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About cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets, powered by the Cardano blockchain. Paribus is a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets. Paribus is a Cardano-based lending/borrowing platform that aims to support conventional and unconventional crypto assets to allow for its users to unlock liquidity and interact with the markets without having to liquidate assets. .

Paribus, like a majority of DeFi dApps, is built on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Take and all successor dApps that extended the idea. Paribus operates using “pools of assets” with algorithmically derived interest rates, based on the supply and demand for a given asset. They have taken the interest modeling approach from Compound and expanded the idea to go beyond coins and tokens as mentioned.

Token Basic Information

Token SymbolPBX
Token TypeERC20
ICO Token Price 1 PBX = 0.0003 USD
Total token 10,000,000,000
Fundraising Goal 500,000,000 TOKEN
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Interoperable Value Leveraged

As DeFi moves forward, innovators are uncovering transformational ways to store and represent value on-chain. Paribus’ mission is to unlock the true potential of these assets, evolving them into interporable financial instruments, capable of being used within DeFi protocols, on any chain.

If it can be sold, there is a market value. If it has value, it can be modeled.

Paribus Ico is the protocol that brings all of these forces together, offering DeFi holders and investors a platform to extend the reach of their digital assets and positions, doubling down on their earning power.

Virtual Land

Virtual Land is a growing phenomenon with land going for as much as $900,000 per a recent Decentraland sale. As demand for these assets grows with the innovations from the VR industry added into the mix, it quickly becomes an interesting asset class for DeFi protocols to be able to support. Paribus aims to address exactly this, by proposing a suite of SmartContracts which allow for collateralization with Virtual Lands. Given the infancy of the Cardano ecosystem on lack of agreed standards for this asset type, Paribus will contribute and put forward ideas that will serve the purpose of unlocking liquidity through these assets in the form of borrowing and lending. Metadata is one area we will work to innovate and bring into NFT standards for Virtual Lands.

Paribus Capture per nature of decentralized and DAO projects and in the spirit of open source development, all of Paribus source code will be made public and free to use after audits and rigorous testing. Paribus will of course inherit all de facto standards of decentralized dApps such as being non-custodial, trustless, permissionless, and of course censorship resistance. They have identified an array of basic applications, enumerated below.

Fee Structure

Every borrow is subject to a borrow fee. This is hardcoded to 0.2% at the v. The fee will be added to the total borrowed and reflected onto the users dashboard accordingly. These fees will be accumulated and added to protocol reserves. This fee is intended to serve as a “safeguard” to prevent abuse of short-term borrowers. The fee rate will be subject to change via Governance voting.

The PBX Token

From the recent inception in 2016 of the decentralized autonomous organization, or DAOs for short, there has been much interest in how these protocols can solve problems that pertain to business models. Creating a company or business model that allows for a decentralized structure of power can be a difficult task. DAOs help resolve many of these issues by distributing power to make changes from the top executive to any stakeholder in the company. Other benefits of a DAO come from its autonomous nature, once implemented there is no leeway for human error or not following through on an agreement. They believe in the power of decentralization and group collaboration.

Owners of PBX can create and vote on various proposals with the goal of improving the protocol. Creating this feedback loop will help incentivize positive changes and further the relationship between the protocol and the stakeholders. Additional features of the PBX token is its fee sharing aspect. Holders will be able to gain a percentage of fees generated. This will be distributed proportionately to those who have more tokens. Stakeholders benefit by receiving value for holding all while encouraging continual holding.


Deniz Dalkilic- CEO

Wilson Davis- COO

Simon Kruse CTO


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