What Is Decentralized United (DCU)? Complete Guide & Review About Decentralized United

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What Is Decentralized United (DCU)?

Decentralized United (DCU) is building an ecosystem of utilities that will revolutionize Defi. Along with DCU Smart Swap, which gives the unique opportunity for users to receive crypto cash back when using the swap (Trade2Earn), Decentralized United will bring a number of amazing utilities, some of which are unique for the crypto space. DCU Smart Swap, Root Layer Yielding, and Anonymous Bridge are only a small number of use cases that $DCU will build. DCU will have more and more utilities added to the $DCU ecosystem, including a unique smart blockchain, which will make it a one-stop shop for all your Defi needs.

Decentralized United Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDecentralized United
Short NameDCU
Total Supply2,000,000,000
Max Supply2,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Unique Cases

Smart Swap

DCU Smart Swap has a built-in multi-chain liquidity aggregator to find the best deal to swap your tokens! The DCU smart swap gives up to 5% cash back rewards on crypto purchases, this covers the gas fees and puts you in instant profit

Anon Bridge

DCU offers non-KYC, anonymous, multi-cross blockchain transactions. You can send in ETH and receive in BNB and still remain untraceable.

Root Layer Yielding

DCU aims to build the crypto community into one big functional system where everyone contributes and gets rewarded.

DCU Games

There will be 10 different casino games on our website which users can play using the $DCU tokens and get an instant 2x on the amount they bet if they win the game.


Decentralized United will have a lottery draw every Friday of the week. Users who want to participate in the draw can buy the lottery tickets from the Lottery Dapp on the DCU website using $DCU tokens.



Safety is top priority! The DCU Smart  Swap contracts perform several security checks to ensure that you will never receive less tokens than expected. This means you can safely swap using “untrusted” DEX routers to get you the best available deal.


Personal privacy is an utmost concern in today’s digital economy. DCU Bridge powered exclusively by Blockblend provides the ultimate privacy that public ledgers lack by disconnecting the connected links.

Stay safe. Protect yourself. Transact and move your funds with anonymity across BSC, Ethereum, Avax, Polygon and Cronos, Fantom networks. Connect your wallet only if you want to, not need to.

International Reach

DCU super supportive continuously -growing community is distributed all over the globe and increasing daily. Join our socials and be part of Decentralized United 

Weekly Jackpots

Holders of Decentralized United holding over a specific amount of $DCU get automatically entered into weekly draws for a chance to win some BUSD.

The draws are done using a third party random generator where all the results and entries are reviewable by the community for transparency.

The entries are stacked as in if that week’s threshold is $500 then each $500 held in your wallet gives you an extra entry in the BUSD jackpot draw.


There will be 10 different casino games on our website which users can play using the $DCU tokens and get an instant 2x on the amount they bet if they win the game. These games will be simple and easy to play such as Dice Call, Deck Cut, Horse Race, Coin Flip, High or Low, Blackjack, High Roller, Low Roller, Suit Call and Black Or Red.


DCU crew comprises of highly experienced core members along with a super supportive community. DCU team is focused on creating a new era of Defi that stands by the project motto and benefits community the most.






What Is Decentralized United (DCU)? Complete Guide & Review About

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