10 Best Mini-ITX PC Cases for 2024 

by Cws Team

Best Mini-ITX PC Cases are popular choices among enthusiasts looking for compact yet powerful PC builds, and among their variety are several that stand out as being among the best Mini-ITX PC cases; one such contender being NZXT H210i. Fractal Design Node 304 stands out with its elegant yet minimalist design that fits seamlessly with any setup, and features ample cable management options to maintain a tidy interior.

Furthermore, its impressive storage capacity and superior airflow make it a worthy selection. For those in search of something more premium, the Louqe Ghost S1 features an exquisite design constructed from high-grade materials for an unparalleled build experience. Additionally, its modular configuration offers customizability in assembly – making this case one of the ideal choices when building an efficient yet small PC setup.

What is Mini-ITX PC?

Mini-ITX (Miniature ITX) form factors are designed to meet a set of dimensions and specifications set forth by VIA Technologies in 2001. As one of the smallest standard motherboard sizes available today, Mini-ITXs provide space-efficient and compact computing experiences for both PC enthusiasts and gamers. Since their launch by VIA Technologies in 2001, this form factor has gained enormous popularity among those interested in building compact yet powerful systems.

Mini-ITX motherboards measure only 6.7 inches by 6.7 inches (17 cm by 17 cm), making them significantly smaller than ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. Yet these mini-ITX boards still typically offer all of the features found on larger form factors, including multiple RAM slots, PCIe slots, USB ports, and other essential connectors.

Due to their compact nature, Mini-ITX motherboards are frequently found inside smaller PC cases known as Mini-ITX cases. Specifically designed to house these motherboards and perfect for building small and portable desktop computers, home theater PCs (HTPCs), or gaming rigs.

Here is List Of Best Mini-ITX PC Cases

  • Lian Li Q58
  • Fractal Design Terra
  • Hyte Revolt 3
  • Phanteks Evolv Shift 2
  • Cooler Master NR200P Max
  • Louqe Raw S1
  • Cooler Master NR200
  • SilverStone Technology SUGO 16
  • NZXT H210i
  • Fractal Design Ridge

10 Best Mini-ITX PC Cases

1. Lian Li Q58

Lian Li’s Q58 Mini-ITX case made an immediate impression, so we selected it as our top pick for most users. At just $130 in its base configuration, this 14.3-liter Mini-ITX case provides great looks, cooling performance and flexible internal design features that made for an easy decision when choosing our winner.

Lian Li Q58

This steel case boasts an interesting combination of half-glass, half-perforated steel panels on each side. Meanwhile, its front and top plates are made of fancier aluminum to give a premium aesthetic and feel. Furthermore, its GPU can take in air directly through its side vents while still showing its pretty RGB lighting through glass; additionally, space is provided in its roof for up to 280mm radiators.

But, the Q58 can also be reconfigured to reduce costs, by opting for an ATX power supply instead of AIO and storage options, and fitting an ATX power supply instead of plain PCIe 3.0 riser cable (this will also save money), plus purchasing an additional PCIe 4.0 riser cable capable of accommodating RTX 3000 and RX 6000 graphics cards (for $30 more). Overall, few things stand in its way when it comes to using the Q58 case.

2. Fractal Design Terra (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

Small DIY PC cases from just a few years ago often struggled to meet the cooling requirements and size requirements of today’s components, particularly graphics cards such as Nvidia’s RTX 4090. But at 10.4 liters, Mini-ITX Fractal Design Terra is just large enough for most big GPUs while offering striking aesthetics thanks to an aluminum exterior with real wood trim adorning its front panel – one of the prettiest compact cases around!

Fractal Design Terra (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

Fractal’s Terra may not appeal to as wide an audience as its larger North counterpart due to limited component and airflow options, however its flip-up doors and adjustable spine make building in it surprising easy despite being such a compact case – providing you with respite from RGB and aggressive designs prevalent within gaming PC realm. Just make sure you bring along your modular SFX power supply!

3. Hyte Revolt 3

iBuyPower announced it would offer the Hyte Revolt 3 chassis as an individual purchase, we were immediately excited. Now that it has arrived, we are beyond impressed. At $129 for an ITX case that features plenty of mesh, two click-away headphone holders and an ergonomic carrying handle which fits flush into its top when not needed; though its build quality might not quite measure up compared to high-end cases – its paint finish looks nice though and will fit right in with most gaming setups.

