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About are glad to present with a new coin on the cryptocurrency market – MuskCoin! MuskCoin is inspired by the subtlety and beauty of the engineering mind of Elon Musk. More and more companies and influential personalities in the world of technology begin to use the cryptocurrency market as a tool for saving and multiplying their funds. As a consequence, the development of the cryptocurrency market cannot go unnoticed.

MuskCoin is inspired by one of the most incredible engineers of the modern world – Elon Musk. Soon the team will release a new project – MuskExchange(DEX). Finally, MuskCoin will become the main currency on Mars.

Token Airdrop
PlatformOwn chain
End Date 30 Apr 2021
Max. Participants5,000
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. Rewards1,000 MUSK
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Airdrop

First Step

Buy any amount of MUSK on Uniswap.

Second step

Join our Twitter and repost pinned twit.

Third Step

Subscribe our Telegram channel

Fourth Step

Subscribe Reddit

Metamask Wallet

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications. The first coins will be distributed to users of the communities on Reddit and Twitter.

First AirDrop

The first coins will be distributed to users of our communities on Reddit and Twitter.

Second AirDrop

The second AirDrop of tokens will be among the liquidity providers on our DEX. They can be claimed by MuskExchange liquidity providers. (Only those who have used MuskExchange before December 1, 2021 are allowed).

Token Imported

Anyone can create a BEP20 token on BSC with any name, including creating fake versions of existing tokens and tokens that claim to represent projects that do not have a token.This interface can load arbitrary tokens by token addresses. Please take extra caution and do your research when interacting with arbitrary BEP20 tokens. If you purchase an arbitrary token, you may be unable to sell it back.

The CAKE Lottery

Buy tickets with CAKEWin if 2, 3, or 4 of your ticket numbers match!

How it works

Spend CAKE to buy tickets, contributing to the lottery pot. Win prizes if 2, 3, or 4 of your ticket numbers match the winning numbers and their exact order.

How to win:

To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the entire lottery pool), users need to match all 4 numbers on their tickets in the same position as the 4 winning numbers.

If you don’t match all 4, no need to worry. As long as you match 2 or more numbers in the correct position, you are guaranteed to win a reward.

Winning Ratio:

  • Match all 4 numbers in the exact order = win 50% of the pot (or split the pot if more than 1 winner).
  • Match 3 numbers in the exact order = win or split 20% of the pot.
  • Match 2 numbers in the exact order = win or split 10% of the pot.
  • Burn the remaining 20% of the pot.

Please note – in the event that no participants were able to match 3 numbers on any draw, the 20% allocated to winners will then be burned accordingly.



The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain.


On top of that, you can earn CAKE with yield farms, earn CAKE with Staking, and earn even more tokens with Syrup pools.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

In very simple terms, why would they want to drive a slower car that costs more to run? We’re all about gamification, so they want to maximize the feedback loop of earning, staking, and earning again: BSC’s superior speed and much (much much) lower transaction fees let do this.

While BSC might not have the level of adoption Ethereum does at current, they believe in Binance’s ability and drive to get it mighty close in the foreseeable future.


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