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What Is The Science Dao (THRY)?

The Science DAO solves several problems for retail investors, institutions, and inventors. Profound scientific startups are generally not available to the public due to high barriers of entry and non existent deal flow; geography and accreditation sometimes present issues as well. For institutions, many early stage funds deal with an illiquid seed investment in which they are married to a company for many years before any liquidity event. Inventors with promising ideas are in need of expert advice, mentorship, licensing or corporate guidance, and lastly risk capital prior to proof of concept.

The Science DAO Coin will enable crypto investors to put their crypto value into a new asset. It will help funds gain access to new deal flow with the opinion of experts in those related industries without having to seek consultation. It would foster growth for inventors and entrepreneurs that are still in need for risk capital. It would take the pressure off single investors by mitigating risk through decentralized governance and fundraising.

The Science DAO Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThe Science DAO Coin
Short NameN/A
Circulating Supply 200,000,000.00 THRY
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Areas of Focus


New cures, New processes, New age


Increasingly used to tailor treatments to the individual and maximizing all aspects of the Body


Maximizing nutrient uptake and creating more nutrient dense food to help address food security caused by a rising population


The study of Fungi and their use as food, medicine, and materials


Using microorganisms for new physical processes and maintaining health


Creating new methods of investigating the structural parts of organisms, including plants

Science of City Planning

Cultivating ideas for the cities of future generations

Renewable Energy and Climate

Funding new developments to aid in a sustainable future environment

Science of waste Disposal

Creating and developing biodegradable materials as well as finding new ways to remove and treat waste.

Blockchain science

Ideas and integrations to optimize blockchain use

Learning forever

New ways to teach and learn alongside an ever-evolving society

Interactive Environments

Smart systems, sensors, energy, power management

AI and Machine Learning

Creating innovative ways to bring automated experiments and capabilities forward

National Security

Developing innovative measures to help provide a secure future

Social computing

Developing new ways to come together as human beings, cultivating quality of life, humanity and overall well-being.


Advancements in how we perceive and learn about the cosmos and using that information to benefit humanity


Finding processes to increase water availability and filtration

Material Sciences

Formulating new materials and discovering applications for existing materials to create more resilient and efficient physical designs and inventions.


Creating new uses for chemicals and discovering new chemicals for use in organic and non-organic solutions


Improving efficiency between and discovering new uses for how matter and energy interact to improve designs


Finding new ways to study and preserve the ocean environment for all marine species


Devising methods to harness radiation power, protection from its harmful effects, and creating safer systems to dispose of radiated materials with minimal environmental impact


Investigating ancient life and civilizations more accurately, safely, and efficiently via new tools and methodologies


Studying medicinal properties, as well as creating new medicines and materials from plants.

Advisory Panel

The advisory board comprised of executives, industry leaders, professors, doctors, scientists, and experts in their fields; help guide the decentralized think tank to discover and push forward the latest research and innovation across multiple industries.


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