What Is Kyoto Protocol (KYOTO)? Complete Guide & Review AboutKyoto Protocol

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What Is Kyoto Protocol (KYOTO)?

Kyoto Protocol is named after the Kyoto Protocol 1997. – The first agreement to be signed by the United Nations to combat climate change by implementing emission trading in the form of carbon credits. We aim to improve the utility, accessibility and transparency of carbon credits, by bringing them on blockchain and implementing a host of defi applications through multiple blockchains.

As carbon taxes become more prevalent to institutions globally, Kyoto Protocol aims to offer a solution to companies wishing to cost effectively offset carbon emissions at little to no cost. WEB3 accessibility allows any user globally to benefit from Kyoto Protocol’s ecosystem by holding its native $KYOTO token, which is supported through its ecosystem of defi applications built in partnership with multiple blockchains. The $KYOTO token is initially distributed on the BSC network as a 12 month genesis phase before migration to its own layer one blockchain, which will sit between all of its partnered blockchain defi applications.

Kyoto Protocol make it possible to earn a passive income that can then be sold, held or used to offset co2 emissions. By implementing smart contracts KyotoProtocol.io removes costly intermediaries and allows its users to provide liquidity securely and directly to our network of clean projects that generate certified carbon offset credits.

This whole process is done on a fully secure blockchain ledger, giving unrivalled transparency to carbon credit trading, mitigating any greenwashing and ensures money goes directly to the clean project. 100% of all carbon credits generated are then airdropped back to users, making KyotoProtocol.io the world’s first solution to make it profitable whilst directly making a change.

Kyoto Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKyoto Protocol
Short NameKYOTO
Total Supply 427,515
Max SupplyN/A
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KyotoProtocol.io will disrupt traditional carbon offset markets

They have crafted a unique first of its kind fair launch genesis pool rebase layer one token distribution model that rewards users with a sustainable, fixed compound-interest return through the use of its auto-staking function. KyotoProtocol.io is a unique hybrid of $KYOTO owned platforms and services, driven by its flagship fintech company. The team and network of partners are committed to delivering a world saving layer one to support all blockchains, companies and users earn passive revenues streams whilst generating carbon offset.

KyotoProtocol.io layer one promotes decentralisation and plans on become the first layer one of its type to promote protocol liquidity swaps through carbon reducing bridges. More alpha on layer one will be dropped throughout our genesis pool period. The KyotoProtocol.io Auto-Staking Protocol is a revolutionary financial asset that makes staking easier, more efficient and rewards $KYOTO token holders with the highest, consistent returns in crypto.

$KYOTO Token

KyotoProtocol.io gives the $KYOTO token automatic staking and compounding features, and the highest fixed APY in the market at 916,474% for the first 12 months.​

The Kyoto Token Insurance Fund

They have structured our fees to send 5% to the Insurance Fund. In doing so, we help sustain and back the staking rewards by establishing price stability and greatly reducing downside risk.

Staking, Simplified

The Kyoto Protocol token embodies the virtues of a decentralized system. It is held in your wallet and never in the control of an intermediary or centralized authority. Simply buy and hold and watch the rewards accrue.

Compound-Interest, Automated

Unlike other protocols, simply holding in your wallet will provide rewards. There is no need to re-stake. Interest is always yielding and always compounding in your wallet.

Highest Fixed APY

$KYOTO will generate a monstrous 916,474.00% APY in the first 12 months, a number that is the best in it’s class. After the first 12 months, the Kyoto Foundation will migrate $KYOTO to its own layer one blockchain. – Making $KYOTO the utility token of the network

Interest Paid Quickly –

KyotoProtocol.io pays every $KYOTO token holder each and every 15 minutes, or 96 times each day, making it one of the fastest auto-compounding protocols in crypto.

The Kyoto Token Burn Pit

An innovative feature of KyotoProtocol.io is an automated burn system, the Kyoto token Burn Pit which prevents inflation of the circulating supply.

Better protocol than the competition

Kyoto Protocol have taken inspiration from Titano and Safuu and built a better product with real world utility!


phase one q2

• Initial marketing campaign

• Pre launch partnerships secured

• Certik Audit & KYC

• $KYOTO fair launch

phase two q3

• Increased marketing campaign

• Coinmarketcap listing

• Coingecko listing

• KyotoProtocol.io ecosystem expansion

• Team expansion

• Product development

• Carbon credit acquisition

phase THREE q4

• First Carbon credit marketplace (Near protocol)

• Synthetic carbon credits

• Prime brokerage for institutional offset

• Carbon credit marketplace rollout on partnered chains

• Launch of the official KyotoProtocol.io Roadmap

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