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About Additional interruptions in operation in case of updating the functionality of the system are also possible. In these cases, notifications will be posted in advance on  website in the “News” section.

How it works?

In your personal account, copy the referral link and advertising materials, post them on your blog, website, social network, etc. and we will automatically award you rewards for exchanges of all users who clicked on to us through your link.

Terms of referral charges for the exchange of your referrals:

0.5% of the exchange amount – after registration on the site;
0.6% of the exchange amount – for 20 invited referrals;
0.8% of the amount of exchange + corporate gift – for 50 invited referrals;
0.9% of the amount of exchange + corporate gift – for 100 referrals;
1% of the amount of exchange + corporate gift – for 300 referrals;

You get a percentage of referral charges from earning a service from each of your exchange transactions. You receive rewards only if the service commission for the exchange is more than 0%. If the service does not have earnings (no commission) in this direction of exchange, you do not receive compensation for the exchange.

How to Create a Request?

In order to create an application, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Select the exchange direction (for example: in the “Give” column – Ethereum, in the “Receive” column – Bitcoin) and specify the amount you want to exchange or receive.

  2. Fill in your data in the “Data Entry” column, namely, indicate your e-mail, wallet (card or account) number for which you want to receive money.

  3. Click the “Exchange Now” button, after which you will see our details for the transfer in a pop-up window.

  4. Copy details, go to your wallet. Insert the amount indicated in the application and our details. Confirm the transfer. Be sure to make sure that the amount you have been debited.

  5. Next, return to our website and confirm the payment by clicking on the “I paid” button. Done.

  6. After creating the application, you will receive a letter in the mail with the status of your application, and you will also be automatically registered on our service. In order to confirm registration, you need to follow the link provided in the letter. Confirming the registration, you can track the status of applications in your personal account, as well as participate in the referral program and receive discounts.

Is it possible to cancel the application?

In the event that your application is processed, funds are non-refundable.
If the application has been paid, but not yet completed, you can return your funds (minus the transfer fee) by writing to the online support service of our site.


The commissions of our service are already included in the exchange rate and are displayed at the stage of application processing, including the commission for the transfer of the payment system.

I forgot my account password, how to recover it?

Go to the password recovery page (“Forgot password” button) and enter the registered e-mail (login). An email will be sent to your mail with a link to confirm the password recovery. You must open the letter and follow the link. After confirming the password change, you can specify a new password.

Verification and why is it needed

This is a procedure for confirming user data, which increases the security of transactions and personal data inside the exchange service. During verification, you must upload photos and scanned copies of documents, as well as confirm the mobile phone number. After verification of the account, the user becomes available for sale / purchase of cryptocurrency using bank cards.

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