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Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Welcome BTU, ELAC S4F, VEO, VGW  Part 2


Stability on the market has been the characteristics for the week. Crypto market cap has been hovering between $20-21 billion since Monday.

If the trend continues and even improves, then we are in for a good week. This is a continuation or part 2 of the newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap for the second week of February.

The ball is in your court, keep doing your due diligence to make informed choices. Enjoy reading and get to know the new kids on the block.

BTU Protocol (BTU)

BTU Protocol is a peer-to-peer booking protocol of the first kind leveraging the Blockchain to incentivise and promote direct bookings. In a chat with CWS, Vidal Chriqui, Co-founder of BTU, he intimated the platform is a kind of bitcoin, but instead of handling payments, it is handling reservations.

“We are bringing to the market a new crypto asset that is used as a stake for guaranteeing bookings OR as a reward to incentivise influencers to promote direct bookings, Chriqui maintained. “This creates outstanding tokenomics because we are addressing a huge market with a low-velocity and more so, the BTU token is not used for payments, so, it does not introduce any volatility in the price of the booked service, which is a good point for the end user benefit.”

The BTU Protocol is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Chriqui explained that the details of the protocol have been submitted to the Ethereum Improvement Process (EIP) and it has been referenced as EIP-808 mixing off-chain infrastructure (for scalability) and on-chain components being the smart contracts and the BTU token.

Relating to what BTU can achieve in the coming years, the co-founder denoted that the last five years were fabulous for the Internet platforms and centralization, however, the societal trend is clearly shifting to decentralization and the “post-platform” era is starting. Even though he admitted it’s very hard in this industry to predict the future in such a horizon but optimistic that within the next five years crypto-adoption by businesses and individuals will be far larger and foresee a world where BTU token will be accepted widely in many industries such as leisure, restaurant, transportation and taxi, food delivery, medical appointment, electric charging, insurance and many more.

This is the message Chriqui had for the BTU Protocol community:

“The current bear market is very sane and represent an opportunity to invest more time on education to better leverage our project and the huge value to be captured from the booking industry. In one year of existence (the company was incorporated in February 2018), we managed to implement our protocol and launched it at a large scale in the hotel industry with two million hotels. Stay tuned on our twitter ( for the upcoming use cases to move into production.”

Ela Coin (ELAC)

Elamachain enables the incorporation of payment systems into Artificial Intelligence with a Hyperledger 4th generation blockchain solution like cognitive and emotional preferences. Yoon Beum Lee, Marketing Leader at Ela Coin deems what sets the platform apart from other Hyperledger is, usually, the use of Hyperledger is limited to document security within companies.

“Elamachain’s Hyperledger solution can be applied to a variety of fields; payment system and marketing, to name a few. Especially, with the world’s first integration of AI and Hyperledger blockchain, one can expect that Elamachain platform will contribute to increasing the value of blockchain industry which is essential for the fourth industrial revolution,” Lee expressed.

ELAC is powered by ELA Core-engine, which collects, analyzes, and stores data. While ELA Core-engine utilizes deep-learning network and distributed data storage technology to refine countless data flowing into the system. The consensus algo is SOLO, Kafka, PBFT with Golang, java, Node.js language.

Lee stated Elamachain surely will live long and prosper  and their concrete roadmap for the next years is:

2019/1Q: ELA Coin Wallet Releases

2019/2Q: ELA Beta Releases

2019/4Q: ELA Official Releases

2020/1Q: New ELA Roadmap Announced

“Thank you for using our coin. With our cutting-edge Hyperledger technology, ELAC will live up to users’ expectations. You can count on that,” he assured the community.

S4FE (S4F)

S4FE is an anonymized decentralized blockchain-based search engine for property or physical objects of any kind. Comparable to the popular search engines on the Internet, users can add and search entries with the only distinction the entries in the S4FE search network are physical objects.

“The principle is similar to that of a global lost property office: the primary purpose of the S4FE search network is to search for and recover lost or stolen objects in order to return them to their legitimate owners,” a team member described.

S4F is an Ethereum Token. It can be used on Apple & Android devices:

The team member outlined the vision and roadmap of the platform as follows:


2019 January: Preparation 1st phase marketing campaign

2019 April: App Upgrades

2019 Juni: Roll Out – Worldwide Marketing Campaign

2019 June: Instant Upload Function (App)

2019 July: Introduction of the object transfer function

2019 August: Beta test pattern recognition


2020 June: target achievement 1,000,000 users

2020 August: Building Stakeholder & Partner Network

2020 September: Acquisition of commercial & institutional clients


2020: 1,000,000 users

2020: Cooperations with insurance companies, manufacturers, military, governments

The project owners inspirited its community there is a lot coming and are aiming for a big vision. They should, therefore, stay tuned since 2019 is going to be an awesome year.

Amoveo (VEO)

Amoveo is a blockchain meant for enforcement of investment and insurance. It is aimed at the prediction markets, investment and insurance contracts, and various derivatives, such as stable coins.

“Amoveo can learn facts about our world and enforce the outcome of contracts that are governed by these facts,” Zack Hess, CEO of VEO said. “This, for example, enables you to bet on the price of Amazon shares.”

Its underlying technology is Proof of Work. Amoveo contracts are enforced using state-channels which means fees are low, contracts are nearly instant and can support a global audience.

In the coming years, Amoveo hopes to build and create a world where everyone has access to life-sustaining tools like money and derivatives.

Hess asked the VEO community to check the project’s Social Media platforms for messages about Amoveo on a daily basis.

Vegawallet (VGW)

VGW is aspiring to become the global leader in rendering real-world applications for Blockchain based payment systems. “This complete platform includes our advanced mobile and desktop wallets, a state of the art exchange, and point of sale and e-commerce systems. All of this meanwhile is intertwined by our VGW token which helps run the backbone of our infrastructure,” Arek Hajri, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vegawalet noted

Hajri said the VegaWallet Token is built on the ERC20 Ethereum protocol due to the underlying smart contract capability and ease of use in several different outlets. He also believes Ethereum is a tested protocol whereas most new blockchain systems still have a way to go when encountering several malicious errors or bugs.

According to the Founder and CEO, VegaWallet’s long term goal is real-world use of cryptocurrency for payment remittance. “Our five-year plan includes the expansion of our exchange as the background for our point of sale crypto payment gateways. We have already started shipping some of our PAXA920 Pay Anywhere Smart Terminals to merchants and will continue to do so while we finalize our whole Point of Sale system,” Hajri announced.

He communicated his team’ appreciation to holders of VGM for their kind support since the beginning of the project. “Our platform launch coincided with the bear market downturn which saw a lot of companies fail in taking grasp of any opportunity there once was for them. We buckled down as a team and proved we are here to stay with the help from every last one of you. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the world and for implementing our system in ways you could never believe,” he concluded.

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