Token Card Rose 75 Percent To Become Biggest Gain On Friday

Some coins are making a great impact in the midst of the ongoing bitter Crypto Winter. On Friday, TokenCard (TKN) grew significantly to the top of the Biggest Gainers on CoinMarketCap.

As at midday GMT, it was up more than 75 per cent sending its holders into a craze of excitement. CWS reached out to the TKN team for comments but they declined on the grounds that it is not their policy to comment on price.

Community Feelings

However, some community members on Discord responded to our queries about the development. Many of them optimistic about the direction the project is heading and shared their sentiments.

Mobster_Cat a community member since the inception of the platform told CWS he really likes the project. “I have been supporting it since 2017
and finally, the waiting comes to an end as they prepare to launch 1000 beta cards in the UK and European economic area which is huge,” he answered.

“I’m excited, since the project has been very quiet for a long time, and their work is starting to come together with mainnet launch and alpha cards being imminent,” Doomguy, another prominent community member related to CWS.

Heaping a ton of praises on the team, Mei also stated the team consists of talented people with a wealth of experience and expertise that is reasonably good in terms of transparency between the community and the team. “And lastly, I’m excited for the Debit Card that integrates directly to your own Smart Contract Wallet which you literally own without any interference by the company/team,” Mei added.

“Honestly, in the beginning, I felt a little disappointed because of the lack of communication from the company but it was a good reason and now the story is completely different,” 9to5Crypto contributed. He thinks the team is much more involved in the community discussion and have also been involved in the testing of the app, therefore, they are doing a much better job in the PR field at the moment.

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Sustainability Of Gains

In Cryptosphere where wonders never end, many projects have risen astronomically only for it to depreciate strikingly in no time. CWS decided to find out from the community members if they are optimistic the gains are sustainable.

On that, Doomguy maintained it is all about buy the rumour, sell the news, may come into play here as the project is ramping up to product releases, yet it still has a long way to go. “We were told bigger exchanges would come with the main product release, so if they come we’ll continue to gain exposure and new buyers,” he pointed out.

“Yes, I think so if compared to the other similar projects we were really undervalued and are the only one who plans to ship the cards in the EU really soon. The app has already been approved by Apple so it’s a matter of days and we should see it in the AppStore; live on the main net, ready to be used by the public, then the cards will come,” 9to5Crypto said concerning sustainability.

However, Mei differed on this inconsiderably. He argued:

If you know TA, this tokencard graph shows that it is not sustainable, Period. But this is crypto market. It doesn’t make sense. But I still can make a profit. The price will be volatile until the Token real case uses have been released. Which is great. And until they can get on decent exchanges. Few Thousands dollar buy/sell in Bancor, can shift the price a lot.”

In his opinion, Mobster-Cat holds none of the competitors is currently issuing debit cards in Europe and that gives TKN an edge. “They waited for so long but it seems everything is in place and the wallet app release on the App store is imminent and of course Mainnet which means we will be able to spend crypto soon with our brand new Visa Tokencard,” Mobster_Cat painted. “Of course I can see a sustained rise.”

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Frisco d'Anconia
Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.


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