What Is Zeus Finance(ZEUS)? Complete Guide & Review About Zeus Finance

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What Is Zeus Finance(ZEUS)?

Zeus Finance is a decentralized financial suite built on the Avalanche Network. The focus is on providing DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) to community and then expanding into a platform that provides a safe and prosperous place to store capital. Our protocol delivers daily passive income to investors that purchase a node via our $ZEUS token. The only issued token, $ZEUS, provides investors with a safe, sustainable, and profitable yield potential while providing further utility to expand their buying power.

Zeus Finance Coin offers its users the ability to launch a personalized blockchain node in a “lightning” fast fashion.
It efficiently aggregates returns from protocol-owned liquidity with returns from DeFi protocols across many chains to allocate rewards.

Node owners get to enjoy daily passive returns called $ZEUS. With a quick and easy setup, an investor purchases a node and simply leaves the rest to. To create a node, all the user needs is some of our $ZEUS tokens. With the $ZEUS, you select a tier (represented by a Greek God), input the amount of tokens you will sacrifice, and allow the Gods of Olympus to grant you with passive income.

Zeus Finance aims to help holders generate constant passive income with minimum effort. They do the heavy lifting by researching and identifying promising yield-generating options while you sit back and collect rewards. This is real passive income.

Zeus Finance Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZeus Finance
Short NameZEUS
Total Supply2,000,000
Max SupplyN/A
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Zeus Finance’s Goal

The Blockchain Ecosystem is vast and seemingly ever-expanding. As the high demand of node services rise – with the high demand and low supply of top notch node services – Zeus Finance puts you in a position to be an early adopter in this fairly young industry. The goal is quite simple: to produce the most amount of real yield – from useful, innovative products that produce revenue – derived from decentralized financial endeavors and share more than half of the protocol’s profit with investors (about 60%).

Zeus Finance Coin truly believe that blockchain technologies, and specifically decentralized finance, is a means to redistribute wealth and provide citizens with a better chance at both equity and equality. Through being a DaaS protocol built on Avalanche, we believe that we can provide a safe, sustainable, and profitable yield potential for all investors.

Zeus Finance intends on being the most rewarding, trustworthy, and innovative decentralized financial community on the Avalanche Network, all organized around the idea that the citizens of our community (Olympians) deserve the opportunity to become financially free. $ZEUS is the key to ascending wealth.

Why Zeus Finance Is Different

High DeFi Yield

Zeus Finance is designed to provide high yield for the long-term. The team takes note of any bullish and bearish market dynamics to benefit from various market situations by pivoting to tokenomic and investment structures that prevail – providing a form of sustainability. Users will earn profits from the rise of effective protocols by reaping the rewards from our innovative decentralized financial infrastructure.

Zeus Finance Coin rewards have no downtime and the rewards are paid directly to the investor without any need to wait. $ZEUS uses a simple mechanism to redistribute the yield while supporting the growth of the project. The reward rate has been balanced for maximum sustainability.

Simple and Easy

Nobody likes to struggle or interact with complicated websites. Even worse, it is energetically draining and inefficient if you have to struggle across many protocols – a complete waste of time.

Zeus Finance framework allows everybody to simply access and receive high yielding profits with little to no work or understanding of the DeFi industry. Simply create your node, sit back, relax, and enjoy all while you receive passive income with Zeus Finance.

As an Olympian, your task is simple: buy $ZEUS, connect your wallet to protocol, create a node, and take a back seat. When it’s time, you simply claim your daily rewards. As our protocol advances, the ability to earn more sources of passive income will become available, while still providing the same simplicity as originally designed.

Thorough Analysis

They verify and ensure that all prospective avenues of investments are safe, efficient, and sustainable before we invest. We actively evaluate and verify our investments to minimize risks to the barest minimum while maximizing profits beyond a reasonable doubt. What’s even more beneficial to being an Olympian is that they allow our community to decide from our list of carefully curated and verified protocols. Although they are not officially a DAO, they allow holders to vote on community proposals through Discord.

Game Theory & Economic Principles

Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interactions among rational beings. It applies to a wide range of behavioral relations and essentially, it is now an umbrella term for the science of logical decision making in humans, animals, as well as computers. With the rise of decentralized finance, we are seeing an array of uses that game theory provides, one being the interaction of humans through cryptocurrency and the decisions they make in regards to buying, selling, and earning – basically trading.

Real Yield

Zeus Finance Coin knows that ponzinomics (the requirement of new buyers to ensure the protocol survives, see: ponzi scheme) do not work in the long run. The protocol intends on existing for as long as cryptocurrency is active – becoming a household name – and therefore, producing real revenue is as important as providing utility for the native token, $ZEUS. As of this writing, Zeus Finance has various forms of producing revenue through providing decentralized financial services.

  1. 1.Fees: Node Fees & Staking Fees
  2. 2.Bonding: Selling discounted $ZEUS for $AVAX
  3. 3.Aegis: Web3 Quality Assurance Standard
  4. 4.DEX / Bridge: Collecting transaction fees
  5. 5.Royalties: Collecting ‘Olympians of Avalanche’ transaction fees

Yield Farming

Yield farming is a strategy used to generate passive income by providing liquidity. It is the practice of staking or locking up cryptocurrencies in return for rewards.

Users can earn either fixed or variable interest by investing crypto in a DeFi market. The idea is to lock up funds in a liquidity pool – smart contracts that contain funds. The liquidity pools power the marketplace where users can exchange, borrow, or lend tokens. Once you’ve added your funds to a pool, you officially become a liquidity provider.

Typically, the yield farming returns are calculated as annualized. You will see that the most common metric used to measure these returns are Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY). APY usually gives you compounded returns, aka the profits generated are directly reinvested to produce more returns.


$ZEUS is native token that rewards holders with a share of protocol profits and is utilized for various utility within our financial suite:

  • Invest: Purchasing Nodes that emit $ZEUS
  • Earn: Staking $ZEUS for $USDC
  • Please see roadmap for upcoming utility

Originally, a total of 20,456,743 ZEUS tokens were created. Below are the values and statements of the distribution of these tokens. After the team came to a conclusion, Zeus Finance chose to migrate to a new token contract, utilizing $ZEUS v2.


At its core, Zeus Finance is a yield-farming protocol designed to help you optimize your holdings and create an income stream that will help you on your path to financial freedom.

The commitment to ensure the project is a success is backed by roadmap which they will follow as rigorously as possible, while providing the flexibility to add additional quests along the way.

What Is Zeus Finance(ZEUS)? Complete Guide & Review About Zeus Finance






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