What Is LockPay (LOCKPAY)? Complete Guide & Review About Drover Inu

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What Is LockPay (LOCKPAY)?

LockPay is the first crypto token that was built with an Anti-Dump Mechanism to protect you from the crashes that plague small-cap projects while still giving you a super-high daily compounding interest rate of 2.35%. With they you have all the benefits of a high reward token without the risk of a crash. Because of the new technology: DeFi Anti-Dump Lock Mechanism that automatically protects your investment when there’s too much sales pressure. In every other coin this would create a crash but with the blockchain determines a sliding sales limit of 1-5% per day of total tokens that can be sold.

LockPay Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLockPay
Circulating Supply 1,200,000.00 MGM
Total Supply100,000,000
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Whales Can’t Dump 100% of Their Coins!

Just like an ATM machine has a max withdrawal limit each day, LOCKPAY also has a max cashout limit on all holders, to prevent unnecessary dumps.

Investors cannot dump the coin because they have a strict cashout limit of up to 5% per day.

This puts a stop to unessential dumps because investors are unable to sell ALL their tokens overnight.

Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy

The Safest Crypto Coin

Nobody can dump ALL their coins at the top because of the strict daily sales limit. Because of the new technology: DeFi Anti-Dump Lock Mechanism that automatically protects your investment when there’s too much sales pressure. In every other coin this would create a crash but with LockPay the blockchain determines a sliding sales limit of 1-5% per day of total tokens that can be sold. This means NO CRASH, a healthy chart, and even parabolic growth.

LockPay: Treasury

The Treasury provides support to the LockPay Coin Insurance Fund (LIF) to help pump up the chart for the $LOCKPAY token. The (LIF) also funds investments, new The projects, and marketing.

LockPay: Token Burn

With 3.5% of all $LOCKPAY tokens being burned in the high-burn system, the more trading volume, the more burned, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the The protocol stable.

How The World’s Best ADM 

  • Unlike other coins, you will never see an extreme dump with LockPay, because of ADM.
  • There is a 1-5% cash out limit per day of your total tokens.
  • The Anti-Dump Mechanism works based on the current metrics of the chart to determine the daily withdrawal limit.
  • Just to be clear, you can withdraw money every day from your tokens, but up to the ADM limit.
  • You will achieve financial freedom, faster!

$LockPay 3 Steps to Financial Freedom

  • Lock: By locking your coin, it makes it possible to give you super high APY.
  • Earn: You will earn 2.35% per day interest, making possible to double your investment every month, and compounding $100 into $409,600 within 12 months.
  • CashOut: When you’re happy with your earnings, then you can cash-out up to 5% of your profits each day to achieve financial freedom.



12% tax (14% slippage)


14% tax (17% slippage)

Automatic LP

1% of order fee return to liquidity

Automatic LP

1% of order fee return to liquidity


6% of order fees are stored in the LIF


7% of order fees are stored in the LIF

The Treasury

The Treasury plays an important part in the LockPay Protocol. A portion of fees from buys and sells goes into the treasury which performa three important functions.

  1. 1.The Treasury provides funding for the marketing LockPay.
  2. 2.The Treasury also acts as additional support for the Liquidity Reserve which protects in the event of an extreme price drop. It helps create a supporting floor for the token.
  3. 3.The Treasury is also used to support the LIF by investing in high-yield APY farms which continue to expand the value of LockPay Coin and support it’s stability.

Unlike other projects these funds do not sit idle.

The funds are invested at the highest APY farms and other crypto currencies with the profits then added back to the LIF fund.

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