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There has been some semblance of recovery on the Crypto Market since Friday. Last week market capitalisation gained about six billion in profits.

Even though we are not yet out of the pernicious depression, it seems we are on track to winning ways. Litecoin’s admirable rise of more than 29 per cent was a piece of refreshing news and something to write home about.

Meanwhile, more projects are springing up and being listed on CoinMarketCap. This week has some interesting project you should know about.

The Currency Analytics (TCAT)

TCAT is on a mission to arrest victimization of investors by misleading news disseminated via conventional news outlets. “Our token will have a utility that will let users stake on news, and purchase ads on the TCAT network,” Sydney Ifergan, CEO of The Currency Analytics explained.

The Token’s underlying technology is Proof of Authenticity (POA) with an algo that run by itself. According to Ifergan, they partnered with Xinfin to develop TCAT and it’s going to be a big and well-designed project.

As an experienced Blockchain projects’ advisor, the CEO was of the opinion that in five years from now, the platform will be running and hoping to have most of the news portals using their algorithm to avoid fake news. Moreover, each stake will be made only in TCAT.

Ifergan had this message for the project’s community:

“We are more than happy to have you in our community and we will do everything to make this project happen and stay on the earth…we are not yet targeting the moon.”

SDChain (SDA)

Creators of SixDomainChain (SDChain)  claims it is the world’s first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain. Their focus is on helping IoT applications, Co-Chain partners and SDA token issuers to enhance commercial values for their customers and ecosystem partners.

SDA uses consensus mechanism and the SDFT algorithm, incorporating the highly-consistent RAFT and the strongly-concurrent PBFT algorithms while ensuring security, high performance and trust in a scalable manner.

KOL6666666, a Community Administrator informed CWS that in the next five years, the project wants to achieve two milestones. “We want to see SDChain thrive in the enterprise blockchain space, as more enterprises adopt Co-Chains to integrate IoT with their business processes and that many tokens will be issued on SDChain, instead of Ethereum and others — because of the speed and also low-cost gas fee,” KOL666666 remarked.

The Community Administrator’s message to the SDChain community was that SDA is the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the world — it has one of the best production-grade blockchain technology globally, solid partnerships and customer purchase orders for enterprise services. Therefore SDA will see less supply in the market because each Co-Chain issuance requires SDA for staking.

SOLVE (solve)

The Solve.Care platform according to its creators is designed to replace centralized systems and duplicative administrative processes with a decentralized and synchronized model of administration. Mike Solve.Care, a Community Manager stated that the project is different from a lot of projects since its leaders have decades of experience in healthcare insurance IT, a working platform and have also filed with the SEC.

“We created a platform for clinical, financial and administrative micro-apps called Care. Cards that can be customized to any healthcare system in the world,” Mike Solve.Care declared. It uses the blockchain to create a permanent ledger that improves the trust with doctors/insurance/patients and protects against fraud with smart contracts to create sophisticated and automatically synchronized eligibility rules for patients that significantly reduce the amount of administrative work that goes into scheduling, payments and verifications.

The project’s purpose is to reach full token utilization as fast as possible and within the next year, they will release a marketplace where people can publish their own Care. The company have set up offices around the world to host development seminars and will spread to every country possible.

“Please feel free to ask us questions in our telegram. We love to talk about our project and platform. We also have an incredible media section on our website,” Mike Solve.Care asked the SOLVE community.

Exosis (EXO)

Exo is forked from BTC, DASH and BTX and it comes with all the new features of BTC including segwit.  “Exosis is modified with different masternode concept forked from DASH and Forked algo from BTX time-travel,” Aravind Kumar, CEO of the Platform informed CWS.

The underlying technology is Proof of Work (PoW), however, its PoW architecture also relies on Proof-of Authority to ensure that the masternodes and the nodes are not compromised in any way. Kumar also explained further that Exo is running on its own mainnet which is the same as the BTC family and technology.

Concerning their vision for the next five years, Kumar had this to say: “Exo is building a big exosystem in the crypto world by creating a multi-utility platform and in the next five years, it will be among top 10 coins on CoinMarketCap.

He asked the community to assist them to build the future together when asked to send a message to the EXO community.

Wibson (WIB)

Wibson is a decentralized marketplace for people to securely and efficiently buy and sell validated accurate personal data. “Wibson provides the infrastructure and financial incentives for individuals to sell personal information that is validated for accuracy, without sacrificing their personal privacy.” Mat Travizano, CEO of WIB disclosed.

WIB employs Smart Contracts within the Wibson protocol to govern the three players of buyers, sellers and notaries. The CEO indicated that in order to verify the authenticity and accuracy of personal data, the Wibson marketplace uses notaries with the mandate to arbitrate disputes in a fair and consistent manner.

Travizano revealed Wibson marketplace launched in October 2018 and has already supported more than 100,000 data transactions from more than 8,000 participants. In the coming years, they intend to add more Data Buyers, users, and exchange partners and plan to continue to fulfil the mission of enabling people to benefit from and be fairly compensated for data that is rightfully theirs.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support of our community, who have played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of the Wibson marketplace,” he conveyed to the WIB community. “We look forward to sharing a number of exciting partnerships and technical developments with our users and followers over the coming months.”

Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.

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