Farm Me Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

by Cws Team

About Farm Me Ico

Farm Me is not your traditional farming game. Farm Me is your first Fantasy Metaverse experience. Farm Me is a multiplayer-building game that runs on the Near Blockchain platform. Farm Me was created as a farming game with fight-for-survival elements to help you experience the appealing fantasy Metaverse.

Farm Me Ico simulates a universe in the clouds with many magical lands that create a world of Play, Connect, Experience and Earn with unlimited aspects of life based on AR/VR technology. With impressive 3D graphics, attractive plot, and different gameplay, Farm Me is not only a marketplace to earn but also a great game worth experiencing with the most hard-core gamers and promises to satisfy even the most demanding Gamers.

The purpose is to use the digital platform to raise funds ( called Farm Me Community Funds – FMCF) to bring the humanistic and true values into the real community. Taking advantage of Farm Me is our core team who has more than 10 years of experience in Game production and blockchain.

Besides that, advisors come from a crypto/blockchain background and are the most popular experts in their community. Using its unique features and strategy, Farm Me aims to become among the leading 3D GameFi metaverses in the future, creating a long-term profit for investors as it grows sustainably.

Token Basic Information

Token NameFarm Me Ico
Token SymbolFAME
Ico Price$0.030000
Token For Sale6,000,000 FAME
Fundraising Goal$180,000
Personal Cap150
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


FARM Me is a fantasy metaverse exploring all aspects of “Play, Connect, Experience, Earn” for multiplayer to experience wholeset of the first immersive farm game with a battle-to-survive element.

Game Features

Marketplace with secure and transparent transactions:

The virtual marketplace helps players safely buy and sell their lands and other in-game items to decorate their homes to their own liking.

Free to Play

NFT games are taking the Play to earn concept towards a whole new level; however, players don’t truly own these items as some essential assets to enter the Farm Me. You can now play to earn NFTs and in-game items that have transferable value outside of the game via NFT Marketplace Rental which allows players to freely exchange/rent NFTs to start the game based on sharing the benefit accordingly.

  • Risk-free lending of NFT items: land, pet, hero, weapon…
  • Earn yields and rent fee
  • Lower barrier to entry:
  • Multiple monetization streams

Job Platform

One of the most common problems faced by NFT games is the investors buying NFTs, however they don’t have enough time to play games and the players who actually want to play the game without having capital.The concept is based on the business agreement model between investors (NFT owners) and NFT tenants. The financial value is based on the consensus in the smart contract. This encourages players (Gamer) to participate without having to invest money.

In Farm Me, they provide a job platform where everyone can play and earn real money and also connect between the investors and game players. This feature aims to solve problems that other GameFi(s) are facing which helps to gain traction and attract more players from other traditional games.


Farm Me has been audited by Verichains and debuts its Alpha play-to-earn game on December 12, 2021. The first version will be released with farming scopes – walking around to explore in world game , buying seeds at NPC then grow them on your land, waiting and harvest them on time to sell for NPC to collect me token to compete with other player on ranking in this alpha version To ensure the sustainability and expansion of the ecosystem, Farm Me has 2 types of token:

• Token (FAME): Token is the fundamental factor in the game platform and it is the currency of the game used for transactions.

• Token (ME): Secondary token, used in the game’s ecosystem, endlessly earned through player interaction.


Beyond expanding the publisher’s game ecosystem, Farm Me Universe is ready to welcome and support other game NFTs to join the metaverse which offers a wide range of limitless experiences to players through the platform called G-INFA (Game infrastructure). Through G-INFA, different games can share resources, with different storylines and different missions in the same Universe, or together create new exciting games/minigames/events. On the other hand, creating an entertaining Blockchain Game with a real “fun” experience that is profitable for players by investing time.

Game play

Introduced as an unique selling point of Farm Me, its impressive gameplay and player experience make it stand out from other NFT games.

Becoming a true citizen with imaginative characters:

Choose 1 of 6 character classes such as Farmer, Agent, Police, Soldier, Special Force, Super Hero.

  • Farm & breed on the land that you already own
  • Fish & mine to increase income
  • Cook from your farm produce to create dishes that increase Hero’s stats
  • Complete daily tasks to get rewards

Adventures without ends :

  • Meet & connect with new friends
  • Own mythical pets by playing the role of a hunter at a hunting island.
  • Kill bosses for rewards and hunt for rare items with Friend Power

Show off personal color palette:

  • Customize the character: The Fashion feature of the game makes your Hero not only unique, but also increases the original stats.
  • Architecture: creatively build and own your own house, architectural works in your style.
  • Crafting: unleash your imagination with hundreds of recipes to design useful and beautiful items.

In Farm Me, you are not alone:

  • The bustling town is a place to exchange ,meet other gamers, chat, trade and give gifts.
  • Players can date and match in the game to create the next generation of Heroes.
  • Decentralized forum where users can discuss game activities, find out upcoming voting schedules in Decentralized Organizations, find new friends, etc.

Community events create practical community value:

  • Create practical value by participating in Game Farm Me’s dedicated crowdfunding activity.
  • Give interesting or rare items to friends and relatives.
  • Job platform to increase income: Those who have excess money but lack time can post job ads to support people; People with little money can go to work to get richer.
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