Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Introducing IndiNode, Huzu, Oxycoin, Kuna, Rapids

by Frisco d'Anconia

There is no doubt cryptocurrencies have come to stay. It is taking over the world like a storm irrespective of stiff opposition from some quarters afraid of losing control.

It is up to the global Crypto Community to make sure those who are bent on using the ecosystem to perpetrate fraud and give the dog a bad name so that it could be hanged are exposed. It is, therefore, the responsibility of Crypto enthusiasts to take a look at new entrants and find out what they present to the community.

IndiNode (XIND)

The purpose behind INDINODE is same as Binance or any other exchange coin. It is a community-focused, privacy-based coin that is driven to maintain sustainable growth, development, and fair practices within the masternode coin space.

They intend to create more investment opportunities in the Indian market at the Crypto front. “People who are aware of crypto trading are limited to less than 2% in India, most are only interested with BTC price & OTC trading of BTC which has eventually led to frauds and people getting scared of the crypto market,” said Pandan Angchuan, Team Member.

XIND is built on Quark Algorithm using PivX & Zerocoin protocol for instant, anonymous & secure transactions. “Our coin has SwiftX feature which allows transfers almost instantly and hence is a much-needed feature especially when it is a pairing coin for any exchange. Secondly, complete anonymous transactions give you the power of privacy and anonymity,” Angchuan stated.

Angchuan thinks that in the next five years, XIND will be a major player in terms of popularity & profitability in the Indian market. Our next plan is to ensure 100 thousand users /holders from India by the time the Indian Exchange launches. Additionally, they have XINDI NATION, which enables people to earn XIND through odd jobs in crypto (not limited to Indinode jobs), but more like a decentralised Odesk for freelancers.

He had this message for the XIND community:

“XIND has just arrived in the market and targets a billion dollar economy. Therefore not only should you HOLD it for long-term gains but also grow it for future profits. As an MN Owner, you benefit the most when the coin exchange is launched as all MN owners will get an equal share of 50% profit from IndiExchange, distributed to them as XIND coins.
So Hold and grow with the community, its a long-term project which has been delivering ahead of time from inception.”

Huzu (HUZU)

HUZU’s core vision is to build a transparent donation platform for the charity industry. “We realized there was a need for open transparency inside the donation industry as most charities do not actually show you where the money is spent,” the HUZU Team told CWS. “This can all change using the blockchain and our platform to visually show where every penny was spent.”

The team believes working with such an industry also opens a lot of doors outside crypto since there is a large divide between those who are already in this space and people who are not. They maintain their platform can expose those outside the crypto market into how useful the technology behind crypto can be.

The underlying technology of HUZU is a forked core chain from the latest PIVX for stability and also to be pure PoS. HUZU is built on the opinion that the amount of electricity consumption used in PoW coins like bitcoin and Ethereum is something that does not augur well.

“Another reason we chose PIVX as our base is the plan to implement a voting structure in the future for holders to participate in,” revealed the team. “Using voting we plan to allow masternode holders to vote on everything from which projects we tackle to how we donate a portion of the money received.”

The project would like to help many charities become more transparent in the coming years. Their mission is to be a leader in this space where Newly Listed others will follow their example as the ultimate goal here is helping those the less fortunate. The more people they can inspire to donate who have never done so, the better and the fact that technology is accomplishing it.

They thanked the community for believing in them and sticking with such project exciting project. “Our work here has just started and we can’t wait to embrace the challenges ahead,” they time intimated. “We hope you stick it out with us and come to take this journey to help make the world a better place.”

Oxycoin (OXY)

OXY is a utility token which facilitates transactions on the Oxycoin platform. “This means that it will be used for all products linked to the platform whether it is a B2B customer or a consumer, both can use our token to pay for our platform services,” Jan Willem Veldhuis, CEO at Oxycoin informed CWS.

Oxycoin offers a service through a simple API which will give innovative companies access to their revolutionary technology offering a complete package which is dynamic and customizable for each use case. “We’ll be servicing businesses which will connect their products to our platform to utilize blockchain technology or any of our other services,” the CEO stated.

The underlying technology is an ERC20 token. “As our team consists of senior blockchain developers with many years of experience, we aim to be a service provider or gateway for businesses whom would like to connect to the blockchain technology. We will integrate a next-gen blockchain into our platform somewhere in 2019 which we’ll use to store platform data,” Veldhuis hinted.

Veldhuis urged the community to be patient and keep their OXY Tokens safe. He also asked them to be part of a new Crypto era.

Kuna (KUNA)

Kuna claims it has built the easiest way to buy Newly Listed and sell cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe. The KUNA token is essentially a utility token for the Kuna Exchange.

“We are looking at the models of KuCoin Shares and BNB, so token can provide benefits while using Kuna Exchange services,” Maksym Piddubnyak, Customer and Community Manager at Kuna explained.

At the moment it can be used for buying the premium subscription (exchanger and Pro-exchanger) for the lower maker and taker fees.
Also, you can use KUN for covering listing charge to get around 75% discount instead of paying in BTC.

KUN is on the WAVES blockchain and it is using LPoS.
“We are using WAVES blockchain, but we’re looking to move from it in favour of EOS blockchain since we are a Block producer of EOS,” Piddubnyak mentioned.

The Customer and Community Manager stipulated that five years is a long period of time but they are pretty ambitious they will become the largest Newly Listed  financial institution in Commonwealth of Independent State and Turkey, providing blockchain and transparency for each member of the community.

Here is Piddubnyak’s message to the Kuna community:

“We’re talking to our holders pretty often since we’re trying to be closer to them. Michael Chobanian, the founder of the exchange, is doing live stream each week or two, so each user has the chance to ask everything they want and get a clear answer. The support team is available 24/7 to provide the best service if you have any question. Our message is: ‘Raise your voice’. Speak and you will be heard.”

Rapids (RPD)

Rapids is a cryptocurrency project aiding fast and secure cryptocurrency payments across social media networks. “We recognize our project is not the Newly Listed only one proposing this design, but it distinguishes itself through the technology we are developing and through the community-based atmosphere that will drive the project’s development,” announced Corey S, Founder and CEO of Rapids

The network is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. This will just involve the initial steps of development as the purpose is to swiftly swap to a blockchain based on the NIST5 algorithm and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus.

“Currently, the Ethereum blockchain is allowing the project to establish the foundation from which design, marketing, and project management will prepare for proprietary development. The transition to NIST5 will provide the Rapids blockchain with a fast and secure platform by contributing the best security and speed aspects offered by the finalists of hash function competition held by the National Institute of Standards and Technology,” Corey unveiled.

In half a decade, the Rapids development team has set an ambitious yet manageable roadmap to realize the project’s goals. Within the next five Newly Listed  years, the team would like to witness the incorporation of RPD payments upon Social Media through the use of web browser and social media-enabled widgets and RapidsPay. Rapids will also be applying for pre-paid VISA Debit cards to benefit RPD users with debit cards coupled with the functionality of Rapids applications and software wallets.

“Rapids is a community-based, community-driven cryptocurrency project to provide our community, in addition to social media users, with a Newly Listed new medium from which to transact in an uncomplicated, secure, and rapid fashion,” Said Corey to the Rapids community.

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