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About Lightningjoule Wallet

Lightning joule is an open-source chrome extension that brings the Lightning network to your browser. It was made with & in New York. Joule is an interesting extension for the Google Chrome browser aimed at integrating the features of Lightning Network, the second layer of bitcoin. Debuted for the first time in November 2018, in the last 12 months of development, the plugin was also released for other browsers, including Firefox, Opera and of course Brave.

Joule can be regarded as the counterpart of MetaMask for Ethereum but intended for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Through its rather intuitive graphic interface, it is possible to interface with the Lightning Network and carry out operations, like receiving payments, in a very simple way.

Lightning Charge Your Browser

Bring the power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node.

Send in One Click

Bolt-11 and WebLN payments happen all in browser, no alt+tab needed.

Manage Channels

Lightning joule Monitor your open channels and check your capacity.

Transaction History

View past payments, deposits, or monitor pending invoices.

Synced Settings

Your connection info and settings are shared between browsers.

Open Source

Completely open code that can be audited and extended by anyone.

No tracking software

No stats, analytics, or other trackers come with the extension.

Why Choose Lightning joule

Everything you need

Leave the command line behind. Joule will handle payments, invoices, and much more in a user-friendly way.

Quick & easy setup

Lightning joule Just point Joule at your node, give it your macaroon files, and you’re all set.

Convenient & Secure

Make payments just by clicking on a BOLT-11 link. But payments are never made without decrypting your secure credentials.

Is Joule safe? Can it take my funds? What if it gets hacked?

Joule’s code is completely open source, so it’s open for the community to audit. However, even though the code is safe, that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t still be hacked.

If you want to protect yourself, we recommend running Joule in a separate browser profile (Instructions for Chrome, Firefox.) If you’d like to avoid the extension auto-updating, you can install Joule from the raw code instead of through an extension store by downloading a release and following the instructions.

Your admin macaroon is encrypted, so your funds wouldn’t be at risk in the event of a hacked extension unless you unlocked it. If that were to happen, you could either uninstall the extension, or revoke your macaroons to ensure your node’s safety.

Tips for securely storing your Lightning joule Wallet

  • Do your own research. Before sending any coins or private data to a wallet, make sure you have researched the wallet provider to make sure everything is above board. Keep an eye out for scam wallets, such as those using URLs only slightly different to the URLs of legitimate wallet providers, and check out some independent reviews for all the pros and cons.
  • Back it up. Make use of your wallet’s back-up and restore facility so that if something ever goes wrong with your wallet, you’ll be able to recover your funds.
  • Set a strong password. Now is not the time to be lazy when creating a password; take your time to create a strong and uncrackable code.
  • Make use of all available security features. Make the most of all the security features your wallet offers, such as two-factor authentication or multi-signature transactions. It’ll offer increased protection for your funds and greater peace of mind for you.
  • Update your antivirus software. Take care to regularly update the antivirus protection and anti-malware software on any device you will be using to access your wallet.
  • Keep your private keys private. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of your private keys. Store them somewhere safe and don’t share them with anyone else.


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