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Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) Surged 83 Percent On Monday


Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) Surged 83 Percent On Monday

Altcoin, Bitcoiin2G (B2G) made significant profits on Monday to top the Biggest Gainers list on CoinMarketCap. At 12:00 mid-day GMT, when this report was filed, B2G was up by 83.11and was selling at $0.419553.

It comes with all top 10 on CoinMarketcap being in green. There are signs of market recovery looking at the gains on Monday and the consolidation from the previous weeks.

Sometimes such phenomenal gains in the Crypto market may be attributed to pump and dump. CWS, therefore reached out to the Bitcoiin2Gen team to diagnose the huge success made in a day by the Crypto that promises to improve upon the pacesetter, Bitcoin.

Rationale Behind Gains

In an interview with Ivan Sokolov, Head of Technical Development at B2G, he revealed some technical details that are propelling the coin to its current heights. “On block 2.000.000 which was yesterday, we integrated big security update that is making 51% attacks almost impossible, the probability of a successful attack is 0.03% with 80% network hash power,” Sokolov elucidated.

This, according to him was accomplished with the hard work of their developers and cooperation with Pirl Guard team. CWS also learnt that B2G has secured partnerships with Cryptonex and Latoken exchanges, as well as Coinpayments which will integrate the coin to be accepted by two million merchants worldwide.

“Our community is getting bigger every day, and at one point we were 3rd most mined Ethash coin behind ETH and ETC,” the Head of Technical Department further pointed out. “So all those good news are propelling the price of our coin.”

Team Sentiments

Responding to questions concerning the feelings in the camp of Bitcoiin2Gen, Sokolov answered:

“The feeling is great, but we are focused on future growth, new partnerships and strong development, so we are working hard every day to provide more innovations which we believe our community and people supporting B2G will appreciate.”

A significant amount of prosperous gains in cryptosphere falter away in a few days. However, Sokolov thinks they are doing everything possible to sustain the gains. He stated that their team is working hard on delivering innovations, opening new markets and acceptance of B2G in the world and hope that with hard work, success will follow.

Market Capitalisation Gains

The markets are calming down with interesting gains all over CoinMarketCap. At Midnight on Sunday, total market capitalization was $122 billion which was just $1 billion improvement for the week.

Refreshingly, at mid-day on Monday Market cap had jumped to $126 billion. If the trend continues, then we are in for good times again.

However, Cryptoshere has always proved to be highly unpredictable. Let us wait and see, since time can only tell.

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Frisco d'Anconia
Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.


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