20 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

by Sam Usa

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids: Fostering children’s enthusiasm for reading in today’s digital world has never been more essential. magazine subscriptions provide children with a gateway into an immersive realm where learning meets entertainment, engaging their imagination with vibrant pages, captivating tales and exciting activities. No matter who they are or their interests are, there’s a magazine subscription tailored specifically to ignite curiosity and develop imagination in any child be they scientists, adventurers or budding artists.

We have carefully compiled a selection of 20 of the top magazine subscriptions for kids to ensure reading remains an integral part of their growing years. Ranging from educational insights to delightful tales, these subscriptions promise endless hours of delight for budding readers in your life!

How To Choose Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids?

Selecting suitable magazine subscriptions for children requires careful consideration of various factors that cater to their interests, age and developmental stages. Here are a few key guidelines that will assist with making informed decisions:

Age Appropriateness: It is important to consider your child’s age when selecting a magazine subscription; often publications are designed specifically with this in mind and ensure content that is both entertaining and developmentalally sound.

Interests And Hobbies: Be mindful of what interests and hobbies your child aspires towards – be they science related, adventure themed stories or arts and crafts! There will undoubtedly be an appropriate magazine out there which caters specifically for them!

Educational Value: Search out magazines that strike an ideal balance between entertainment and education. High-quality material should spark readers’ curiosity while stimulating learning processes and honing critical thinking abilities.

Reading Level: Think carefully before choosing your magazine publication. Some are tailored towards early readers while others can accommodate older children with more complex language and concepts.

Magazine Reputation: To select reliable magazine publishers that deliver top quality educational and entertaining content. Research their reputation to narrow your choices down.

Content Diversity: Select magazines that feature an eclectic variety of stories – fiction and non-fiction alike, puzzles, games and activities can keep children interested and excited to read each issue! This can keep their interest peaked throughout each issue.

Frequency and Length: When considering when and how often your magazine should come out, keep both frequency and length in mind. Some children might enjoy receiving monthly copies while others might want more frequent updates; the length should also match up well with what interests them best.

Digital or Print: Make an informed choice as to the format that best meets your family’s needs and technology capabilities, considering your child’s individual interests, as well as access limitations. When considering subscription choices for digital versus print magazines for children.

Parent Reviews: Gather insights from other families with similarly-aged children by reading reviews written by other parents who share similar experiences, with honest feedback being invaluable when assessing a magazine’s influence on child engagement and learning.

Trial Subscriptions: Many magazines provide trial subscriptions or single issues so it may be beneficial to try several before committing to one long-term. Doing this ensures it fits with both your child’s interests and expectations for optimal reading enjoyment.

Here Is The List Of Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

  • National Geographic Kids (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)
  • Highlights for Children
  • Ranger Rick
  • American Girl Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)
  • OWL Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated Kids
  • ChopChop Magazine
  • Zoobooks (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)
  • Cricket Magazine
  • Muse Magazine
  • LEGO Life Magazine
  • Ladybug Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)
  • Spider Magazine
  • Time for Kids
  • Kids Discover
  • Storytime Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)
  • Sesame Street Magazine
  • Ask Magazine
  • Bravery Magazine
  • Dinosaur Action Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

20 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

1. National Geographic Kids (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

National Geographic Kids Magazine gives young explorers an amazing journey around the globe with vibrant visuals, engaging articles, and interactive features – providing a captivating educational journey! Packed full of vibrant visuals and learning-packed articles this magazine makes an educational journey that children won’t soon forget.

1. National Geographic Kids (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

National Geographic Kids gives young readers an engaging experience through immersive coverage that introduces them to diverse cultures, captivating wildlife, and amazing scientific advances. Combining entertainment and education, this magazine creates a sense of wonder among its readers while encouraging lifelong learning and the preservation of our planet. It opens doors of adventure, discovery and discovering all its wonders.

