10 Best Nintendo Switch Games

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The Best Nintendo Switch Games boasts an extensive library of games designed to cater to various gaming preferences. Many stand out for their captivating gameplay and immersive experiences, making this console truly incredible. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is an innovative open world game that revolutionized open world exploration and storytelling, captivating players with its vast landscapes and complex puzzles.

“Super Mario Odyssey” provides players with an exhilarating 3D platforming experience as the legendary plumber makes his journeys. Meanwhile, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” provides an engaging life simulation where players can create their dream island getaway.

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” features an expansive roster of Nintendo characters in an epic fighting game experience, while “Splatoon 2” provides a distinct and vibrant team-based shooter experience. Thanks to its incredible lineup, the Nintendo Switch continues to provide unforgettable gaming experiences for players of all ages!

What Is Nintendo Switch Games?

Nintendo Switch games refer to video games designed and optimized for use on the Nintendo Switch console. As it can serve both as a home gaming console connected to TV screens and as a portable handheld device, its unique dual functionality enables Nintendo Switch games to take full advantage of this dual-use experience for players to enjoy either at home or while traveling.

These titles span various genres, such as action, adventure, platformers, RPGs (role-playing games), puzzle games and sports. Notable Nintendo Switch titles include “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Super Mario Odyssey,” Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,”Super Smash Bros Ultimate,”Pokemon Sword and Shield,” Splatoon 2,”Fire Emblem: Three Houses”and others.

Nintendo releases new titles regularly and provides access to digital storefront called the Nintendo eShop where players can purchase and download titles directly onto their Switch consoles. Furthermore, backward compatibility enables gamers to enjoy older Nintendo titles through Virtual Console service or purchase of re-released versions – offering players of all ages and preferences the perfect playing experience on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Here Is List Of Best Nintendo Switch Games

  • Animal Crossing
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Moonlighter
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • Minecraft
  • Octopath Traveler

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games

1. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing, developed and published by Nintendo, is an acclaimed life simulation video game series known for its relaxing yet charming gameplay, where players take on the role of human characters who move to villages inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The latest installment was released for Nintendo Switch users in March 2020 as “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” places players on an isolated island, where they work towards developing it into a flourishing community. The game takes place in real-time following real world calendar and time; events and activities vary with seasons and times of day;

Animal Crossing

fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting, fruit harvesting are some of the activities players can engage in to earn in-game currency called Bells that are used to repay loans taken out with Tom Nook (a raccoon character that helps develop islands).

Animal Crossing encourages creativity and personalization, enabling players to customize their characters, homes, and entire island layout. Social interactions play an integral role in Animal Crossing; players can visit each other’s islands, exchange gifts with each other, and participate in various events or activities together.

2. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may not have fully met our expectations, yet its undeniable charm and uniqueness compelled us to include it on our list of recommended Switch games. The title manages to engage players through its captivating storyline, engaging characters, and unexpected gameplay twists that set it apart from other Pokemon titles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

While not being perfect masterpiece, its endearing qualities and distinctive elements make it worthy additions for any Switch library; sometimes those small special touches are what truly make games worth exploring even in fierce competition.

3. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land provides you with an unforgettable adventure filled with delightful features, challenging obstacles, and eye-catching newcomers. Experience an intriguing world with its imaginative stages that offers plenty of secrets and intriguing scenes for yourself! Every level offers new surprises to uncover for yourself.

 Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Platforming in this game is more open, giving you plenty of room to take your time exploring and make the most out of this initial foray into 3D for Pink Puffball. Kirby’s copy abilities provide him with everything from boss fights, puzzles and various foes to be taken down with Kirby.

Forgotten Land also introduces its innovative Mouthful Mode skill which lets Kirby become anything from a car, cone or water balloon in order to progress forward in this platformer game. If you need a break from platforming action Waddle Dee Town offers plenty of minigames and activities – surefire ways to bring smiles or brighten up a dull day!

4. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” for Nintendo Switch was released in February 2021 as an enhanced port of its original Wii U release in 2013. Alongside its main game component, this Nintendo Switch version also contains an exciting expansion called Bowser’s Fury that adds new content.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

Super Mario 3D World offers players an immersive 3D platforming adventure as they join Mario and his friends to rescue the Sprixie Princesses from Bowser. The game offers colorful levels with traditional 2D and 3D platforming elements; players may select Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad or Rosalina with unique abilities as they progress through various worlds of the game.

“Bowser’s Fury” is an exciting sandbox-style open world experience where Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. to battle a massive and rampaging version of Bowser called Fury Bowser. The expansion offers a dynamic environment where Mario can explore various islands, solve puzzles and collect Cat Shines to power up his battle against this fearsome foe in epic battles!

5. Bayonetta 2 (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Bayonetta 2” is an action-adventure video game developed and published by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo. Initially released exclusively for Nintendo Wii U in 2014, later porting over to Nintendo Switch as well.

“Bayonetta 2” puts players into the role of Bayonetta, an extraordinary witch with amazing combat abilities. This fast-paced action game offers fast and intense action gameplay with melee attacks, long range strikes, special moves and summoning demonic entities to defeat enemies. Bayonetta can use various weapons such as guns or melee weapons to unleash devastating combos on foes – such as guns or melee weapons.

Bayonetta sets off on an adventure to save Jeanne from infernal forces, taking players deep into an intricate web of angels and demons with plenty of twists and turns to keep players engaged throughout.

“Bayonetta 2” earned wide praise among both players and critics alike for its stellar combat mechanics, stylish visuals and engaging story. The game’s intricate combo system and challenging boss battles earned it recognition as one of the finest action games available at that time; its Nintendo Switch port further expanded Bayonetta’s reach, giving more people access to her thrilling adventures.

