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About Dctdao Airdrop

Dctdao is a decentralized governance system that provides cross-chain interoperability to different blockchains, including Polkadot and others, with advanced quantum resistant security. DCTDAO is a revolutionary new platform, leveraging DECENT’s fast, scalable and cost effective DCore Blockchain, it’s big partnerships as well as a strong community with a new connectivity platform which aims to bridge the benefits of DCore with an interconnected system for traders.

For crypto backers and traders, they can enjoy fast trading with a Multi-Wrapped token as well as having the ultimate in security with a Quantum Proof upgrade to DCore, using Polkadot as a basis for the main trading DEX.

By developing a new governance token on DeFI, owners of the DCTDAO token (DCTD) are able to vote and get involved with development, as well as enjoy rewards with an exciting, interconnected Blockchain project launching in 2021.

Token NameDctdao Protocol Airdrop
Max Reward1 Elon Musk 50th Birthday Party Animated NFT
Estimated value≈ 1,000,000 USD
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Estimated ValueN/A
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How To Join Dctdao Protocol Airdrop

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Built for value and an interconnected, secure future

DCTDAO gives holders a new way to participate in a secure, gas-less, interconnected and open market DEX, defining the future of the interconnected Blockchain world. Utilizing 6 years of DAPP development experience, DCORE Blockchain is poised to be the most inter-connected, scalable and secure Blockchain on the market, fully future proof with Quantum Security upgrades.

The Future of Cross-Chain Connectivity

The Most Interconnected Blockchain Ever

Wrapping DCT, moving completely towards DEX and upgrading the DCore Blockchain is just the first step towards complete decentralization for development, governance, and Core.

With future DEX development, Quantum proof, and multi-chain upgrades to DCore, future partnerships and platform upgraders will completely create a cross-chain solution for any Blockchain protocol.

Quantum Proof

Dctdao development doesn’t stop here, within the next decade, Quantum computing will revolutionise all aspects of the digital space, yet with it, the security of the Blockchain protocol can also be in jeopardy.

In conjunction with some of the most respected Quantum Security companies in Europe and North America, DCore will be upgraded to be fully ready for a Quantum future.

Built for Value

Enjoy a fast, scalable and Cross-Chain DEX including staking and rewards, with Polkadot and ERC-20 functionality.

Multi-Chain Growth

Building a stable cross platform chain bridging the DCT token with the new DCTDAO platform.

Gas-Less Fees

Enjoy near Gas-less fees on a fast (2000tps) Blockchain connected with the most popular DEFI protocols.

Platform Ecosystem


Dctdao Governance token for the community to hold and get rewarded in, as well as for developers to get paid in.


Wrapped DCT token fully integrated and shifted into DEX for trading on multi-DEX platforms and cross-bridged tokenomics.


Multiple DAPPS for the ecosystem from upgraded wallets, to a new DCTDAO DEX.

Quantum Proof DCore and DEX

With the global Cryptocurrency market capitalization hitting the $1trillion USD mark in January 2021, trading and the investments in digital currencies is on a stratospheric rise. With Post Quantum Cryptography also around the corner, security is a major factor to consider when dealing with decentralized data management. Whilst not a new theory (research began in the early 1980’s), it is only recently that computing power has caught up to make Quantum based cryptography on a mass scale accessible.

Dctdao essence a Quantum computers could have the ability to break exisiting (asymmetric) public key cryptographic systems using the ‘Shore’s Algorithm’ Link. With this in mind, even decentralized DEX’s are prone to attacks. Whilst the actual use of Quantum Security hacks has yet to be found in the Crypto space, even with a Decentralized Exchange having little to no human intervention and operational management, errors eccur either intentionally or unintentionally when centralized data points or a single point of failure that malicious actors can exploit are uneatherd. However, with a Quantum Proof DCore users will have the most secure DEX on the market.

Token Rewards

A new rewards based scheme, to be announced shortly after the DEX launch implement a
development platform as well as rewards for users who hold the DCTD. The purpose of
incentivization of the community and circular rewards is the basis for this model. Smart
contracts will automate the process and provide full transparency.

DCT Token Burn

As Dctdao shifts towards fully decentralized exchanges, a plan that has been in the making for
a year, for the benefit of DCT Token holders and DECENT’s existing community, a token burn
will be initiated. This will take into consideration the preparations for volume as well as
attracting new holders of DCT by announcing publicly that DECENT will be reducing the current
DCT supply with a growth and balancing of the DCTD token.

DECENT will use 10% of the DCTD funds to buy DCT and burn them over the course of 3 years, through a quarterly setup. With the current listing price of about 1.6 USD per 1 DCTD, for DECENT to burn 6 times over a 3-year period, DECENT will burn approximately 266.666 USD per burn, which in total will burn the equivalent of 1.6 Million USD worth of DCT in this process over 3 years.

DCT Token Burn using DCTD

Dctdao, the decentralized and rewards governance token is set to evolve the DECENT ecosystem
to be more community centric in managing and solving the upcoming trends of new projects
from businesses and organizations that are only beginning to understand the benefits of DEFI.
For that purpose, DCTD needs to strengthen DCT, DCore and the DECENT Community by
ensuring it has a strong foundation.

How and when will DCTD be used to Burn DCT

Part of DCTD will be used to purchase DCT in the planned DCTDEX (DCore based Decentralized
Exchange) through DCT/DCTD Trading Pair and will be sent to an inaccessible vault.
DCTD will be scheduled to burn DCT immediately after DCTDEX is available for public and
continue on withing the subsequent 6 months after the first burn until 5 cycles onward are
archived and up until the 10% DCTD Token burn allocation is fully met.


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