2. Highlights for Children

Ranger Rick Magazine provides young nature enthusiasts with an educational journey into the wild. Aimed at children aged 7 and above, Ranger Rick welcomes readers into exploring nature through stunning photography, informative articles, and engaging activities. Published by the National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick magazine focuses on wildlife conservation, ecology, and environmental awareness for young readers.

2. Highlights for Children

With vibrant illustrations and informative content that sparks imaginations as it educates young minds about biodiversity preservation – Ranger Rick hopes to instil in them an appreciation of protecting Mother Earth as they learn about its creatures.

3. Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick Magazine provides young nature enthusiasts with an engaging and educational adventure through nature’s wild. Geared toward children ages 7 and above, Ranger Rick encourages readers to experience its mysteries through stunning photography, insightful articles and exciting activities. Published by the National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick is an informative magazine focused on wildlife conservation, ecology, and environmental awareness for young readers. With vibrant illustrations and engaging text that stimulates their minds with ecological principles and environmental responsibility issues.

3. Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick provides young readers an introduction to various animals and ecosystems while instilling an appreciation of biodiversity conservation on our planet. With vibrant illustrations that inspire responsible Earth caretaking. Ranger Rick provides entertainment while instilling environmental responsibility among future environmental stewards.

4. American Girl Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

American Girl Magazine is an iconic publication catering specifically to young female readers, providing them with an enriching and enjoyable reading experience. Targeted at girls aged 8-12, this magazine covers an expansive variety of topics: inspiring stories and crafts for inspiration to friendship advice and features on American Girl characters. American Girl Magazine emphasizes positive values and empowerment to encourage creativity, self-expression, and personal development in young girls.

4. American Girl Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

American Girl Magazine strives to foster an engaging environment among its readers by using relatable content and interactive activities. By doing this, it aims to cultivate a sense of community among them while supporting girls as they explore their interests and navigate the challenges associated with growing up. A reliable companion throughout their journeys of self-discovery.

5. OWL Magazine

OWL Magazine (Outdoors and Wildlife) provides children aged 9-13 with engaging content spanning science, technology, the environment and general knowledge in an accessible yet entertaining format. OWL Magazine has long been recognized for its lively and educational approach, featuring engaging articles, interactive features, and thought-provoking puzzles that foster learning through fun activities such as captivating articles, interactive features and puzzles.

5. OWL Magazine

Through OWL’s focus on cultivating critical thinking skills as well as an interest for discovery it remains a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to instil lifelong enthusiasm for knowledge among future generations.

6. Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids magazine provides young sports enthusiasts with an engaging reading experience, featuring athlete interviews, trivia questions and inspiring tales aimed at children aged 8 years or above. This magazine delivers all that and more – engaging stories of young sports players to look up to and learn from as well as athlete features! Sports Illustrated Kids offers more than the latest updates in sports; we also deliver interactive features, engaging games, and glimpses behind-the-scenes at athletes’ lives.

6. Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids’ dynamic and approachable magazine seeks to instil in its readers an appreciation of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance through sport. By exploring various sports’ details or celebrating young athlete successes, Sports Illustrated Kids strives to encourage its readers to stay active, dream big dreams big, and embrace all that sports offers them.

7. ChopChop Magazine

ChopChop Magazine is an engaging publication designed to introduce children to cooking and healthy eating through fun, educational articles. ChopChop provides inspiring young chefs aged 5-12 with easy-to-use recipes, cooking tips and food-related activities. Beyond simply providing recipes, this magazine promotes an integrated view of nutrition by helping children make informed choices when it comes to what they eat.

7. ChopChop Magazine

ChopChop provides essential life skills in the kitchen while emphasizing balanced and nutritional meals, offering parents and educators alike a fantastic resource to promote a love for cooking among younger audiences. With colorful illustrations and hands-on learning at its heart, it promotes lifelong culinary appreciation while developing essential life skills in this book for hands-on learning! ChopChop serves as an indispensable aid to parents and educators seeking to foster an early appreciation of wholesome yet delicious cuisine in young readers.

