What Is INOFI (FON)? Complete Guide & Review About INOFI

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What Is INOFI (FON)?

The INOFi platform is designed based on three principles to solve the problems of the existing platform system. Using FON Token, which has a solid business model, is used to create valuable NFT issuance and existing NFTs. In addition, the user provides a convenient platform that can utilize NFT, DeFi, Token, etc. within one platform.

INOFi is a platform that combines NFT marketplace and DeFi based on blockchain technology. NFT Marketplace and DeFi have developed rapidly in the past time. But it was a barrier that had to go through a difficult process from the user’s point of view and They noted the disadvantages of these platforms. Also, the NFT Marketplace and DeFi markets are have their own large market scale. There are definitely limitations in each market. Thus, traditional coins (erc, xrp, matic, sol, etc.), NFT, and DeFi markets are in one economy three businesses need to be amalgamated to move on to the next generation. This is the beginning of the platform.

INOFI Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameINOFI
Short NameFON
Circulating Supply50,111,114.00 FON
Max Supply10,000,000,000
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INOFi Solution

Unlike other NFT platforms, INOFi allows anyone to freely issue and operate NFTs. If you look at it in a big way, it operates under the ideology of decentralization, but within the legal framework of the concept of centralization. In the INOFi platform, the difference is that the NFT screening process is a model that grows with the flow of the market. INOFi was built by bringing together the advantages of a perfect decentralized ideology and a centralized concept.

Therefore, platform participants will use and work together to create better solutions within INOFi, the next-generation NFT platform, rather than in the existing NFT marketplace. Recently, the NFT market has been undergoing adjustment. However, the robust design of the INOFi platform will lead the market, solve problems and make a leap forward. It will serve as a pillar on the front line of the NFT.

INOFi Platform

“INOFi” is an integrated NFT equity platform created to manage and trade financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate based on blockchain NFT. Within the INOFi platform, you can trade with FON tokens, the main means of transaction. The DeFi Staking Model rewards FON tokens. In addition, technical issues can be solved because individuals can easily issue tokens within the INOFi platform.


INOFi is a user-friendly platform that can be used without much knowledge. Considering the maximum user convenience, it is easy to produce without in-depth knowledge of the details of NFT issuance (ERC-721 contract requests).

Offering Token

INOFi issues tokens safely and easily for users within the platform. INOFi is a decentralized platform that operates within the boundaries of the law. Basically, ERC-20 token issuance can only be operated after technical verification. INOFi allows anyone to issue tokens in accordance with the decentralized ideology. Tokens issued within the INOFi platform share INOFi’s technical validation. Therefore, platform users simply issue tokens and operate tokens verified within the concept of decentralization.


The main payment currency of the platform is FON. FON tokens are used for NFT purchase and sales token issuance and DeFi staking on the NOFi platform. To acquire FON Token, you can deposit ETH, USDT, and FON Token on the staking platform and mine the FON Token. In addition, you can acquire FON Token by purchasing it on the exchange after listing. They major trading current is a FON token. FON will be used to purchase NFTs and issue sales tokens on the platform and use DeFi staking. To acquire FON Token, you can deposit ETH, USDT, and FON Token on the staking platform and mine the FON Token. In addition, you can acquire FON Token by purchasing it on the exchange after listing.


What Is INOFI (FON)? Complete Guide & Review About INOFI
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