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What Is AltFINS (AFINS)?

AltFINS is a cloud-based platform for retail and institutional investors to conduct technical and fundamental investment analysis, trade and track digital assets across exchanges and wallets. It was founded in June 2018 and the platform was launched in August 2020. Project altFINS began out of frustration with a lack of high-quality tools to find trading ideas, create alerts, execute trading strategies, and monitor portfolio performance across exchanges.

AltFINS Coin team decided to fill that void. They are building a comprehensive and yet intuitive platform that enables coin screening and analysis using traditional technical analysis as well as alternative on-chain data, and trade execution across exchanges. The combination of trade idea discovery and trade execution is truly unique in the crypto trading space.

AltFINS Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAltFINS
Short NameAFINS
Total Supply 8,366,690
Max Supply100,000,000
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The mission is to enable crypto traders to easily find and execute profitable trading strategies across exchanges.

What makes altFINS unique?

AltFINS Coin platform ingests over 500M price and volume data records per day and calculates 120 analytics (MACD, RSI, EMA, etc.) across 5 time intervals (15 min, 1 hour, 4 hrs, 12hrs, 1D) and over 8,000 coins and assets. This amounts to over two billion of computations a day, which requires a robust data management infrastructure and processes. Users can interact with the platform though the web and mobile apps. altFINS platform focuses on pre-trade analysis of altcoins. It offers a unique market scanner that enables traders to create their own custom filters using 120 technical indicators. This enables traders to find trading ideas among thousands of altcoins in a timely and efficient manner.

The Platform

The platform also automatically recognizes certain trading chart patterns (Wedges, Triangles, Channels, Head and Shoulders, etc.) and predicts future price trajectory, giving traders another useful trading tool. It also enables alerts, portfolio monitoring across exchanges and wallets, Twitter news aggregation across thousands of altcoins, and execution via exchange APIs. It’s the only platform that will capture the full trading workflow:

Pre-trade analysis, trade execution, post-trade performance analysis and asset tracking. altFINS Education Program The platform offers trading education webinars and content. AFINS HODLers get access to a comprehensive education program that includes a series of 10 webinars that teach traders basic technical analysis (TA) concepts and how to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

altFINS Token

Scan, Analyze & Trade Altcoins — all in a single platform

AltFINS Coin is a cloud-based crypto analysis platform that allows retail and institutional traders to scan, analyze and trade thousands of digital assets.

Discover Profitable Trading Ideas

altFINS helps crypto traders discover profitable trading ideas and strategies across exchanges. The platform enables active investors in crypto markets to aggregate data and news, analyze altcoins, monitor portfolios, and make informed trading decisions.

They Make Big Data Actionable

AltFINS Coin platform calculates over 120 different analytics (e.g.RSI, MACD, SMA, 120 EMA), across 5 time intervals, thousands of coins and trading pairs. In order to do that, the system ingests about 500 million data records and makes over 2 billion calculations per day. This process is managed by a proprietary data management system developed specifically for the platform. It offers users the same advantage those more sophisticated players have at a fraction of the cost to find better and informed crypto trading ideas.

AFINS Token Rewards Program

AFINS ownership will give you free access to advanced analyses and trading education available on the platform

Free access to altFINS platform

HODL AFINS to get access to all features

Priority access to new platform features

Education, webinars, on-chain data, fundamental research.

Referral mining

Customers or professional affiliates will earn AFINS for their referred users.

Trade mining

Earn AFINS token when trading through partner exchanges.

Enhance and Earn

Users can earn AFINS token for enhancing the platform when they create and share a custom filter or watchlist; post coin analyses or other insightful content.

Learn and Earn

Users can earn AFINS tokens by learning how to use the platform and complete activities such as create first Alert, create a custom filter, create an exchange API connection, or conduct their 1st trade.


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