Libopay Ico Review : Pay Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Email or Phone

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About Libopay

Libopay is a global payment platform that enables one click money, crypto and credit transactions operable from your smart devices or directly from bank without charging any extra fees.

Additionally, it comes with the benefit of zero waiting time for wire transfers. 

Libopay is an ‘anywhere any time’ payment system. Its is built on a modern technology stack which has incorporated all of the best practices like high performance web application built by experienced iOS and Android developers from the financial sector.

Token Basic Information

Token NameLibopay
Token SymbolN/A
Social MediaN/A
RestrictionNo Restriction
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The fast and safe way to pay

Libopay aims rightly routing the future of money and capital markets. By adopting the practices in Blockchain technology, guarantee a more all-encompassing future of FinTech. These technologies have the capability to eliminate barriers in transactions, increase the operational efffficiency of the transactional networks and eventually contributing to a steadfast global economy. Also, believe that continual innovation and outstanding customer service can act as catalysers to attain success.

Get start in easy 3 steps

  • Create an account
  • Deposit money in your account
  • Start sending money


Countless payment platforms offer online money transactions with high rates, hidden charges


Libopay is a global payment platform that offers all of that and more for only a 1% charge with no extra fees.

How can Libopay help?

Wallet Module

Wallet Module for holding money and fiat, allowing transfers to users within and outside the platform, as well as direct Bank wire transfers.

Libopay Module

Libopay Module consisting of a set of functionalities for conducting transactions and various FIAT currencies.

Fast settlement

LiboPay can settle funds to your bank account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Verification Module

Verification Module for AML (Anti Money Laundry) and KYC (Know Your Customers) regulation compliance.

Payment System Module

Payment System Module for providing Libopay payment gateways through Bank Wire, either credit card, debit card or even atm card 

Payment Limit module

Payment Limit module for money transfer is 10,000 USD per day for enhanced security.

Features of Libopay

Fast & Customary

Instant payments simplify business. Consumers and merchants do not have to keep track of accounts payable and receivables as well as outstanding transactions. Libopay have a dominant platform where customers can make “one-click” choices for payments and transactions.

Online Payments

Instant Payment: Libopay payment gateway to accept payment online provides the instant notification of the transaction that makes the customer remain assured of the purchased items.

Quick & Easy Setup

Libopay provides affordable plans with zero setup fee and very low transaction rates.


Libopay online invoice payment offers consumer with the fraud protection that secures their money if they don’t receive the money transferred.

Currency Exchanges

Libopay allows easily converting the default currency to another currency.

Libopay’s Modern Technology Stack

Unified console for information flow management

Libopay’s technological advantage runs on its payment system which has a very intuitive interface backed up with realtime money transactions.

Libopay can also be downloaded from iOS and Android App stores using this QR Code.

Libopay Mobile App

The Libopay Mobile app for iOS and Android accept blockchain payments across multiple devices with the Libopay Checkout app with Fast Settlement by clearing funds to your bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).


Libopay also works with countless plugins and robust integrations solutions for the information flows of different payments systems from various merchants and businesses via:

  • Synchronization of client rosters and accounts between payment systems.
  • Creation of automatic payment orders and to be able to send information about them to multiple users.
  • Automatic execution of transactions and payments.
  • Unified console for information flow management.

System Security

  • Libopay is built on a modern technology stack which has incorporated all of the best practices like high performance web application built by experienced iOS and Android developers from the financial sector.
  • All transactions are automatically secured with SSL encryption. Every API function is load tested for speed and reliability, and the platform is deployed with proven auto-scaling technologies.

Cyber Security Features

  • Auditing the use and implementation of encryption in TLS/SSL applications
  • Auditing IPsec and SSL VPNs
  • Analysing secure e-mail systems
  • Identifying important security services :
    • Data confidentiality
    • Digital signatures
    • Authentication
    • Data integrit

Customer Service & User-friendliness

  • We provide 24/7 technical support, responding to each customer inquiry directly through the messenger chosen by the user.
  • Libopay are on the horizon to expand our support staff and add more languages, so that no clients are ever left without an answer, and no potential revenue is lost.


Libopay: Send Money by Phone or Email

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