Hyte Revolt 3

Internally, the Revolt 3 can accommodate virtually any Mini-ITX system you throw its way, accommodating large GPUs up to 280mm AIO coolers, two 2.5-inch SSDs and one 3.5-inch drive. Plus its unique layout doesn’t require PCI-e riser cables – meaning no worries over reduced bandwidth on an RTX 3000 or RX 6000 series graphics card!

The only real drawback to this chassis is its reliance on airflow from an AIO for cooling purposes; however, we found this setup perfectly adequate when tested with high-TDP components such as our Intel i5-11600K processor and Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti graphics card.

4. Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

The Evolv Shift 2 instantly stands out with its towering, small footprint design and elegant anodized aluminum panels. Starting at $100 for its mesh version and $110 with TG support and addressable RGB fans, this case easily earns itself a place on Best Mini-ITX PC Cases list.

Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

Evolv Shift 2’s small footprint and stunning aesthetic makes it the ideal SFF PC for use in the living room or anywhere around the house, with easily accessible top IO ports that make plugging in devices effortless. Building it was tight at times due to Mini-ITX restrictions; I managed it within three hours though with some frustration along the way; its glass side panels add flair when creating eye-catching systems; however its single fan radiator support could limit some systems thermally.

5. Cooler Master NR200P Max

Cooler Master’s NR200P Max chassis is an exceptional, ready-to-go solution, complete with a powerful 850W power supply and 280mm liquid cooler from the factory. Plus, with mesh and glass side panels as well as PCIe 4.0 riser cable pre-routing, PSU cables, and AIO tubes that are fit precisely, this setup makes for a straightforward build experience and comes highly recommended by us here at PC Perspective!

Cooler Master NR200P Max

Just bring a motherboard, CPU, graphics card, memory, and boot drive and get ready for action. The only real drawback with this case is its paint and finish are somewhat plain; but with its glass panel showing off your stunning internals we doubt you’ll mind too much; and if not? Just paint it!

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6. Louqe Raw S1 (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

Mini-ITX cases have long been seen as expensive. If any chassis exemplifies this notion, it would have to be the Louqe Raw S1 with its elegant design and thick aluminum outer shell – both features which make this chassis something to admire rather than use!

Louqe Raw S1 (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

However, you can fit a PC into this space despite lacking AIO support or air filtration – although sacrifices must be made during its build process (you should likely finish in under an hour!). Furthermore, its ultra-compact 12-litter frame can easily accommodate large triple-slot graphics cards despite its ultra-compact footprint, and features such as its premium “Cobalt” PCIe 4.0 riser cable give this case its luxurious aesthetic and even has an attached carrying handle!

7. Cooler Master NR200

Concerns when building Mini-ITX PCs often center around fitting all the latest and greatest hardware in, which often runs large. Not a problem when using the Cooler Master NR200; even at 18.25 liters in volume it has enough room to house even an extended-length graphics card such as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090!

Cooler Master NR200

It features racks for two 2.5-inch and one 3.5-inch drives, as well as room for an NVMe SSD for gaming and high-intensity program storage. Finally, to keep things cool make sure everything has an CPU cooler or liquid CPU cooler installed; that should do just fine!

8. SilverStone Technology SUGO 16

SilverStone Technology’s SUGO 16 case offers an economical solution that maximizes space and budget efficiency. At under $100, this cubelike design fits in tighter spaces than most cases while accommodating standard ATX power supplies without sacrificing GPU length (it still can hold cards up to 275mm).

SilverStone Technology SUGO 16

The steel case features mesh panels on its front, sides, top, and rear for additional ventilation; however, when hardware is installed it often blocks these vents. You have several cooling opportunities; with the front offering space for mounting 120mm fans or radiators while its back has space for 80mm fans (if using ATX PSU); with an SFX PSU you should be able to fit a 120mm fan or radiator; though still this case could get hot when pushing PC components past their limits.

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9. NZXT H210i (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

NZXT delivers an affordable yet versatile case in the H210i from NZXT, featuring superior build quality and ample cable management features for easy assembly. A glass side panel and RGB lighting make displaying all your hardware easier while an I/O panel could use some additional ports; though its USB-A, USB-C, and headset jack should suffice most users.

