What Is Monopolon(MGM)? Complete Guide & Review About Monopolon

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What Is Monopolon(MGM)?

Monopolon, is the first-ever futuristic gamefi project that has it’s concept revolving around the iconic Monopoly game. The shares the details of its game concept and how it’s community can benefit from this easy to play and free to play gamefi where everyone’s a winner. This is first and foremost a fun and exciting game, with huge complexity and depth. The Game is designed to attract both worlds, the blockchain-powered decentralized ecosystem where gamers’ actions determine the development of the game using a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), as well as the pure gaming and competitive aspect of finding the best strategy, best team, and climbing the leaderboards to win sky-high rewards from the game.

Monopolon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMonopolon
Short NameMGM
Circulating Supply 1,200,000.00 MGM
Total Supply100,000,000
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There is endless possibilities and no one way to play the game but have multiple ways to play and earn from it. Playformance is your strategies to approach the game, meaning it’s suitable for idle players, semi active players and very active players.


Every 6 hours, the player rolls a D6 dice to determine where they progress to on the game board of 125 tiles. The grid they land on determines their activity they interact with. Players are given one free reroll a day, but can spend MGM/MLON to buy rerolls.

Game Features


Musketeers – Raiding is 5% more efficient Amazonians – 1 extra item appears in the shop per visit, Shop items are 5% cheaper Bynans – Mining is 5% more efficient Jackknights – Extra dice reroll once a day. Zuckarians – Upgrades are 5% faster

The Player

Monopolon player starts by establishing a base HQ in one of the tiles within their Faction’s space. This is where the player will build their base and upgrade their collection. Whenever another enemy player lands on this tile, they have an option to invade the player’s HQ for resources, if the player successfully defends their HQ for the week, they get to keep the remaining loot at the end of the week.

Rolls a D6 every 6 hours to determine where their avatar moves to on the game board. The tile they land on will determine the activity they interact with. Throughout the game, the player can collect Heroes and Loots to boost their gameplay experience and get ahead of others.


MLON is the digital native currency of Monopolon built on the BSC network to underpin the ecosystem. The basic aim of MLON tokens is to allow players to purchase NFT characters in the game as well as building platform governance of the game. MLON is also used to participate in the unique DAO ecosystem of.

They can be used for:

  • Minting character NFTs
  • Game rebalancing
  • DAO rewards distribution
  • DAO Staking to earn staking rewards as a certain % of game revenues given out as rewards.
  • Governance: empowering gamers to make key decisions regarding the direction of the ecosystem based on the voting of the token holders. There will also be rewards for voters to encourage participation in the voting process.


MGM token is the rewards currency of Monopolon built on the BSC network to underpin the ecosystem. The basic aim of MGM tokens is to allow players to purchase of in-game utility items. They can be used for:

  • NFT equipment purchase
  • NFT equipment upgrading
  • NFT equipment fusing
  • Used to buy in-game credit
  • Purchase of item rolls (Gatchapon concept)

Monopolon DAO usage

Monopolon Decentralized Autonomy Organization (DAO) is designed to empower the creativity and fairness in a community where they could express their ideas and show it off to the public in the metaverse while enjoying the economic opportunities created using a DAO.

Monopolon Economics

Monopolon economics is designed to keep price of MLON and MGM in a consistent growth model. MLON is designed such that it can be used to Buy/Sell NFT in game and from the NFT, MGM is generated from mining, looting and farming in the game. MLON can also be sold to MGM in The unique P2P marketplace. With MGM, there will be a liquidity pool set up for swap to USDT. Liquidity pool will be replenished once demand is more than supply of the MLON. This would benefit all the parties in the game such as players, investors, and company.

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