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About Chronicle Ico

Chronicle Ico is a studio and marketplace digital platform built entirely for fans featuring officially licensed digital collectables, also more commonly known as NFTs. Launching in 2021, users across the globe will be able to buy, sell, trade, bid, and gift authenticated digital collectables licensed directly from the world’s leading brands.

XNL powers Chronicle. It’s a carefully crafted utility token designed to offer a series of rewards and incentives for the Chronicle community. Key benefits include: ‍ – Premium access to limited edition collectables – Discounts on trading fees – Governance and voting – Rewards and bonus collectables – Staking incentives.

Token Basic Information

Token NameChronicle
Token SymbolXNL
Token For Sale2,800,000 XNL
ICO Price$0.100000
Fundraising Goal$280,000
Personal Cap500 USDC
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

XNL — your rewards program

XNL powers Chronicle. It’s a carefully crafted utility token designed to offer a series of rewards and incentives for the Chronicle community.

  1. Premium access to limited edition collectibles
  2. Discounts on trading fees, rewards and bonuses
  3. Staking incentives, governance and voting

The Problem

The digital collectibles (NFTs) market largely consists of users who are pre-familiar with cryptocurrency and the operational use of the blockchains they’re hosted on. Millions of traditional users of physical collectibles and fans of beloved brands are currently unable to access NFTs primarily due to challenging onboarding processes, such as:

i) purchasing cryptocurrencies on an exchange
ii) required understanding of different blockchains
iii) knowledge on how to set up a crypto wallet and storing of private keys
iv) knowledge on how to export tokens from the exchange to a crypto wallet
v) heavy network prices on the blockchain (e.g. Ethereum network)


The proposed solution? Chronicle Ico — an easy to use platform where users can buy, sell, trade, bid, and gift authenticated digital collectibles licensed directly from the world’s leading brands, featuring:

● Easy email address sign up.
● USD onboarding via payment integration partners (e.g. credit card, bank account).
● Access to premium, authenticated digital collectibles backed by the world’s greatest brands.

● Show off your collectibles to social media.
● Gamification — build up your Chronicle profile.
● Earn rewards via Chronicle’s native XNL token, which can be used for trade discounts and priority access to limited edition collectibles.

Chronicle Marketplace

Central to its platform, Chronicle collectible marketplace allows users to buy, sell, swap, trade, bid, and gift licensed digital collectibles from leading brands.
i) Listing of a collectible for sale, swap, or trade is free; as is gifting a collectible.
ii) Once a buyer takes an order, 5% of the deal price will be charged from the seller. This fee covers the operational cost (e.g. blockchain fees) and includes a small royalty shared between Chronicle and the brand owner.


XNL is Chronicle Ico native cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 utility token issued on Ethereum. XNL denotes users’ rights on Chronicle and is designed for the empowerment of the ecosystem and governance over the community.

Token Utilities

● Exclusive Access (Chronicle Medals)- XNL tokens can be staked by each user to acquire Chronicle Medals, which relate to a user’s early and exclusive access to different NFT drops, sales and auction. Please refer to the next section for more information on Chronicle Medals.
● Discounts- In addition to Chronicle Medals, when users stake XNL tokens in their Chronicle user profile they can be eligible for USD discounts on the Chronicle Store.
● Community Governance- Chronicle is built for connecting the brands and the fans so eventually it will be largely community-driven. In the future, users on Chronicle can use XNLs to create and vote for different proposals to guide Chronicle’s development and decisions.
● Rewards & Bonus- Together with DeFi partners, Chronicle will launch various DeFi programs where users can take advantage of their XNL tokens to yield extra interests.

Meet the Chronicle team

Chronicle Ico Review: Digital Collectibles From the World's Greatest Brands


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