What Is MetaHome (METAHOME)? Complete Guide & Review About MetaHome

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What Is MetaHome (METAHOME)?

Join the world of MetaHome and build your house on the land you bought. The world, where you have three-dimensional houses and a land of your own, has been released as a beta version. You can already own the the tokens, which will be presented to its users with its full version very soon, you can view the houses in 3D with AR technology and walk around the houses.

In the future, you will be able to place the decoration products you want inside your homes. MetaHome Coin, a comprehensive project, continues to grow and develop thanks to its experienced team. They whose liquidity was locked in DxSale, burned 25% of the 1 billion tokens at the beginning. For every purchase and sale, 1% is distributed back to its users. The more the tokens you own, the more tokens you have the opportunity to earn.

MetaHome is a virtual universe. New lands and houses are being created on this universe. You can choose 3D houses for your lands that you will buy and evaluate, put them on your land and sell them. All of these buying and selling transactions are done with MetaHome Tokens.

MetaHome Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaHome
Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000
Circulating Supply700.00B METAHOME
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

MetaHome Lands

Choose and buy from hundreds of plots, with active plots available for purchase, and not yet opened plots. Choose the 3D house that you will put on the land you will buy and add the one that suits your style! Buy and manage your own place. Choose the house you want or upload your photo. Your land, your decision!

A New Experience!

This new universe of the virtual world has just been created. Take your place in this unique universe now and prepare for the future. Another future is possible! Are you ready for the incredible deals on the Metaverse? They are just at the beginning of this new world. They are already preparing for what is to come. Join now for brand new job opportunities, games, entertainment and a great future!

Choose on the map!

Buy the land you selected on the map. Choose one of the houses or describe a photo if you want on it. Begin your preparations for the new universe where you will evaluate these lands in the future. All innovations on the meta together. The future is with you. Grab your chance to be a part of the future now. Get your land now.

Build your new life!

The countdown to the new world has already begun. You must start preparing your life on this brand new universe now! New opportunities, new life. In the virtual world! From the business world to the entertainment world, many options and brand new opportunities are waiting for you! So are you ready?

New Universe

Have you taken your place in the new universe being built? Open lands are currently limited in number. More lands will be unlocked over time. Take your place now, without waiting for it. This place, where it is the most fun to spend time, offers you brand new opportunities. The biggest of these opportunities is right in front of you right now! Business and entertainment worlds go hand in hand. This brand new and limitless world will turn into a standard entertainment and lifestyle in time. So have you taken your place in this world?

Connect to the future!

The future is now very near. Metaverse promises an incredible future for people all over the world. Unlike in our life in this universe, it is very normal to stay in instant connection with everyone in the whole world. Now, instant data exchange provided by the internet turns into a whole new dimension, namely METAVERSE. This creates both a lot of new business lines and the entertainment industry. While everyone who is eagerly waiting to be a part of this new universe can’t wait to explore this whole universe, don’t miss your chance to take your place now!

MetaHome 3D Houses

MetaHome 3D houses you can use on Metaverse. Buy the one you like among hundreds of houses and place it on your land. New homes will continue to be added. Keep watching! Updates will be made as new houses are added. Don’t forget to check!

3D HOUSES for your lands

Choose from hundreds of detailed and specially modeled houses. You can discover all the house options that you can define on your lands and new models to be added from the Map section of website.


Curious about distribution amounts in MetaHome token? You can see its detailed description on Tokenomics. Buy tax 6% (marketing 5% and re-distribution 1%), sell. tax 6% (5% marketing and 1% re-distribution).

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