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The Best Samsung TV on the market provides an exceptional viewing experience that marries cutting-edge technology with stunning visual quality. Equipped with QLED or MicroLED displays, these televisions produce vibrant and lifelike colors, deep blacks, and striking contrast ratios for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Samsung smart TVs feature 4K or 8K resolution to ensure every detail is rendered precisely, while Tizen offers an intuitive user experience with user-friendly navigation and a range of streaming and gaming applications.

Samsung TVs feature advanced audio technologies that make them perfect for immersive home theater setups, making their top-tier models truly remarkable entertainment experiences for consumers. Their sleek designs and cutting-edge technologies combine for an unforgettable entertainment experience for viewers.

How to choose the best Samsung TV for you

Define Your Budget

Start by setting a budget for your TV purchase. Samsung offers models at various price points; by knowing yours, your choices will become narrower.

Consider TV Size

Whilst choosing the ideal screen size can provide an immersive viewing experience, make sure it suits the dimensions of your room first. A larger TV may offer better contrast – just ensure it fits!


Once your choice has been made, select your resolution of choice. 4K Ultra HD (Ultra HD) content is the current industry standard; however, Samsung offers 8K TVs for those seeking the very highest picture quality.

Panel Technology

Samsung provides several panel technologies, with QLED and MicroLED being their premier choices. While QLED boasts excellent color reproduction and brightness, MicroLED boasts even higher picture quality – choose the one that suits both your visual preferences and budget!

Smart TV Features

Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform is well-regarded for its user-friendly interface and app support, so when shopping for one make sure your streaming and app needs are met as well as compatibility with other smart devices in your home.

Audio Quality

Some Samsung TVs feature advanced audio technologies like Dolby Atmos. If audio quality is a top priority for you, select models which incorporate these sound features or invest in an independent system.


Check that the TV offers all of the ports required by your devices, whether HDMI, USB, or other inputs. If you use gaming consoles, soundbars or other peripherals that need connecting ports – ensure there are enough.

Special Features

Samsung TVs often include special features like ambient mode, adaptive picture quality, and voice control via Bixby that may appeal to you. Consider whether these extras will add any value.

Reviews and Recommendations

Read reviews and seek recommendations from friends or experts before purchasing a Samsung TV model. Online forums provide valuable insight into its performance and reliability.

Showroom Visit

It is best to visit a showroom to view TVs in person, giving you a better sense of their quality, design and user interface. This will enable you to make more informed choices.

Warranty and Support

It is wise to investigate what support options Samsung provides should any issues arise with your TV. This way, you will have peace of mind should any complications arise with it.

Energy Efficiency

Be mindful of how much electricity a TV consumes when using it for prolonged use; select models with energy-saving features if that is your plan.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the Samsung TV that meets all of your preferences and requirements.

Here is List Of Best Samsung TV

  • Samsung S90C
  • Samsung S95C
  • Samsung BU8500
  • Samsung QN85C
  • Samsung QN900C
  • Samsung QN90C
  • Samsung CU7000
  • Samsung Q60C
  • Samsung Q80C
  • Samsung QN65S95B

10 Best Samsung TV 2024

1. Samsung S90C

The Samsung QN90C is one of the latest additions to their Neo QLED series and our top choice if you’re in search of a 4K mini-LED panel, providing high brightness and exceptional all-around video performance. Featuring anti-glare screen technology and comprehensive gaming support like four 4K 120Hz capable HDMI 2.1 ports, making this model an excellent choice for daytime sports viewing as well as console or cloud-based gaming.

The Samsung QN90C TV we tested boasted impressive peak HDR brightness levels with deep blacks, detailed shadows, and minimal backlight blooming. Our 65-inch Samsung QN90C model registered an astounding 1,787-nit peak HDR brightness in Movie picture mode.

Samsung S90C

The Samsung QN90C boasts an attractive slim bezel with a sturdy hexagonal plate stand, creating a strong visual impact and we particularly admire its Ambient Mode (a Samsung feature that displays photos or artwork at lower power consumption).

The Samsung QN90C may not be cheap, but you can find one for less than the QN95C. Furthermore, its differences are less dramatic; budget mini-LED TV alternatives from other brands like TCL or Hisense may cost less but they won’t match its features and design sophistication.

2. Samsung S95C (Best Samsung TV)

The Samsung S95C OLED television stands out with its excellent brightness, making it our top pick if you’re searching for an OLED option from this manufacturer.