8. Zoobooks (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Zoobooks is an interactive and educational magazine for kids aged 6-12 that introduces them to the joys of animal kingdom. Packed full of vibrant illustrations, fascinating facts and age-appropriate language to pique young zoologists’ interest. Zoobooks focuses on one animal per issue, exploring their habitat, behavior and unique qualities.

8. Zoobooks (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

With its visually engaging layout and interactive elements, learning about wildlife will become both entertaining and educational! Zoobooks fosters an early appreciation for biodiversity and conservation through engaging children’s imagination and wonder. Parents and educators looking to spark that spark can use Zoobooks as an invaluable resource to inspire stewardship among the next generation.

9. Cricket Magazine

Cricket Magazine is an extraordinary literary treat designed specifically to engage children of various age groups through stories, poems and activities designed to stimulate young minds. Babybug (ages six months to three years), Ladybug (ages 3 to 6), Spider (ages 6 to 9), and Cricket ( ages 9-14). All editions offer age-specific content tailored specifically for young readers’ developmental stages.

9. Cricket Magazine

Cricket Magazine, known for its high-quality fiction and non-fiction offerings, introduces young readers to captivating narratives, diverse cultures, and imaginative adventures. Their carefully curated content fosters love of literature while stimulating creativity while nurturing reading enjoyment making Cricket Magazine an indispensable companion on children’s literary exploration journeys.

10. Muse Magazine

Muse Magazine is an engaging and educational publication designed for curious young readers aged 9-14, covering subjects related to science and arts in an engaging yet informative format.

10. Muse Magazine

Packed full of engaging articles, hands-on experiments, interactive activities that foster critical thinking skills and creativity as well as critical reading challenges, Muse aims to make learning fun while sparking curiosity about our world while stimulating a desire for discovery; be that through scientific phenomena or arts-culture topics. Muse’s journey provides young readers with an engaging educational journey which promotes knowledge.

11. LEGO Life Magazine

LEGO Life Magazine is an engaging publication designed to bring the magical world of LEGO alive for young fans aged 5-9. Offering inspiring building ideas and projects alongside captivating stories – LEGO Life is designed as an extension of their LEGO experience! LEGO Life Magazine showcases vivid visuals and contributions from young LEGO builders in order to celebrate creativity, imagination and all that this iconic interlocking brick system can offer.

11. LEGO Life Magazine

LEGO Life Magazine encourages young readers to unleash their imagination, share their LEGO creations with others, and join an international community of LEGO enthusiasts through engaging games, contests, and exclusive content. Through games, contests and exclusive content aimed at challenging readers’ creativity while inspiring dreaming, building, connecting LEGO Life is an enjoyable resource that encourages young builders.

12. Ladybug Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Ladybug Magazine is an engaging and educational publication designed for preschoolers, featuring delightful stories, enjoyable activities, and vibrant illustrations to engage their young minds and keep them interested. Ladybug offers content designed specifically to support early literacy development and foster an appreciation of reading in children aged 3-6 years.

12. Ladybug Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Each issue features engaging tales, playful poems and interactive games designed to introduce young readers to literature. Ladybug magazine excels at quality storytelling while creating an enjoyable environment for early learners, offering parents and educators an ideal resource to foster early love of literature and learning in early learners. Ladybug can serve as an indispensable companion in instilling such love in early stages of development.

13. Spider Magazine

Spider Magazine from Cricket Media is an engaging literary adventure for children aged 6-9, providing them with captivating stories, entertaining poems, and creative activities to spark their interest in literature and language. This stimulating publication encourages them to develop their love of literature by inspiring a life-long appreciation for language arts. Spider Magazine stands out with its captivating content and charming illustrations to provide young readers with an accessible platform to experience various narratives and themes.

