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The resilence of Cryptoshere is insurmountable comparative to other industries. Irrespective of the animosity from so many angles, the sector keeps moving ahead.

We are witnessing the most pernicious and longest depression in the history of Blockchain Technology, but players are not giving up at all. More projects with interesting features are coming up all the time.

On Thursday, Tigereum, the Crypto platform that enables free money transfer online via social media marvellously jumped 136.42 per cent on CoinMarketCap. In the Crypto world, this is no strange news since the value of every coin is determined by the economic principle of demand and supply.

Community Sentiments

As it was expected, the community is elated about the market gains. In fact, if you look at the market trend of Tigereum, it has been pumping for the past three days.

Coin World Story reached out to the TIG community for their reaction concerning the remarkable growth. Darren Olney-Fraser, Co-founder at Tigereum in response to our queries declared it is exciting times and the point is that the community believes in the product.

“Our community is gaining more and more confidence from our working product, and this is helping to build our token price,” he emphatically claimed.

Rationale Behind Upsurge

There is always a reason behind a coin rising above 100 per cent with 24 hours. It takes new developments or pumps and dumps among others to amount to such appreciable growth. When Coin World Story asked the co-founder about what is pushing TIG to such higher heights, he had this to say:

We are about to release the next stage of our development with some very innovative features. Members will be able to set up an Account in any currency, and they will be able to deposit or withdraw cash. TIG uses the blockchain to provide a real alternative to digital banking.

Olney-Fraser further disclosed the project has been working for 12 months on their product and testing it with customers and is getting close to commercial launch.

Sustainability of Profits

More so, It is a regular occurrence to see some projects that appreciate higher like this scenario falter within a short period. But Olney differed on if their gains are not a nine-day wonder.

“We are globally scalable, so once we have something working smoothly we can expand to all markets in one easy step,” he replied. “These price rises are sustainable because all Cryptos are coming off a low base. TIG is still cheap.”

He also thinks their market cap is still under $1 million and have less than 20 million tokens so circulating supply is very tight. Again his opinion was that their price always goes up sharply when people are buying because supply is so tight.

Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.

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