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What Is Alora (ALORA)?

Alora decentralized finance ecosystem has paved the way for newer and innovative solutions to the existing problems faced by the inefficient traditional banking systems. Centralized financial institutions keep the vast majority of the profit made from their clients to themselves while distributing minimal potential earnings to their customers. DeFi projects offer much more opportunities and flexibility to investors, as compared to traditional centralized financial ecosystems.

Alora Coin Money seems like the only protocol to associate E-commerce with the DeFi World which makes it ever lasting, different & unique. Imagine earning daily rewards that you can spend, transfer & sell which also have uptrend on the price as the commence brings in New Investments & Investors into the protocol.

The Alora Protocol is The King of DeFi as its purely driven by real life buyers & sellers almost similar to the stock market. Real world-use utility brings real money to the holders. The Protocol doesn’t stop there as the buy backs that are coming from The Marketplace will be integrated with the OTC Offerings into dApp where they can allocate selling buy backs as Kingdoms to the potential investors which stabilizes the price per token.

Alora Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAlora
Short NameALORA
Max Supply 1,000,000
Circulating Supply1,000,000
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website



The main focus point of the Alora Money project is to offer all users a sustainable investment platform based on the idea of DeFi integrated with real-life revenue. They plan to achieve a lasting sustainable model through real world-use utilities, an influential protocol, transparency and release of Alora Marketplace. The team is committed to continuously innovating, trialling new features, and evolving way to a protocol that provides a beneficial scenario to all investors. The team knows realizing our vision of a robust, passive income opportunity, enables potential domination in the DeFi space.


The community will drive the platform to its success. As with any other DeFi project, Alora Money will be dependent on its community and investors but also real life business revenues. Maintaining community strength and engagement is our foundation and key to success. Alora will be designed as a mutually beneficial and profitable protocol for everyone involved. Alora Marketplace will essentially make our investors, our shareholders.


To remain relevant through the fast-paced markets and ever changing space, adaptability is key and of upmost importance. If there’s many calls for a new feature to be brought into the platform, The Alora Team will take a vote and consider implementing this into they project.

Strategies & Tactics

DeFi, short for decentralized finance, has become immensely popular due to its new and unregulated system in the space of crypto investments. Because of the rising popularity of blockchain and DeFi, DeFi-as-a-Service has become a growing sector in the DeFi arena to maintain and grow a treasury of funds on behalf of the investors. Dividends will be earned by the Kingdom holders via daily rewards which will be seen in real time, and be paid in the native token of the platform, $ALORA.

Pre-launch strategy

The initial planning for the development of the platform was to choose a network that was low in fees, but also a good user base for this reason Binance Smart Chain was chosen. Binance Smart Chain has the second-highest trading volume in DeFi after Ethereum. The Alora team has created several strategies like other projects in the DeFi arena, but they also have innovated new strategies and components. They team has carefully researched strategies made by the competitors. They will release a medium giving an insight into our marketplace which will be a key component of and its longevity. Marketing is continuously being done, creating a fast growing community.

Post-launch strategy

Sustainability is the key defender in us being able to create a powerful and outstanding DeFi platform. The buy/sell tax will help support sustainability. They also plan to implement innovative strategies to generate revenue within the project. Alora Marketplace which is in development as they write, will funnel profits back into our project rewarding Kingdom holders once launched opening doors not seen before in DeFi projects. They Kingdoms will be transferable, opening the doors to a possible marketplace in the future allowing holders to sell their Kingdoms.

Once Kingdoms reach their cap they will be converted into Kingdom NFTs which earn a income from the profits of the marketplace which our sent back into the protocol. This will be airdropped to investors in straight dollars so will be income from a real world-use utility. Our marketing team will continue what they have been doing and building community even larger, make marketing focus of Alora Market.

Alora Marketplace They have seen numerous times over and over, DeFi projects that are built just based around building a treasury to just pay out rewards which undoubtably will die at some point without real utility. Yes, you can add certain measures to slow the bleeding but it’s undeniable the death of the protocol will follow. They will integrate real life revenue with profits which will funnel back to investors. This isn’t something they are just saying for the future but is already in development which they plan to release BEFORE launch. They marketplace will be a place where products/services can be purchased through your tokens and cryptos. Visit the link attached above and read medium breaking down the marketplace.


Phase One

  • Release of the dApp and Whitepaper
  • AMAs
  • Alora Marketplace insights
  • Registered UK company
  • Doxxed founder and team
  • Contract audit
  • Presale for Kingdoms
  • KYC
  • Alora Marketplace launch
  • Contract, token/kingdoms launch
  • OTC (Over-The-Counter) service enabled
  • Coingecko and CoinMarketCap (CMC) Listing
  • Per 2-4 weeks reinvest 50% of profits from Marketplace back into protocol

Phase Two

  • Kingdom cap reached
  • Kingdom NFTs deployed
  • Revenue share with NFTs
  • Marketplace App on Apple store/android
  • Other sellers able to list products on Alora Market
  • Onboard Institutional investors

Phase Three

  • Alora Money Gamification
  • Advance Alora Marketplace/s

Phase Four

  • Metaverse Conversion of dAPP
  • Metaverse Conversion of Marketplace
  • Invest and build more businesses and real world-use utility such as the Alora Marketplace.


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