13. Spider Magazine

Spider Magazine provides thoughtfully selected material designed to foster literacy development, critical thinking and creativity within its target audience. Spider is an indispensable resource for parents and educators seeking to foster children’s early years of reading & storytelling pleasure.

14. Time for Kids

Time for Kids magazine offers engaging articles for young readers about current affairs and news that keeps them abreast of happenings across the world. Time for Kids provides students in elementary and middle schools with age-appropriate content covering an array of subjects – science, social studies, world events – in an engaging format.

14. Time for Kids

With its commitment to simplifying complex issues for children, this magazine presents news stories in an engaging manner to keep children up-to-date and curious about the world they inhabit. Time for Kids serves as an invaluable resource for educators and parents looking to instil global awareness and critical thinking abilities into future generations, providing young minds with an engaging learning experience about current affairs.

15. Kids Discover

Kids Discover is an interactive and educational magazine for young readers that covers an assortment of subjects related to science, history and the natural world. Kids Discover is designed specifically to engage young learners from elementary and middle school age, using vibrant designs, informative articles, and captivating imagery to make learning an engaging and immersive experience.

15. Kids Discover

Each issue provides information that’s easily understood by young minds. Kids Discover is dedicated to sparking children’s curiosity and inspiring a desire for learning, providing educators and parents with valuable content for supplementing children’s educational experience with enrichment material that sparks their imagination and broadens understanding of our planet.

16. Storytime Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Storytime Magazine is an irresistibly exciting literary treat for young readers, providing both classic and original tales designed to spark their creativity and open their imaginations. Storytime Magazine caters specifically to children aged 3-9 and offers captivating tales, whimsical illustrations and stimulating activities designed to provide them with an exceptional reading experience.

16. Storytime Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Every issue features an eclectic variety of stories from fairytales and folklores to contemporary narratives, to spark readers’ passions for literature and story telling. Storytime Magazine’s commitment to high-quality content and captivating visuals sets them up to inspire a lifetime love for reading in young readers, providing parents and educators an excellent resource to encourage storytelling literacy from an early stage in children’s development.

17. Sesame Street Magazine

Sesame Street Magazine is an educational publication tailored to preschoolers that features their favorite characters from Sesame Street TV show. Intended to cater to kids aged 3-6, the magazine provides both entertainment and invaluable learning experiences for these youngsters. Sesame Street Magazine features engaging stories, fun activities, and educational content aligning with Sesame Street’s curriculum of early literacy, numeracy, social-emotional development and beyond.

17. Sesame Street Magazine

With vivid illustrations and beloved Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster as its protagonists, Sesame Street magazine provides young readers an engaging way to learn foundational concepts while enjoying all its charms. Parents and educators who seek a positive educational environment for early learners also turn to Sesame Street magazines as trusted resources.

18. Ask Magazine

Ask Magazine is an engaging publication designed to inspire children’s curiosity in science and history through captivating content and interactive features. Ask Magazine is designed for curious minds aged 6-9 who often seek answers for all sorts of queries they come up against during play and daily life. With answers provided to numerous queries asked by children themselves, Ask provides children a resource they can turn to when faced with uncertainty and queries they find themselves asking more and more often.

18. Ask Magazine

This magazine covers an expansive spectrum of subjects – spanning everything from natural world mysteries to intriguing aspects of human history – providing clear explanations and age-appropriate guides. Ask Magazine is an invaluable resource for young readers eager to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, encouraging an interest in learning and critical thought – an indispensable companion for parents and educators who wish to foster such characteristics in young readers. With colorful illustrations, exciting experiments, and its commitment to nurturing curiosity, Ask is an indispensable companion.

19. Bravery Magazine

Bravery Magazine is an inspiring publication dedicated to supporting strong, smart, and adventurous girls through engaging illustrated tales about real female role models. Bravery Magazine provides children aged five to twelve with inspiring life stories of remarkable women from diverse fields like science, art and activism who have made significant contributions. It features women like Dr. Margaret Mead from NASA; Jill Zarin from NASA; Mary Ruddle from Greenpeace USA among many more.