6. Moonlighter (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Moonlighter” is an action RPG with elements of shop management developed by Digital Sun and published by 11 bit studios, released in 2018 across PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4) Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch platforms.

“Moonlighter” allows players to assume the role of Will, a young shopkeeper with ambitions of becoming a legendary hero. By day he manages his family shop in Rynoka selling items and equipment to various adventurers as customers; players must set prices wisely while meeting inventory needs while meeting customer demands in order to expand their business and meet its goals.

Moonlighter (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

At nightfall, Will ventures into mysterious dungeons located near Rynoka to uncover valuable items and battle challenging monsters. Each procedurally generated dungeon brings new challenges and rewards with each journey; players must use their combat skills and wits to defeat enemies and bosses while collecting loot to bring back for sale at their shop.

Moonlighter’s core gameplay loop involves striking a balance between shop management and dungeon-crawling action, where earnings from selling items can be reinvested to upgrade or add equipment needed for deeper explorations of dungeons.

“Moonlighter” features charming pixel art visuals and music, captivating gameplay elements from RPG and simulation genres, and won high praise from critics due to its engaging gameplay and eclectic combination of genres – making it an attractive title for players looking for both action-packed dungeon exploration and shop management simulation. It received outstanding reviews thanks to its engaging gameplay experience and positive user reviews – earning rave reviews from critics for being both captivating and innovative!

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was one of the most anticipated titles coming to Nintendo Switch and now ranks highly on this list of best Switch games for good reason. This adorable, simple life farming simulator makes full use of its portability by providing an ideal experience – whether at home, on the move, or wherever your fancy takes you – farming experience!

Stardew Valley

Additionally, its soothing soundtrack provides hours of relaxing entertainment as you engage in farming, mining, animal rearing and fishing activities in Stardew’s world – you won’t soon become as immersed as us in its wonderful world!

8. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker” is a puzzle-platformer video game produced and published by Nintendo. First released for Wii U in 2014, later iterations include Nintendo Switch, 3DS and other platforms.

Captain Toad from Super Mario series embarks on an extraordinary treasure-hunting journey in this game. However, unlike traditional Mario titles, Captain Toad cannot jump – creating a unique challenge to gameplay and diorama-like levels, solving puzzles to collect gems and coins while evading enemies and obstacles.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

Reaching the Power Star is the primary goal in each level, but to do so requires manipulating the environment and solving creative puzzles. Players can rotate the camera or interact with elements within levels to discover secret passages or avoid hazards and discover treasure. Each level features intricate detailing that offers both challenges and rewards to attentive players.

As players explore various themed worlds, the game’s difficulty gradually increases while also introducing additional mechanics like minecart rides and touch-based interactions in Nintendo 3DS version. Charming visuals and delightful music contribute to an overall enjoyable experience.

9. Minecraft

“Minecraft” is an award-winning sandbox video game created and published by Mojang Studios before later being acquired by Microsoft in 2014. First released for public playback in 2011, Minecraft has since become one of the most beloved and influential video games ever.

“Minecraft” takes players into a procedurally generated open world made up of blocks representing different materials and environments, providing unlimited resources and creative freedom without concern over survival aspects. Survival mode forces them to collect resources, craft items and fend off enemies to remain alive – two distinct modes exist within one game!


This game allows players to mine blocks, gather resources and craft items using various tools and materials. Once collected, these blocks can be used to construct structures, buildings and artworks in this virtual playground for creativity. Pixelated graphics give the game its iconic appeal.

“Minecraft” features multi-player capabilities, enabling players to work together and interact with one another’s worlds. This has led to the formation of expansive online communities and servers where people can explore shared worlds, take part in events, and display their creations.

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10. Octopath Traveler (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Octopath Traveler” is a turn-based RPG developed by Square Enix and Acquire for Nintendo Switch in July 2018 before later expanding onto PC and Stadia platforms.

This game takes place in the fantasy world of Orsterra and follows eight distinct protagonists on their respective journeys, each with their own individual storylines and backgrounds. Players may select any one of these eight protagonists and, as their stories progress, recruit seven travelers as party members. Their tales cover diverse themes and regions around the globe for an engaging narrative experience.

Octopath Traveler (Best Nintendo Switch Games)

“Octopath Traveler” features an eye-catching graphical style known as HD-2D, which combines 16-bit style character sprites and textures with contemporary high definition effects for an eye-catching, nostalgic experience.

“Octopath Traveler” features turn-based battles with an innovative “Boost Point” system to allow players to accumulate points quickly and unleash multiple actions simultaneously for strategic advantage. Each character boasts their own set of abilities and “Path Actions,” which allow them to interact with NPCs in different ways, opening up new quests.

Best Nintendo Switch Games Conclusion

Overall, the Nintendo Switch boasts an outstanding library of games that appeal to a diverse array of gaming preferences. From the breathtaking open-world adventure of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” to the delightful platforming fun of “Super Mario Odyssey,” there are experiences designed to satisfy players of all ages. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” offers a delightful and relaxing life-simulation, while “Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate” boasts epic battles featuring an expansive roster of beloved characters. “Splatoon 2” delivers exciting team-based shooter action, while “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” delivers an intense strategy-RPG experience. “Bayonetta 2,” “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker,” and “Octopath Traveler” add even greater variety to Nintendo Switch’s ever-expanding library and showcase how unique and captivating its titles can be for players to experience.

As its popularity soars among gaming console enthusiasts alike, providing unforgettable moments and gaming memories along the way – Nintendo Switch stands as one of the premier gaming systems, giving us unforgettable moments every day!

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