NZXT H210i (Best Mini-ITX PC Cases)

The NZXT H210i case can hold an ATX power supply, full-sized GPU such as the RTX 4070, solid CPU and multiple drives – so effective cooling is of vital importance. To help combat heat build-up in such an environment, two 120mm fans come installed in this case, plus you have access to two removable brackets to add further fans or radiators up to 240mm size; mesh is also integrated for ample airflow.

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10. Fractal Design Ridge

The Fractal Design Ridge captures the classic rectangular, sleek appearance of Xbox and PlayStation consoles to help your PC look right at home next to your gaming TV. While space may be tight inside this compact case, it still can house four 2.5-inch SSDs or hard drives and graphics cards up to 325mm in size as well as an SFX or SFX-L power supply – making it easier than ever for you to take with you anywhere!

Fractal Design Ridge

Fractal Design Ridge’s cooling capabilities should keep most builds at an acceptable temperature, although you may require something larger for high-end processors and graphics cards. Its sides feature perforations to improve airflow, while a ventilated fabric front gives it the look of a speaker when placed vertically rather than horizontally. Inside are limited fan options with just two Aspect 140mm PWM included as well as relatively short CPU cooler clearance of 70mm.

Why should choose a mini-ITX case?

Mini-ITX cases offer several advantages that make them an attractive option in certain scenarios:

Mini-ITX Cases Are Convenient and Space Efficient: Mini-ITX cases are compact and take up less space than traditional ATX or Micro-ATX models, making them an excellent option for small living spaces, dorm rooms, or areas with limited available space.

Portability: Mini-ITX cases are lightweight and portable, making them the perfect solution for LAN parties, gaming events or moving your PC often.

Mini-ITX cases offer sleek and minimalist designs, making them suitable for use in living rooms, offices or workspaces without becoming an eyesore. Their compact form factor also makes them suitable for those who appreciate an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency: Mini-ITX systems tend to consume less power, making them more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than larger systems.

Mini-ITX cases provide an ideal platform for creating customized systems such as home theater PCs (HTPCs), media servers and small form factor gaming rigs.

Challenges and Creativity: Building in a smaller case can present more difficulties, yet can also offer opportunities to be creative with cable management, component placement and cooling solutions. Many enthusiasts enjoy taking on Mini-ITX builds as puzzle-like projects!

Mini-ITX Cases Are Perfect for Powerful Hardware: Modern mini-ITX cases are specifically designed to house high-performance components such as powerful CPUs, graphics cards and storage options that come standard.

Do Need an SFX PSU for My Mini-ITX PC Case?

A Small Form Factor PSU, commonly referred to as an “SFX”, may not always be necessary with mini-ITX cases; many now feature compatibility with ATX PSUs which means you won’t have to buy special parts – although how they manage to fit full-sized PSUs into mini-ITX cases I can only speculate, yet these designs seem so amazing to me!

Even for smaller mini-ITX cases, SFX PSUs may be necessary. Particularly those that lack room for discrete GPUs and must instead rely on onboard graphics from CPU. When selecting one for these instances, be sure to opt for safe and reliable models from Corsair, Silverstone, or be quiet! for maximum safety and peace of mind.

Keep the slightly larger SFX-L configuration in mind as we’ve experienced issues with some mini-ITX chassis not properly fitting the dimensions of an SFX-L system.


As is evident from this review, Mini-ITX PC cases offer an assortment of choices designed to meet the diverse needs and specifications of different users. Mini-ITX PC cases from top brands boast sleek and space-efficient designs for an elegant, modern setup that fits seamlessly into any environment. These cases demonstrate how size does not have to compromise functionality or performance, offering all the features and capabilities found in larger form factors.

Mini-ITX cases continue to wow enthusiasts, gamers and creators alike – from the NZXT H210i’s impressive cable management and versatility features to the Fractal Design Node 304’s impressive airflow capabilities and storage capacity, or Louque Ghost S1’s modular design and premium materials – to name but three of their models.

Adopting the Mini-ITX form factor opens up endless opportunities for creativity and adventure while building powerful yet portable PC setups. As technology advances, so will Mini-ITX case market; providing exciting options for compact yet high performance systems over the coming years.

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