19. Bravery Magazine

Through beautifully illustrated narratives and engaging content, this magazine strives to empower and excite young readers, instilling them with confidence and limitless possibilities. Bravery Magazine serves both entertainment and educational value to parents and educators seeking to instil positive values and diverse role models into young girls’ lives, encouraging them to dream big and leave an imprintful mark in this world.

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20. Dinosaur Action Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Dinosaur Action Magazine is an engaging and educational publication for young paleontologists that transports them back in time to explore life during dinosaur times. Children aged 7-12 will enjoy this magazine that’s packed with engaging content about dinosaurs – detailed illustrations, facts about them, and interactive activities centered on them! It makes learning about them even more fascinating.

20. Dinosaur Action Magazine (Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids)

Dinosaur Action Magazine explores different species, their habitats and any relevant discoveries made in paleontology providing readers with an engaging learning experience about these prehistoric beasts! With its visually engaging layout and emphasis on hands-on learning, this magazine fosters curiosity for science and discovery an excellent resource for parents and educators seeking to spark the interest and curiosity of budding dinosaur enthusiasts.

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Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids Features

For children’s magazine subscriptions to provide an enriching reading experience, here are a few key attributes you should keep an eye out for:

Educational Content: Your magazine should contain educational articles covering everything from history and science, literature and art plus even more.

Age-Relevant Content: A quality children’s magazine adapts its material for specific age ranges so as to promote optimal cognitive and emotional growth within that group of readers.

Interactive Elements: Engaging activities, puzzles, games and interactive features enhance the reading experience in magazine reading; adding both fun and intellectual stimulation for its reader.

Diverse Topics: An engaging magazine covers various subjects to engage different interests, giving children the chance to learn about new subjects while discovering their passions.

High-Quality Illustrations: Colourful and appealing illustrations play an invaluable role in both engaging readers and keeping young ones on track with concepts presented within a text. Not only can these vibrant pictures add visual interest; they can help children grasp concepts while keeping them interested.

Inspirational Role Models: Magazines featuring stories of real-life heroes and role models provide children with positive examples of achievement and resilience to look up to and emulate.

Clear Layout and Design: A layout featuring age-appropriate fonts and colors contributes to readability while making sure that children find it visually engaging.

Curriculum Align: Magazines aligned to educational curricula provide valuable supplementary learning materials to supplement what children are already studying at school.

Empowering Themes: Magazines that incorporate themes of friendship, empathy, resilience and environmental consciousness can have an invaluable effect on a child’s social and emotional growth.

Regular Publishing Schedule: Regular publishing schedules help children establish routines, and frequent releases increase engagement with reading materials.

Digital and Print Formats: Offering both digital and print options provides families with flexibility in selecting which format best meets their preferences and lifestyle needs.

Parent Involvement: Magazines that actively encourage parental involvement by suggesting activities or topic areas create an effective collaborative learning environment for young students.

Age-Appropriate Challenges: Engaging children at different developmental stages with tasks or projects tailored specifically for them helps foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Global and Cultural Awareness: Exposing children to different cultural practices enhances their educational experience while broadening their view of the world.

Positive Messaging: Magazines that incorporate positive messaging can reinforce values such as kindness, respect, and acceptance.

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids Pros & Cons


Educational Value: Many children’s magazines provide educational content designed to bolster learning in various subjects.

Encourage Reading: Magazines can instil in children an enjoyment and appreciation for reading that will foster literacy skills through fun reading experiences.

Diverse Topics: Kids magazines cover an assortment of subjects that cater to various interests while expanding a child’s knowledge base.

Engaging Content: Journals with interactive features such as puzzles or games can make learning fun while keeping children interested and involved.

Promote Critical Thinking: Magazines may provide activities designed to foster children’s critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Inspiring Creativity: Arts- and crafts-themed magazines may help young readers explore their imagination through creative work.