The Samsung S95C TV stands out in almost every way: sleek and slim design makes it suitable for wall mounting; sound quality has seen significant improvement from its predecessor; bright picture is 40% brighter than on its predecessor; however, making this our go-to pick if extremely bright displays are important to you.

Samsung S95C (Best Samsung TV)

As part of our testing, we found the brightness to be highly effective at elevating HDR video to a new level of drama and realism, providing levels of colour volume and purity we’ve never witnessed on an OLED TV before.

We would highly recommend the Samsung S95C for movie enthusiasts due to its exceptional picture, sharpness, viewing angles and upscaling capabilities. Gamers will also appreciate its extensive 4K/120Hz support as well as ultra fast 9.2ms response time.

3. Samsung BU8500

The Samsung BU8500 TV was designed to offer modern functionality with discreet looks and superior build quality at a price most of us won’t balk at, which it certainly achieves. Boasting an impressive 4K HDR LED display with good HDR (although no Dolby Vision HDR), three HDMIs, voice control, two remotes and Tizen smart TV interface that provides access to streaming apps – it easily ranks among one of the best TVs under PS1,000!

Samsung has created an exceptional value TV at a highly reasonable price point. While budget TVs do necessitate compromises, their Crystal 4K processor does a decent job of upscaling (though perhaps not quite up to par with what can be found in their best TVs), while backlighting provides accurate brightness and contrast levels. We found sound quality was less than stellar but most modern televisions require soundbars anyway.

Samsung BU8500

The BU8500 offers three HDMI 2.0 inputs, with one equipped with an eARC function for soundbar use. Compatible with ALLM and HGiG aspects of next-gen games console specs as well as AMD FreeSync support – which represents a step back from 2021’s Samsung AU9000.

Samsung has produced an exceptional 4K TV at an equally remarkable price point; though not among their top models, it stands out in performance far beyond its price tag. If you’re in the market for an economical 4K set this one should definitely make your shortlist.

4. Samsung QN85C (Top Samsung TV)

Samsung’s entry-level Neo QLED series, the QN85C, delivers mini-LED backlighting at an attractively lower cost – which makes it our go-to mini-LED pick from Samsung.

The Samsung QN85C displays strong overall picture performance at its price, with average peak brightness and deep, detailed shadows with only mild backlight blooming. While lacking the powerful brightness and anti-glare screen of its step-up Neo QLED siblings, this television series makes an excellent option for gaming with four HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 4K 120Hz input, as well as watching movies.

Samsung QN85C (Top Samsung TV)

Here, an external sound system or soundbar will be necessary. While the QN85C works with any soundbar, its Q-Symphony feature lets you combine its built-in Dolby Atmos speaker system with select Samsung soundbars for an enhanced Atmos experience.

The QN85C from Samsung costs less than other mini-LED backlit models while offering many of the same features. While competition may exist beyond Samsung in terms of affordable mini-LED panels, its appealing design and strong feature set make the QN85C worth taking a serious look if budget constraints are an issue for you.

5. Samsung QN900C

The Samsung QN900C takes home entertainment to new heights with one of its mini-LED panels. Utilizing LEDs 40 times smaller than those found in regular LED TVs, thousands more mini-LED lights fit onto each screen area and may provide brighter images and more effective local light control. An external box also houses every connection you need – perfect if you are an advanced gamer.

Expect nothing less from an 8K TV featured in this guide – its picture quality will take your breath away, particularly as 8K truly does make a difference in terms of picture quality. Native 8K content makes the greatest impact, but Samsung’s ever-improving upscaling also delivers richer images when viewing 4K sources.

Samsung QN900C

The Samsung QN900C stands out when turned off, too, thanks to an almost nonexistent frame around its screen and sleek perforated metallic side panels with perforations patterns for ventilation. Furthermore, its rear panel manages to remain as clutter-free and flat as its screen thanks to an external connection box that connects easily via cable to your television screen.

The Samsung QN900C may be costly, but its incredible picture quality, brilliant color reproduction and brightness, fantastic sound reproduction and outstanding blacks more than justify its higher cost. When fed high quality sources (ideally mostly 4K sources) then the QN900C far outshines rivals; that is why we choose it as our top mini LED screen to deliver 8K detail.

6. Samsung QN90C (Best Samsung TV)

The Samsung S90C is our top choice to meet most people’s viewing needs. It offers an excellent range of connectivity options and gaming support, including full 4K 120Hz variable refresh rate gaming graphics across all four HDMIs. In addition, its Neural Quantum 4K processor uses 20 neural networks to improve how it treats sources – upscaling HD/SD content into its native 4K resolution more quickly for example.

