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Newly Listed Coins on CoinMarketCap: Welcome B2N, PXG, LAMB, FIII, SHx


Cryptosphere has not given up irrespective of its detractors and the numerous times it has been pronounced dead. The markets are gradually recovering after a long bitter winter.

More so, those who believe in the sector have also not given up and keep building things on the Blockchain to solve the world’s infinite problems. Get to know this week’s newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap and understand its technological mission and vision.

Bitcoin2network (B2N)

Creators of bitcoin2network claim it is a Universal Private Digital Currency built on a robust blockchain technology designed to provide decentralized cross-border payments that are faster, cheaper, and more secure. It is an open source project geared to develop a sturdy, multi-layer, blockchain ecosystem that is founded on three basic tenets of PRIVACY , FREEDOM  and EQUALITY.

According to CodingRonin, the Lead Dev at B2N, the coin is neither to be considered a User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) nor a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF) of any coin.  He explained:

“It enhances the already disruptive technology of CryptoNote by implementing its own variations to the source code (e.g. CryptoNight-B2N Algorithm). The B2N coin is powered by a robust blockchain system that is privacy-centric, self-regulating and adaptive in nature. It enables users to privately transact across the world within an instant and rids the need for third-party validators. All network transactions are processed and validated collectively by the B2N decentralized global community.”

In the next five years, the team aims to fully develop and implement a real-world business where grandmothers and grandfathers will be able to conveniently transact using its native currency across the globe.

In a message to the B2N community, CodingRonin stated that the project was started with the mindset that the success in any open-source project should be inevitable if the community behind the project is dedicated and passionate about its development and implementation and fortunately the project has been able to attract such community.

We would like to advise our community members who have invested in our project via skill or resource contribution to rest assured of the ultimate success of our project as we are passionately building it further and continuously seeking better solutions to get mass adoption across the globe,” the Lead Dev added.

PlayGame Token (PXG)

PlayGame Token provides easy integration for any game publisher or developer to implement their own token economy in their games. The platform enables all games to have features like true ownership of virtual items, implement pool prize on multiplayer games, tournaments engine, token distribution and many more.

“We are building our own Gaming Economy SDK so developers wouldn’t need to know about blockchain extensively and can run their own blockchain-powered game within our mainnet with ease,”

Aldo Sudjanasastra informed CWS.

PlayGame Token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token with smart contracts. Sudjanasastra explained it was built on top of Ethereum because of its popularity and thus more familiar to their developers and users. “We will be running the main Blockchain for financial transactions and a sidechain for the non-financial transaction such as recording user account, high score, game moves and provide a validation consensus to prevent cheaters,” he emphasised.

In 5 years, their hope and aspiration are that PXG can be adopted in mainstream games, and the use of their infrastructure by popular game online tournaments with monetary prizes. This they also expect, will all be powered by blockchain.

Sudjanasastra had this message for the PXG community:

“Thank you for the support and keep hodling! Building great things takes time.”

Lambda (LAMB)

Lambda is a decentralized storage solution via the blockchain. The aim is to create a market for sharing storage resources where there are storage search and demand to meet and the price set by the market itself.

“The underlying technology is unique in several aspects: the design includes the separation of blockchain and storage chain. We have addressed Provable Data Possession making use of the blockchain itself,” Trapture Nine, a Lamb Team Member related. According to him, despite all this, the solution can still support high throughput and data storage and retrieval, making use of “Sharding”. With unlimited scalability in sight, the possibilities for the future of DAPPs are therefore endless

On where the project wants to be in the next five years, Nine explained in a world where IOT is ever developing, they are faced by a reality where it’s not just people making content. “As a matter of facts, machines are already producing way more data that could be collected for diverse purposes,” he said. “This represents a huge market that is completely open to being explored.”

The Team Member asked the Lambdas community to not just hodl LAMB but to get involved especially if you are a student or simply interested in building something, you should come by and see what are your / their limits.

Fiii (FIII)

Fiii comprises a dynamic mix of tech arms, each specialising in a dedicated area of expertise yet working collaboratively towards a common vision. FiiiPOS is a Crypto payment terminal; FiiiPay is a Mobile wallet App compatible with FiiiPOS and FiiiEX is a Crypto Exchange built to support FiiiPOS and FiiiPay.

Its underlying technology is  Delegated proof of capacity (DPoC) mining algorithm. It is built to achieve mobile mining capability while keeping the mobile device from being a full node and perform extensive block synchronization work.   

 Ernest Chuang, Community Manager at Fiii maintains the goal is to bring cryptocurrency adoption into everyday activities and available to all for all purposes.

FIII wants to be on top 10 on CMC in the next five coming years. They are also targeting at least 300,000 FiiiPOS and three million FiiiPAY users worldwide.

Chuang conveyed this message to the project supporters:

“There are many things to come! We are working tirelessly on our mobile mining, FiiiEx, FiiiChain and constantly improving our ecosystem with partners to facilitate the daily use of cryptos. If you have any suggestions let us know! We have over 83 team members as of now and 4 offices. We’re going into 2019 ready to take up any challenges it may bring us.”

Stronghold (SHx)

Stronghold is a financial services platform that’s native to distributed ledger technology (DLT). Their new trading platform is the first to be built on DLT with a regulatory framework.

In an interview with CWS, Walter Thompson, CEO at Stronghold mentioned that Regulatory technology is a core aspect of the ecosystem they are building, so they have integrated compliance, monitoring and reporting requirements into their new platform. Stronghold is built on open source distributed ledger technology and connects the world with buying and selling assets in less than a minute.

“Last summer, we announced a partnership with IBM to support IBM Blockchain World Wire, which facilitates cross-border payments in near real-time,” Thompson announces. Therefore, the goal of the project is to create a global economic platform that extends financial services to under banked populations and creates a more even playing field.

“For example, we don’t think it’s fair that people sending money to/from developing countries must pay high transfer fees, so that’s one of several problems we look forward to solving. Our goal is to put a digital wallet in every pocket, and we’re just getting started,” he concluded.   

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