Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: DCTO, WEBN, FLC, SDUSD, LTO

In the past few days, there have been signs of the Crypto markets recovering. With Bitcoin price nearing $4000 and market capitalization hovering around $133 billion, it seems we are getting out of the long bitter Winter this industry has ever witnessed.

This week has presented us with another investment opportunities as CoinMarketCap has listed new coins. We have done our best to review their attributes and expect our readers to do a better job of understanding and getting to know them well.

Decentralized Crypto Token (DCTO)

Decentralized Crypto Token is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency with the vision of providing decentralized debit cards. “What makes us unique is our long term decentralization process of bringing a maximum of 20% of the total supply in circulation per year,” Dennis Kubitza, CEO of DCTo denoted. “This will hold the price “stable” and prevent whales and the so-called pump and dumps or price manipulation.”

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, but within the next three years, the team plans to migrate to their own private blockchain to provide untraceable payments. Kubitza explained they are working on a fast blockchain with transaction time of just one second that will also be anonymous.

In the next five years, DCTO intends to be among the top 20 Cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap. They will have an integrated solid Exchange of their own as well.

The CEO urged the DCTO community to hodl as their immediate target to be on top 100 on CMC. “We have an amazing team and know how to reach our targets,” Kubitza maintained.


WEBN Token wants to improve, excel and thrive in providing innovative Information Technology strategies that promote their clients’ products, services, new markets and increased yearly revenue returns. Jeffry Danga, CEO of WEBN stated the project is an innovation where token holders can use the WEBN platform to get up to 50% discount to create website related services, their own ICO and at the WEBN marketplace and a platform with token swap options where you can convert one crypto to another without using an exchange.

WEBN Token’s underlying technology at the moment is an ERC-20 token, and according to Danga, they chose the Ethereum network because it is easy to use and reliable. “But we have the plan to create our own WEBN Blockchain to reduce scalability issues,” he announced.

The team’s foresight for the next five years is to rub shoulders with the top 100 in the crypto token industry. Moreover, they aspire to add more functions to the WEBN ecosystem.

Danga conveyed this message to his community:

WEBN is a project with real use cases and great vision. Buy WEBN token and receive discounts up to 50 % to use our ecosystem. WEBN is a 100% legit project with SEC approval. Everyone is welcome to visit our physical office in the Philippines to meet with our team.

FlowChain (FLC)

FLC is a distributed ledger for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transactions. “The Flowchain “tokenized hardware” technology can tokenize enterprise sensitive information and the valued data as digital assets and store it on the public blockchain,” Jollen Chen, CEO at Flowchain informed CWS.

According to Chen, Flowchain OS is the underlying technology and the soul of Flowchain technologies. It is designed from the ground up and supported by peer-reviewed papers and a 100% JavaScript implementation. He insisted the reason is that not only can JavaScript run on different hardware, but the entry barrier is low allowing developers in IoT industries to easily customize their services and products.

“What I see in the next five years: IDC predicts that 25% of data is expected to be generated from “Endpoints” by 2025, such as IoT devices in healthcare, entertainment and other fields with products creating rich data,” the CEO disclosed. “These data are valuable and can be seen as “asset.” The Flowchain OS and its “tokenized hardware” technology can provide the needs of “Data 2025.”

Flowchain is almost ready for “Data 2025.” We are ready to move to the next level and provide robust IoT blockchain solutions.

In a message to the FLC community, Chen stated that the digital assets of Flowchain, can provide better data security technology by ensuring the originators of the data.


SDUSD is the first fiat-pegged coin on NEO which allows anyone can to issue SDUSD by collateralizing NEO on the decentralized Alchemint platform. “It is a decentralized stablecoin, so people can check the blockchain explorer that SDUSD has enough collateral to back its value,” Stephen Hu, a Team Member of the projected hinted.

Touching on the underlying Tech, Hu noted SDUSD is a smart contract based stablecoin that is issued through Alchemint platform on the NEO blockchain. SDUSD offers stability relative to the U.S. dollar (1 SDUSD $1 USD) through collateralization of NEO via a NEO smart contract and NEO is collateralized at a 150 rate for each SDUSD issued.

“Right now, besides making the NEO’s version more user-friendly, we are also working on different platform’s stablecoin,” he replied. “We believe every blockchain need stablecoin and decentralized stablecoin will always have its place in the market.”

Hu urged the SDUSD holders:

“In a bearish market, you can sell your asset SDUSD and when the bullish market is coming, you can collateral your own NEO and issue more SDUSD!”

LTO Network

LTO Network enables collaboration between multiple organizations and departments via decentralized workflows, where parties can keep using their own (legacy) systems to participate in a process. Ivan Golovko, Strategy and Investor Relations at LTO Network explained that Bitcoin has proven how blockchain uses distribution and cryptography to provide a system that does not rely on trust. LTO Network builds upon this foundation taking a hybrid approach with its blockchain solution.

“LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain designed for trustless B2B collaboration that comes with a private layer for data sharing and process automation (each process residing on its own miniature ad-hoc permissionless private chain),” Golovko mentioned. It uses Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS).

Golovko asked holders to focus on substance and try to work together with the rest of the community on solution users and network growth. To him, Price speculation is secondary because there needs to be value transposed into the network and the token, which comes from adoption.


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