Picture quality on the S90C is truly spectacular, boasting bright, contrast-rich images. While not offering quite the full QD-OLED experience as found with Samsung’s S95C further down this list, its brightness and color depth exceed other OLED TVs at its same price point – plus it can be watched comfortably from nearly any viewing position!

Samsung QN90C (Best Samsung TV)

Design-wise, the Samsung S90C stands out with an ultra thin panel on its edges and an unobtrusively chunky middle housing its external connections/processing box. Some may prefer to opt for an external box instead; but its innovative design may make this device such an outstanding value proposition.

The Samsung S90C QD-OLED TV offers excellent value. Not costing much more than LG’s C3 model, its extra brightness and sound quality more than make up for its extra expense. While not quite as bright as its more expensive siblings (the S95C or the S97C), it may offer more balance.

7. Samsung CU7000

Samsung CU7000 tech specs: Screen size 43-85 inches | Panel type Crystal UHD | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Resolution 4K | HDR10+ | Audio: Object Tracking Sound Lite | Voice controls Alexa, Bixby & Hey Google

Samsung TVs have long been recognized as affordable mid-range televisions, and the CU7000 stands out as an excellent budget model. Available from screen sizes 43-85 inches, with 55-inch versions retailing well under $500. Equipped with Samsung’s Crystal UHD LED panel that provides crisp detailing, vibrant colors, sharp contrast, HDR10+ support and immersive vie wing experiences for movies, shows, music videos or gaming experiences; its speakers utilize

Samsung CU7000

Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Lite technology for virtual three dimensional audio experience and immersive viewing experiences for movies shows, music videos or gaming; Samsung also uses speakers designed with its Object Tracking Sound Lite technology to produce virtual 3D sound for movies shows music videos or gaming.

Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless home audio options and media streaming from mobile devices for easier listening to music, viewing photos and playing mobile games on a bigger screen. Thanks to Alexa, Samsung Bixby and Hey Google voice controls you can operate your new TV and any connected devices without hunting down remote controls.

8. Samsung Q60C (Top Samsung TV)

The Samsung Q60C TV is an excellent solution for anyone in search of a smaller-screen television for their apartment, bedroom or dorm. Available with screen sizes as small as 32 inches, it makes an ideal second screen solution or space saver in living rooms that may be tight on space. But just because this TV has a smaller-screen size doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice exciting features: object-tracking sound gives virtual 3D audio while Alexa, Bixby and Hey Google voice controls can all be found here.

Samsung Q60C (Top Samsung TV)

With popular, preloaded apps such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ preinstalled on your television set, you’re ready to stream movies and shows immediately after unboxing it. Furthermore, with Tizen operating system available to you on this model TV you can download thousands of more to create the ultimate entertainment hub on your own television screen.

9. Samsung Q80C

The Samsung Q80C TV was one of my top picks for 85-inch televisions, making it an impressive big-screen option. Now Samsung has released an even larger 98-inch model for an immersive movie theater-like viewing experience in your own home. Equipped with QLED panels for better brightness, color accuracy and contrast than previous Samsung models – and offering custom calibration through its companion app to deliver personalized viewing experience – you’ll feel as though you’ve experienced true cinematic magic every time.

Samsung Q80C

The integrated speakers work seamlessly with both Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Lite for virtual 3D surround sound, and Bluetooth allows you to connect wireless subwoofers, sound bars and speakers for a custom home audio configuration. Plus, with Google Meet video calling app installed you can use Q80C for work meetings as well as personal relationships like family and friends without leaving your couch!

10. Samsung QN65S95B (Best Samsung TV)

The Samsung QN65S95B is one of the first Quantum Dot OLED TVs ever manufactured and should definitely be taken into consideration if you want to immerse yourself in cutting-edge television technology. If this appeals to you, take a close look at this piece from Samsung.

Though not always subtle in its performance, the S95B QD-OLED offers plenty of entertainment. Its sleek exterior measures only two millimetres deep for most of its rear panel; additionally it displays digital artworks on its screen when not watching television.

Samsung QN65S95B (Best Samsung TV)

Why wouldn’t you be watching TV when the S95B delivers such astounding contrast? Its rich blacks have long been associated with OLED technology; and, furthermore, this TV provides brightness levels not found before on any regular OLED.

Connectivity is excellent, audio quality is satisfactory and Samsung has included three voice assistants (Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa) built-in. However, its new Tizen interface may feel cumbersome compared to previous versions; but overall it remains extremely impressive.

