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About CryptoCitizen

CryptoCitizen introduces a new era of rule & earn gaming in NFT Metaverse. Set your destiny in the Metropolit city taking place in the year 2101 on the verge of technological revolution! MMO world of They allows you to live your dreams to the fullest. Establish a profitable business, build your factories, ride the hottest cars or visit the most lucrative clubs.

All of that in an open world Metaverse, whether you plan to get your hands dirty or enjoy the luxury of capitalism. Take the advantage of a modular building system and transform your ideas into reality in a monetized sphere of the cryptocurrency world.

Respect is earned, not given. Take advantage of the unique reward system and get yourself to the top of citizen rankings! Join the nobles either by owning the exclusive citizen ID or by governing the city through the never-seen-before game economics model of CCASH, which brings you to the aristocracy of Metropolit city. CCASH represents a means to govern the Metropolit. It’s your choice if you plan to secure it legally, or not.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCryptoCitizen
Token SymbolCCASH
Ico Price$0.070000
Token For Sale9,285,714 CCASH
Fundraising Goal$650,000
Personal CAp500USDT
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The vision of the QORPO game studio is to bring the quality of AAA titles to the world of blockchain and to attract the consumers of the regular gaming industry. Thanks to the modular framework showcased in Crypto Citizen we bring the revolution to blockchain gaming and provide the opportunity to develop high quality games even for start-up companies to help elevate and scale the GameFi industry.


The majority of the projects have no capacity to develop fully competitive products by themselves. Therefore, building an ecosystem for a newly created project is a long and costly journey. As in other businesses (e.g., white-label solutions), it is more advantageous for projects to purchase an already working system than to go through the whole process of finding the right puzzle for each small required fragment, lose years and ultimately achieve the target product at higher costs than directly buying the built modular framework.

Modular Framework

Complex solution for gaming companies providing a system that allows them to combine various modules (characters, abilities, maps, weapons, vehicles, animations, etc. ) or objects according to the ideas and design of the project.

For Companies

District 0 – Exclusive Social/Community HUB, offering your audience a whole new level of social interaction.

Club, Main Square, or a marketplace for NFTs? It’s up to your imagination. Everything is possible in District 0.

Exclusive social Metaverse environment with direct access to a NFT marketplace

NFT drops

Live streaming (Twitch/YouTube)

Chat rooms


Voting & much more

Market Scalability

QORPO builds an ecosystem with massive coverage of the global gaming market by taking advantage of utilizing the most significant benefits of WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 with the primary goal of attracting current crypto user base and newcomers from world of regular gaming.


They provide a genuinely pleasant user-friendly experience for our players to fit the modern standards. The marketing campaigns are heavily research-based, aiming at locations known for considerable blockchain gaming player bases. Thanks to the proper targeting, they regularly experience new player waves multiple times per month. The team consists of well-known influencers, advisors, Youtubers, and Crypto personalities.

Utility Token

Holders have a right to decide about essential phases of the Metaverse world development in the Metropolit citadel. The token is an ecosystem currency with monetary utilities such as governance, access to special Metaverse features, staking, burning, and others. In addition, CyberCash allows trading NFTs & collectibles, virtual lands, and much more unprecedented in Metaverse economy use cases.


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