What Is Bombcrypto Coin(BOMB)? Complete Guide & Review About Bombcrypto Coin

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What Is Bombcrypto Coin(BOMB)?

The BombCrypto is a Bomb game experiences to NFT collectibles on the blockchain by Bombcrypto Coin – BOMB. Players can collect, fight monsters and trade them for real money. The game is in the Play-To-Earn genre, where players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BOMB and fight monsters. Each bomber hero has different stats, if you’re lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase performance and combat ability.

BombCrypto Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBombCrypto
Short NameBOMB
Total Supply 100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
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The Bomberland

Far away, far from Earth, there is a peaceful land called Bomberland, where the inhabitants are living extremely peacefully and happily. But one day, an evil force came to invade Bomberland. They burned down forests, destroyed houses, arrested people and stole BOMB — the people’s property.

To bring peace to the land, the kingdom’s scientists have researched and created heroic bombers so they can set up a team to rescue BOMB and the people while destroying the henchmen of evil forces.

And of course, no experiment went smoothly.

Scientists have had been through a lot of failures.

They figured out that bomber heroes would have different rarity levels depending on their formula quantifications.

The rarity is hierarchical from common, rare, super rare, epic, legend to super legend, and the higher the rarity, the lower the success rate is.

And bomber heroes also have 6 power stats:

  • Power: bom’s destructive power
  • Bomb Range: the length when the bomb explodes
  • Stamina: hero’s energy
  • Speed: movement speed
  • Bomb: the number of bombs can be placed
  • Ability: random strength
  • Shield: protect hero in surviving the effects of disaster

This power stat of each bomber hero will be different.The higher the rarity, the stronger these 5 power stats will be. Individual bomber hero members will be revealed soon.

Story Mode

Players choose a bomber hero of their own to participate in each level in Story mode. The player needs to destroy all the monsters to pass each level. Breaking blocks and killing monsters also give players a chance to drop BOMB.

Battle Mode

In Battle mode, players join a bomb battle to fight against other players. In order to join, not only do players need a specific type of energy, but they also need to pay a certain amount of tokens as entry fee which will later be used as rewards. The final winner takes the majority of the losers’ tokens.


Bhero is an NFT character using the Polygon technology platform. BHero helps players to mine BOMB and participate in different game modes. Players can buy BHero at Shop and Marketplace, and can also rescue BHero during Treasure Hunt mode. Players can also sell BHero in the Marketplace. BHero also has random rarity and strength stat which affects BOMB mining speed. The higher the rarity of the BHero, the greater their values


House is the core feature in Bombcrypto, it helps Bomber Heroes recover energy. After participating in BOMB mining, the more advanced the house, the faster it will allow energy recovery.

Treasure Hunt

Bomber Heroes will automatically move and plant bombs to destroy a variety of blocks to mine new $BOMB tokens & Rescue Heroes. In addition, there will be interesting new challenges including natural disasters that will hinder BOMB mining.


You join the adventure to go to new kingdoms, help the people of these kingdoms escape the rule of the dark legion and get rewarded with BOMB tokens for completing each level.

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