Overall, the S95B makes a compelling case for QD-OLED TV technology and will surely meet the budgetary constraints of early adopters. There should be little disappointment here.

How did we choose these Samsung TVs?

Selecting the ideal Samsung TVs requires a careful combination of expert reviews, customer feedback and technical specs. Here’s an outline of this selection process:

Expert Reviews: Tech experts and reviewers from various publications and websites conduct in-depth tests of Samsung TVs based on various factors, including picture quality, sound quality, smart features and more. Testing experts often conduct hands-on evaluations that assess picture quality, sound quality and smart capabilities before comparing different models taking into account screen technology (QLED, MicroLED OLED etc), resolution (4K 8K etc), as well as features unique to Samsung televisions.

Customer Reviews and Feedback: Customer reviews and feedback play an integral part of the selection process, providing real-world user experiences that help identify potential issues, satisfaction levels and performance of TVs over time. Both positive and negative customer reviews should be taken into consideration during selection decisions.

Technical Specifications: An in-depth evaluation of technical specifications such as screen size, resolution, panel type, refresh rates, connectivity options and smart TV capabilities is crucial in selecting an ideal Samsung TV model for different use cases. These details help establish which Samsung models would serve those purposes best.

Compare to Competitors: Samsung televisions are frequently evaluated against similar offerings from other leading brands to ascertain their competitive edge in the market. This analysis includes evaluating features, performance and value for money.

Industry Awards and Recognitions: Receiving industry accolades is often seen as evidence of exceptional performance or innovation; televisions that receive such honors from respected organizations or publications tend to be recognized among the best models on the market.

Long-Term Reliability and Durability of Samsung TVs: Determining long-term reliability and durability is of utmost importance when purchasing TVs from this manufacturer, taking into account factors like build quality, warranty coverage and customer support services.

Emerging Technologies: Samsung TVs that incorporate cutting-edge technologies like QLED, MicroLED and advancements in smart TV capabilities may gain an edge from these innovative additions.

Price and Value for Money: When selecting a Samsung television, value should always be taken into consideration in relation to its price point. Features, performance and quality must justify that point in its overall design and manufacture.

Consumer Preferences and Trends: Trends in consumer preferences such as demand for larger screens, higher resolutions and smart features play an important role when selecting the ideal Samsung TVs. TVs should meet both current market demands and consumer desires for optimal viewing experiences.

Showroom Testing: Reviewers may travel to television showrooms in person in order to test them directly, providing an invaluable opportunity for them to assess picture quality, design features and user interface in real time.

Selecting the ideal Samsung TVs requires an in-depth evaluation that takes a variety of factors into account to ensure they provide an appropriate balance of performance, features, and value. As new models emerge and technology changes over time, it’s essential that buyers stay up-to-date on reviews and recommendations before making their buying decision.

What size TV is best for my room?

The optimal TV size for any room depends on a variety of factors, including room size and layout, seating distance preferences and personal tastes. Here are some guidelines that may help you select an appropriate size TV:

Seating Distance: Distance is of paramount importance in terms of watching television. As a general guideline, the diagonal size (measured in inches) of your TV should be approximately 1.5 to 2.5 times your viewing distance – for instance if your seating distance is 8 feet (96 inches), 48 to 80 inch diagonal size TVs would be appropriate.

Room Size: To ensure an effective television installation in any given space, measure its overall dimensions first and ensure your chosen television fits comfortably within it. A larger room can support larger televisions while smaller spaces might feel overwhelmed by too many. Take measurements on available wall space so as to ensure it fits comfortably within the available wall space.

Viewing Angle: For optimal viewing experience when sitting down, your TV should be placed at eye level. Too high or too low can cause discomfort and neck strain; an ideal viewing angle would be around the center of the TV screen at your seated eye level.

Consider Your Needs: Think carefully about how you plan to use the TV. For watching movies or sports events, a larger screen can enhance the viewing experience, while casual watching or gaming may suffice with smaller displays.

Resolution: When considering purchasing a 4K or 8K television, having a larger screen may help take full advantage of its higher resolution, as you will be able to see more details. Even so, improvements in clarity may still be noticeable even on smaller displays.

Budget: Your budget plays a significant role when selecting the appropriate TV size. Larger screens with higher resolution tend to cost more; therefore, seek an optimal balance between price and size preferences when making this important purchase decision.

Room Layout: Carefully consider the layout of the room when placing furniture, television stands, wall mounts or any potential obstructions like windows and doors, to ensure that your TV fits within it without blocking essential features of its surroundings.

