrowhead bonus for searching
Arrowhead bonuses are completely random but tend to be rewarded to individuals who are actually interested in the searches they’re doing. Searching random words over and over again just to win a reward will actually hurt your chances. For best results, we recommend using this feature as you would a normal search engine… when you are actually trying to find something online!

Cash Shopping
How to receive cash back for your purchases
Simply click any of the stores listed on TreasureTrooper Cash Shopping page. It will take you to that store’s website where you can shop just as if you had gone there directly. When you purchase something, you will receive cash back equivalent to the percentage listed next to that store’s title.

What the “Share” button is for
By sharing your shopping links with friends and family, you will receive the cash back for anything that they purchase when they use that link to visit a store. If you know somebody who is about to make a big online purchase, this is a great opportunity for you!

If Your favorite store is not on there list, you can open a support ticket letting them know what merchant(s) you would like to see on Cash Shopping. We’ll most likely look for the stores and add them. However, keep in mind that some merchants simply do not have an affiliate program. And this may make it difficult for you as well as TreasureTrooper to earn rewards.

In conclusion, TreasureTrooper is a very nice place to earn quick cash online. If you are a resident of USA or you are very good in referring people, then TreasureTrooper is the place to be.

Bad Things  About TreasureTrooper

What Are The Issues With Treasure Trooper?

First, the majority of offers on the website are surveys.

Complete some surveys and cash-out, easy, right?

It’s not that simple.

Lots of pre-qualification surveys

You see, most of the surveys on this website require a payment – I know bummer – right?

There are some free surveys but the payment for completing these surveys is extremely low.

You will also need to make an account on the survey’s creator’s website.

This takes time!

You probably already hate filling out your login information for services you use regularly like Facebook.

These surveys require you to fill out the same information over and over again.

But the worst part is that you have to pay to complete some of the surveys on Treasure Trooper, and the price is often lower than the compensation.

In other words, what you spend to complete the survey is more than what Treasure Trooper pays you to complete the survey!

You lose money!


Secondly, what happens when you submit your email address to hundreds of random websites?

That’s right – lots and lots of spam. Your email inbox suddenly gets bombarded with spam! I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my inbox clean.

Not to mention if you include your physical address or phone number you will receive spam from those sources too.

Basically what happens is that you pay to be spammed. Does that sound like a good deal? Not to me.

But maybe the dragons are worth it…

See, the platform is based on a game, a treasure hunting adventure game.

You collect different tokens or treasures, mostly dragon scales, and exchange the treasures for real life cash.

There’s also a chance that you can randomly find a pet dragon that can be sold for $100 – but this rarely happens.

The Treasure Trooper Affiliate Program

There’s also another way to make money; join the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is the most lucrative way to make money with this website.

Most people realize that they won’t be able to make much money completing surveys – too time consuming – so they join the affiliate program.

Treasure Trooper pays affiliates 25% of everything that their recruits spend on the website.

Since the website pressures people to spend money, a lot of affiliate marketers have started to promote this company to their lists.

Don’t worry – I’m not one of those guys.

So in a nutshell, Treasure Trooper is not recommended.

It is too time consuming to complete surveys and the negatives far outweigh the positives.

I don’t recommend this company to anyone who wants to make money online.

Yes, it is possible to make money and cash-out, but it takes a long time, and you can make much more money from other ventures.
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