What Is Monopoly Millionaire Control (MMC)? Complete Guide & Review About Monopoly Millionaire Control

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What Is Monopoly Millionaire Control (MMC)?

Monopoly Millionaire Control is the governance token of the Monopoly Millionaire Game, a GameFi platform where players can play-to-earn tokens and NFT rewards. The platform hosts both in-house developed games and third-party titles. It aims to build a metaverse infrastructure for game developers, artists and game enthusiasts. MMG has Defi and Gamefi platforms. The MMG project team hopes to create a Gamefi launch platform with a virtuous circle through the most professional game operations and capital. In the future.

This ecosystem will be jointly governed by the community and vote for the direction of blockchain investment. The return on investment will also be directly fed back to the MMG ecosystem and investors. All funds in the ecosystem are open and transparent. The project party is only responsible for managing the funds, charging fees, and does not obtain any other benefits. In the future, the MMG project will become the largest Gamefi launch platform.

Monopoly Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrodex
Short NameMMC
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Circulating SupplyN/A
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Game Introduce

Marine Hunter

Players can enter the corresponding room to fish according to their cannon star rating and gold coins, so as to get rich rewards.

Fish Pond Growth

Players can raise various species of fish in the fish pond. Fish ponds can harvest fish coins and other items.

Island Construction·

Innovative game of constructing island,combining fishing and island management. Upgrading the island’s main city can unlock more gameplay and benefits.

Three Competitive Modes

The game combines the elements of leisure, competition and adventure, and sets up island mode, fishing mode, competition mode and fish pond, each with its own fun. Players can freely cast nets and fish in the multiplier room.


  • NFT Concept

NFT in Monopoly Millionaire Game injects its value with the image and function of the special cannon props. Different NFT cannon star-level generates different income.

  • NFT Acquisition

NFT acquisition is divided into two parts. 1. Mystery Box 2. Secondary trading market

  • NFT Allocation

NFT mystery boxes are issued periodically. 10,000 numbers in each period. 10,000 NFTs of different star-level will be allocated in mystery boxes with a unit price tag of 20,000MMG

NFT Usage Scenarios

  • All maps of Marine Adventures are applicable
  • Necessary items for P2E
  • Competitive points gain

Token Allocation and Token Unlocking

MMC Allocation Plan and Vesting Schedule

  • Liquidity pool: 5 million tokens (5%), 30% will be unlocked when launch.
  • Seed round: 10 million tokens (10% of total tokens), 8% (800,000 tokens) will be unlocked when launch. After locking for three months, 4.38% (402,000 tokens) of the remaining tokens will be released each month.
  • IEO/IDO: 2 million tokens (2% of total tokens), 2 million tokens will be unlocked when launch (100%).
  • Treasury: 30 million tokens (30% of total tokens), locked for 6 months, 6.67% will be unlocked each quarter (2 million).
  • Team: 20 million tokens (20% of total tokens), 12-month lock, 7.69% will be unlocked each quarter (1.538 million tokens).
  • Ecosystem: 33 million tokens (33% of total tokens), permanently locked and released according to the use function of DAO.

Play to Earn

  • NFT life cycle limitation

The limitation of NFT life cycle guarantees an ordered manner of P2E for every player. It prevents the early players from unlimited P2E without crushing the later players, thus preventing from the risk of bubbling. This limitation of NFT life cycle ensures the user experience for the later players, and will also bring new players.

When the life cycle expires, players have to reactivate it by either purchasing NFTs or synthesizing NFTs if they want to continue P2E.

  • 10% of DeFi incomes are from Project Party’s dividends

Project Party will put their $MMC dividends into DeFi rewards pool (fish pond) in order to guarantee players’ income and to prolong the game time for late players.

  • $MMG output is adjusted based on the market value

In MMG game ecosystem, the output of token is different from most GameFi with a fixed output quantity. $MMG output is based on its market value. Since 90% of MMG from the sales of mystery boxes are burnt, the daily consumption is greater than the output. That’s why the market value of $MMG will continuously grow and the daily DeFi income of players will accordingly grow.


Angle, Founder & CEO, Game Operations & Strategic Partnerships

Daniel, Co-founder, Game Technology and R&D

Jack, Head of global marketing, Public Relation, and Community Growth

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