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The overall market has no new ideas, and the overall market is lacking momentum. The market value continues to hover around $220 billion, currently at $218 billion, while BTC’s share is around 52%. The funds are slightly closer to Bitcoin, and the secondary market reaction is also cold. At the end of convergence, look more and do less, wait for the attitude.


The BTC was continuously suppressed by the downward pressure line, and the overall trend did not go out of the range of 6450~6700. As the convergence has reached the end, long and short are not daring to take the shot, the amount can continue to ebb, the overall trend will be glued before the statement.

9/21 K stick low point 633 is still short-term support, the monthly line has been turned up, the overall trend needs to break through 6700 first, the next stage is 7360, at this time can be officially established out of the box type finishing interval. MCAD continues to tangled around the 0 axis. KD tried to narrow the reduction opening around 50, and the short-term and medium-term indicators are currently consolidating, and the long and short is unknown.


  1. The BTC interval is unchanged, and the amplitude continues to shrink. Observe whether it can formally break through 6700.
  2. If it is impossible to break through the 7400, it will continue to maintain a large range of volatility, and it is not obvious that it will not fall below 6400.
  3. Technical indicators are maintained in a multi-party pattern, but it is necessary to pay attention to the second key price point and wait for a statement.


LTC is currently holding the 9/27’s recent maximum volume. The focus is shifted to the 9/27 low of 56. The lower monthly line also provides support. The short-term target is still 9/5 long red upper edge 66. However, the season line is still going down, and it is expected that the touch will continue to oscillate afterwards.

Observe whether the focus is on 66 and break through, and form the bottom of W. After the MACD breaks through the 0 axis, it oscillates, and KD has a convergence trend. The short line can be regarded as the interval finishing pattern, waiting for the position.

  • Support: 56
  • Pressure: 66
  • Rebound pressure: 75


The EOS range of 4.6~6.6 is unchanged, but the short-term support below has been moved up by 5.2, but there is a seasonal line above, and performance will be limited.

The short-term observation focuses on the 9/5 long red stick as the high point 6.6 and also the position of the current season of the downturn. The upper gear is still under pressure, and the range is also dominated by the range shock. If you can successfully 6.6, you will also play a W bottom. The MACD is entangled in the 0-axis, and the KD is also oscillating around 50. There are signs of gold crossing, and the short-term trend is unknown, but it is slightly beneficial to many parties.

  • Support: 5.2
  • Pressure: 6.6
  • Rebound pressure: 8.8


The establishment of the BNB composite head is unchanged, and basically there will be no big market. In the short-term tangled situation, there is a chance to perform, but the increase will still be limited.

Continued to oscillate around the monthly line 10, the monthly line has been turned up, and the moving averages are arranged in a long position, with the quarter line 12 below the short line as the target. The MACD oscillates on the 0-axis, and the KD continues to be a multi-party pattern. The short-term multi-party attitude is recommended to be actively operated.

  • Support: 9.4
  • Pressure: 10
  • Band target: 12


The ADA initially played a bottom pattern, which officially went flat with the monthly line of 0.079. It was the first official station on the monthly line since 7/30, and the medium-term trend turned into a multi-party pattern.

At present, almost all of them are back and forth in the 9/20 breakthrough K-bar. It is necessary to observe whether the K-bar low is 0.072. The front wave high point of 0.086 will have a small pressure, but the actual pressure will still fall on the upper edge of the 9/5 red K rod 0.105. The MACD moves closer to the 0 axis, and the KD opening slightly converges 5, and the short line is long and short.

  • Support: 0.072
  • Pressure: 0.087
  • Rebound pressure: 0.105


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