Routine and Consistency: Magazine subscriptions offer the benefits of routine, as regular deliveries create anticipation of new content.

Positive Role Models: Magazines often showcase real heroes and positive role models who provide inspiration to children.


Screen Time Concerns: Subscriptions may contribute to increased screen time, raising concerns for eyesight and overall health.

Quality of Content: Not all magazines maintain consistently high-quality content; some may favor entertainment over educational benefits.

Cost: Subscriptions can be costly, and the overall expense may become a factor for families with tight budgets.

Environmental Impact: When purchasing print magazines, one should carefully consider their environmental impact during production and delivery. Print magazines contribute paper waste that needs to be managed responsibly in order to meet a high environmental standard of production and distribution.

Limited Interactivity: Magazines may lack adequate interactive features that sustain reader interest over time and this could result in their engagement waining over time.

Age Appropriateness: Finding magazines suitable to the age and developmental stage of each child may prove to be challenging due to individual interests and abilities being different.

Potential Overstimulation: Magazines that include too much stimuli or distraction may lead to overstimulation for some children.

Limited Customization: Magazines may not cater specifically to children’s learning styles, and certain children might benefit more from having personalized educational resources at hand.

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids Conclusion

Conclusion In summary, choosing the ideal magazine subscriptions for children requires careful consideration of various factors that balance educational and entertainment elements for an engaging reading experience. Magazines play an indispensable role in cultivating an early interest for learning while encouraging reading habits and expanding children’s knowledge across numerous subjects – National Geographic Kids is great at inspiring this passion while Highlights for Children offers captivating wildlife exploration while LEGO Life Magazine adds its own distinctive contribution.

These magazines not only engage young minds but also stimulate critical thinking, creativity and an increased knowledge of the world. Parents and educators need to be wary of any possible downsides such as screen time concerns, cost or environmental impacts when considering this option for young minds.

As with anything, finding the ideal magazine subscription for any child depends upon their individual interests, age and family values. When parents and educators select magazines that respond to children’s curiosity while offering both education and entertainment benefits simultaneously, positive changes can occur on a child’s journey of exploration and discovery. From print magazines to interactive digital subscriptions – children’s magazines offer numerous choices, each adding something special and magical about childhood.

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids FAQ’s

What age range are kids’ magazines suitable for?

Kids’ magazines cover various age ranges from toddlers to preteens. Content often corresponds with developmental milestones; therefore it is crucial that magazines reflect your child’s interests and age group.

Are digital or print magazine subscriptions better for kids?

Subscription options range from digital and print magazines, offering interactive features like search and social sharing capabilities; while print versions provide tangible reading pleasure. Some families prefer both formats together in order to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

How can I ensure the content is age-appropriate?

Most magazines provide subscription information with regard to age range and target content; additionally, parents may read reviews or seek recommendations from friends regarding what content fits with the age and maturity level of their child.

Are kids’ magazines educational?

Many kids’ magazines feature educational material on topics like science, history and literature. Look for publications which strike an effective balance between entertainment and learning to give your kids an immersive educational experience.

Are there magazine subscriptions that promote diversity and inclusion?

Absolutely, some children’s magazines focus on diversity and inclusion by featuring stories about characters with diverse backgrounds, like Bravery Magazine which seeks to celebrate diversity while simultaneously providing positive representation to children.

How can I manage potential screen time concerns with digital subscriptions?

To address screen time concerns, set time limits on digital reading, promote an even mix of non-digital and digital activities, and choose interactive features which promote engagement without excessive screen exposure.

Can magazine subscriptions be used as educational supplements?

Absolutely. Many children’s magazines align with educational curricula and serve as additional learning materials that supplement classroom studies, helping children better grasp subjects studied at school while sparking further curiosity in them.

Are there environmentally friendly magazine options?

Some magazines are dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendliness; consider digital subscriptions if possible to reduce paper usage, or look out for publications with eco-friendly production and distribution processes.

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