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About Exwp.com

Exwp.com exchanger works thanks to the close interaction of two sectors. The first of them, responsible for working with WebMoney, is located in Russia. The head (project administrator) Olga , certificate of WMID calculating machine 800811812711. At the same time, the same sector is responsible for the software and for the operation of the PayPal account, it is led by Admin2 Andrey . The second sector, responsible for work in the USA, is supervised by Admin9 Dmitry (OH).


Now they will answer the quite reasonable question of customers: ” Why should they trust you with money, where are the guarantees on your part? ”

  1. They are not only certified by the WebMoney system , moreover, we are one of several services certified as Settlement Automation , you can see for yourself:

  2. They are officially registered in the WebMoney MegaStock catalog under the number 3841 .

3. Based on the agreement we signed with WebMoney Transfer, WebMoney Arbitration, as the controlling body, has the right to access our archive of applications for audit.

4. In WM-TOP, we are among the first several dozen of the most famous users of the system:

  1. They have a high and constantly growing business activity index WebMoney BL =

  2. They  have been working since October 2005 , and during this time we have not a single complaint in certification sheet.


They write about us in many forums, on sites and nowhere there is not a single negative review of client. You can check – in any search engine type exwp.com or exwp.org and read the topics. They are open for communication – all coordinates are laid out, there is a Guestbook from which we have not deleted a single comment, even the most critical one (we delete only spam during moderation).

And finally, it is more profitable for us to earn money on a fair exchange than to throw users, since after the first deceived client, further activities of the exchange office will be impossible.If you are satisfied with the work of our service, you can leave your feedback in the monitoring of WebMoney Advisorand / or on the page of WebMoney certificate.

Exchange webmoney and paypal

They offer you to exchange WebMoney for PayPal and PayPal for WebMoney at the best rates!

Exchange rate WMZ to PayPal

You pay You buy Give Get   Link
Wmz PayPal USD 100 100.00 wp.USD
PayPal USD Wmz 100 83.50 pw.USD

The exchange period is not more than 48 hours. For residents of any country, we carry out WMZ I / O operations. Through us you can accept PayPal payment on your website, sell products at various auctions.

You can cash out a US registered check or pay with a check for American goods.They offer to buy any available service, paid only through Western banks, for example, hosting or password for a paid siteThey can establish long-term relationships with a client by accepting PayPal from his website, or for advertising services.

Exchange Terms

1. General requirements . According to the WebMoney Rules for exchange points, the operations of exchange and input-output are not carried out:
– to third parties;
– when registering in the WebMoney System for less than 7 days;
– with pseudonym certificates;
– with formal and initial certificates that did not upload to the WebMoney website a scanned copy of all the significant pages of the passport or did not wait for the end of their verification.

2. Exchange PayPal to WebMoney . After you send the application and (if necessary) clarify your data, a confirmation of the receipt of the application is sent to your e-mail, indicating the details of account on PayPal. After that, you can transfer money to the specified details. They guarantee that, subject to these conditions, no later than 48 hours (usually less than a day) after the receipt of money in our account, the agreed amount will be transferred to your specified WebMoney WMZ wallet, of which you will be notified by e-mail specified by you.

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Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

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