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Service ” ” provides services for the automatic exchange of title characters WebMoney WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, WMB, WMG, Yandex.Money and replenishment with Visa / Mastercard cards through the Privat24 system of Privatbank. The other service , which has already established itself as a reliable, comfortable partner for input / output Webmoney in Ukraine, is one of the leaders in this segment of services. 

Therefore, Obmennik guarantee the same quality and speed of service, and are also ready to always meet customers. In addition to guarantees, the OBMENNIK.WS service also provides the necessary level of your security. All operations are performed using SSL with 256-bit data encryption, which helps to prevent the interception of your http data by 3 persons. simplicity and convenience of the interface is one of the main advantages of our service, in the implementation of which we have spent a lot of time and effort. “Nothing superfluous and unnecessary, only the most necessary with maximum functionality and comfort” – this was the motto we FOLLOWED when creating the OBMENNIK.WS service .

Obmennik take into account all comments and suggestions of customers, without exception, to make the service even better. We are also considering any individual offers, so if you have something to tell us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Instant Withdrawal

  • Instant withdrawal of Webmoney to the card of Privatbank;
  • Instant replenishment of Webmoney using Privat24;
  • Exchange WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, WMG in automatic mode;
  • Input and output Webmoney from / to a Visa / MC card;
  • Exchange of other electronic currencies: Yandex Money, Qiwi;
  • Online customer support: Mon – Fri, from 9:00 to 19:00

Application PaId

Transfer to your wallet after payment is made almost instantly. If this did not happen (within 5 minutes), check the status of the application in the “Applications” section of your account, if there are no errors there, contact the support service from the “Contacts” section.

Password Update

In connection with the move of the service to a new engine, users of the old version of the site will encounter the problem of entering their account. To continue your work with the service, please go through the password recovery procedure on the authorization page by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” Link. Data with a link to the input will be sent to your e-mail, after which you can change the password to your account in your account.


All commissions are already included in the exchange and are displayed at the stage of application processing, including the commission for the transfer of the payment system.

Affiliate Program

The reward for the affiliate program is the percentage of the commission of the service at the request of the client. The reward may not be less than 0.01 WMZ.

The general formula is as follows:

Commission = Amount of payment • Equivalent – Amount receivable • Equivalent – EPS commission • Equivalent

Equivalent – this is the value set by the administration of the Service based on the exchange rate of the NBU, Central Bank of Central Bank, exchange rates of pairs of title units of other exchange points, i.e. in fact, the market rate of a particular type of title units in Ukrainian hryvnia.

Equivalents as of 2019.12.14 06:19:26 (GMT + 02: 00): P24 UAH auto 1.0000; Privat24 USD12 22.0000; WebMoney WMZ 23.7000; WebMoney WMR 0.3800; WebMoney WMU 1.1000; WebMoney WME 28.0000; WebMoney WMB 14.0000; Yandex Money 0.3750; CARD UAH 1.0000; CARD RUR 0.4250; Privat24_UAH 1.0000; VISA / MC UAH 1.0000; P24 (no commission 2%) 1.0000; WebMoney WMK 0.0750; QIWI RUB 0.3800; WebMoney WMX 85.0000;

For example, to pay 500 WMZ, to receive 15169.75 WMR, 10% reward, equivalent WMZ = 7.915, equivalent WMR = 0.254.

The reward will be (500 WMZ • 7.915 – 15169.75 WMR • 0.254 – 15169.75 WMR • 0.8% • 0.254) * 10% = 7.36 UAH or 7.36 / 7.915 = 0.93 WMZ

Automatic Exchange 

Automatic exchange Webmoney WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, WMG, WMB, I / O Privat24, Visa, MasterCard without commission! We guarantee high quality and speed of service. Large customers – an individual approach. Affiliate program, automatic discounts for regular customers, promotions and bonuses, and most importantly – excellent exchange rates.


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