Personal Preferences: Your own tastes matter most when making this decision. If a large, immersive screen suits both your room and budget perfectly, go for it; otherwise if a more discrete TV better matches its aesthetic then that too is valid choice.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are just a general overview and individual preferences will differ accordingly. It would be a wise move to measure your room, calculate viewing distance and visit an electronics store to get a feel of how different TV sizes will appear in your space – this way you will have an accurate sense of how a particular size would appear in your space. Ultimately, the ideal TV size for you and your family viewing pleasure.

Are Samsung TVs good for gaming?

Yes, Samsung TVs are typically good choices for gaming and have become popular among gamers for multiple reasons:

Low Input Lag: Samsung TVs equipped with gaming modes offer low input lag times for an optimal gaming experience, which ensures there’s minimal delay between controller inputs and what happens on-screen. This helps create a responsive and immersive gaming experience.

High Refresh Rates: Many Samsung TVs feature high refresh rates of 120Hz or even 240Hz for smoother and more fluid gameplay, especially for fast-paced games.

Samsung TVs featuring 4K and 8K resolution provide exceptional visual clarity, enriching the gaming experience on large displays.

HDR Support: High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology on Samsung televisions enhances the color, contrast and overall image quality of games, making them more visually engaging and immersive.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): Many Samsung TVs feature variable refresh rate technologies such as AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC to help reduce screen tearing and stuttering during gameplay, offering a smoother gaming experience.

HDMI Ports: Samsung televisions feature multiple HDMI ports that make connecting gaming consoles, PCs and other gaming devices simultaneously easier than ever before.

Game Mode: Samsung televisions often include a dedicated “Game Mode,” which optimizes its settings specifically for gaming by reducing input lag and improving visual quality.

Gaming Features: Certain Samsung TVs feature enhanced gaming features like automatic game mode switching when consoles are turned on, low latency audio playback and game-specific enhancements.

Samsung Smart TV Capabilities: The Samsung smart TV platform makes it simple and accessible for gamers to access gaming-related apps and services, such as cloud gaming platforms and game streaming services.

Compatibility: Samsung TVs are compatible with multiple gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch – making them a versatile option for gamers.

Researching specific Samsung TV models to find one that best meets your gaming needs requires taking several factors into consideration, including screen size, resolution and budget. You should also read reviews as well as consider your gaming style preferences (casual gaming, competitive esports or immersive single player experiences) when making your selection. Samsung offers many choices so that there will be something suitable to meet all these criteria and meet them head on!

Best Samsung TV Conclusion

Overall, Samsung TV offers an outstanding combination of cutting-edge technology, stunning visual quality and innovative features to meet a broad array of consumer needs. Samsung’s top-tier televisions provide a compelling viewing experience with options like QLED and MicroLED displays, high resolution options, low input lag times and advanced audio features that create an immersive and captivating viewing experience.

Tizen platform-powered smart TV technology ensures seamless access to streaming services, apps and a wealth of entertainment options. Samsung TVs provide unparalleled home entertainment experiences, creating unforgettable and customized viewing experiences for every viewer. Their dedication to quality and innovation places their TVs at the forefront of the industry, creating unforgettable and tailored entertainment experiences.

Best Samsung TV FAQ

What is the best Samsung TV for gaming?

The best Samsung TV for gaming typically offers low input lag, high refresh rates, support for variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies like AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC, and a dedicated game mode. Models like the Samsung QLED series are popular choices among gamers.

Which Samsung TV is best for 4K content?

For the best 4K content experience, consider Samsung’s QLED or Neo QLED series, which offer excellent color accuracy and vibrant visuals. The specific model may vary based on your budget and screen size preferences.

What is the difference between QLED and MicroLED TVs?

QLED TVs use quantum dot technology to enhance color and brightness, while MicroLED TVs utilize micro-sized LEDs to create self-emissive displays. MicroLED generally offers better contrast and longer lifespan, but it tends to be more expensive.

How do I choose the right size Samsung TV for my room?

The ideal TV size depends on your room’s dimensions and seating distance. A general rule of thumb is to choose a TV with a diagonal size that’s 1.5 to 2.5 times the viewing distance. However, personal preference and room layout also play a role.

Which Samsung TV has the best picture quality?

Samsung’s high-end models in the QLED and Neo QLED series are known for their exceptional picture quality, with features like high resolution, HDR support, and advanced color technology. The specific model may vary based on your requirements.

Do Samsung TVs support streaming apps and services?

Yes, Samsung’s smart TV platform, powered by Tizen, offers access to a wide range of streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. You can easily download and enjoy your favorite content.

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