Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Welcome Carat, Auxilium, Ragnarok, Phonecoin, Mircoin Part 1

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Severally, mainstream media has pronounced cryptocurrencies dead especially the first market mover, Bitcoin. Yet, those who believe in this space continue to work hard building crypto products and services to solve humanities numerous problems.

On a daily basis, new cryptocurrencies with different hallmarks and varieties of use cases are released on the market. They all come to address a diverse malaise facing humanity.

At Coin World Story, we always urge our readers to do a better job of understanding this ecosystem before entering it. It is therefore imperative to know where you are putting your money by getting to know the new entrants to the market

Carat (CARAT) is tokenizing the world’s most expensive commodity — diamonds. The platform is a fluid process to exchange diamonds’ in digital value with a real-world usage and exposure to the diamond and jewellery industries.

The team has built the world’s first financial market for diamonds after years of research which has unearthed an untapped $250 Billion Market. They have therefore issued a 100 per cent asset-backed token with the most tradable certified diamonds in the market.

“It is based on a state of the art proprietary algorithm that is free of human interference and has 98.2% statistical significance,” Gabriel Diamant, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of unveiled. “The CARAT is an ERC-20 token because it satisfies our need at this stage while we build our own technology which will enable diamantaires and jewellers to trade diamonds on the blockchain.”

Diamant further explained the company at the moment has 750 thousand diamonds signed on the blockchain through a collaboration with IDEX, the second largest B2B diamond platform in the world.

For the next five years, CARAT is striving to get on the Diamond Financial Index (DFX) which is the building blocks of every financial diamonds market in the world. This, according to the co-founder, will facilitate the DFX to act as the official index while the CARAT token operates as the underlying asset.

This was Diamant’s message to the CARAT community:

“The diamond market is $80 billion annually, and the financial part of it is only 1% today. While in parallel commodities the ratio is at least 1 to 3 for the financial market that is $250 billion in untapped markets. Currently, algorithmic pricing is non-existing and it happens manually through diamantaire and a magnifying glass. We’re bringing a top to bottom revolution to the market and for that, we need the people!”

Auxilium (AUX)

AUX is a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with the goal to tackle the world’s ills. “It’s a big task, but with the power of a strong cryptocurrency and a caring community of coin holders, we know we can make a difference,” Anton Donker, Co-founder of Auxilium noted. “We use our capital gains to support philanthropic work around the globe, whether it’s planting trees to offset our carbon footprint, piloting a program to help disadvantaged people get enough to eat or helping to fund research for a breast cancer cure.”

The underlying technology is the Ethereum code-base with Proof of Authority consensus. Anton maintains AUX differs from other currencies since it is the first to list on an exchange with their own POA Blockchain and have features like less risk of a 51% takeover and one of the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

“We have Interest distribution via our AID platform of 8%* per annum, calculated and paid out on the first of each month,” he said. The Interest distribution is weighted evenly whether you hold 1 AUX or 1 Million AUX and there is no need to leave your computer on to earn interest.

In half a decade, AUX claims it sincerely aims to contribute on a global scale, to all sorts of charities that help people and animals. They also intend to create partnerships with a number of charities and other like-minded organisations to facilitate payments to them via Auxilium.

The co-founder reiterated how his team is proud of the AUX community since there are many community members who are aligned with the project. “We’re working to foster a ‘movement’ of like-minded people, all wanting to help others and do good in the world because together, we can succeed.”

Ragnarok (RAGNA)

Ragnarok has simplified the purchasing of cryptocurrency mining equipment by making it possible online using cryptos. It eliminates the use of credit cards with hidden fees and holders also have the opportunity to stake and set up masternodes for passive income.

“Our underlying technology is POS / Masternode and our algorithm is based on Xevan which is a unique combination of the dual X17 algorithm with a 128-bit header and it has proven to be ASIC resistant, stable and energy efficient algorithm,” Mr Grow, Lead Dev at Ragnarok revealed to CWS.

On the project’s focus for the next five years, Mr Grow explained that since the Ragnarok is more focused on real-world utility, it would stand apart from other masternode coins, simply because it is not another cryptocurrency or a network created to enable payments alone.

The Lead Dev expressed his profound recognition to the community for their undying support. “On behalf of Ragnarok Team, I will like to say thank you to all the holders and we hope you guys will continue putting your trust in us,” Mr Grow stated.

Phonecoin (PHON)

Phonecoin is a digital currency that operates as a transaction tool for the purchase of roaming internet data in more than 120 countries around the globe. Their product Flexi Roam X makes it unnecessary to buy a new SIM card whenever you are in another country.

“We used POS + MN system so that our network is more stable and avoids dumps carried out by the owners of GPU, FPGA, ASIC and the Tier 1,2,3 system to ensure investors are willing to hold coins because investment is not cheap to have a tier1, 2,3,” Paves Gladelims, Founder of PHON informed CWS . More so, Phonecoin has collaborated with Masternodes shared services like NGM, SPP, StakingLab, Stakecube, GMT, making it easy for the community to have Masternodes.

The network is hoping to have a lot of community members, a stable network, people increasingly trusting their services and more MN holders in the next five years. “We have a big ambition that is to cooperate with manufacturers from China to make smartphones with Phonecoin brands that people can buy with our tokens,” Paves announced.

Gladelims advised the community to understand that PHON is there because there are clear objectives, business models and products with coin supply of only 21 million. Therefore, they will jointly develop Phonecoin until many people know it and that they shouldn’t sell cheap.

Mircoin (MIR)

The builders of Mircoin believe for crypto not to become a mere speculative instrument, a system that can use it in the real economy is needed. Mircoin links Blockchain and electronic payment platform to make use of crypto in the real economy.

Mircoin is exchanged with Mir Pay, a fixed currency, and Mir pay is used as a real-life currency in Mir Land that incorporates points, coupons and reserves from Mir Land’s affiliate. Consumers who buy goods with Mir Pay receive 5% of return on their consumption, which greatly benefits their affiliates and consumers. “Mir coin has already established partnerships with over 20 companies, starting with ‘Taxi King’ project, a shared economy taxi line sharing application through a partnership with SNS Dududu, which has 37 million users,” Yosong Lim, CAO of MIR stated.

Mircoin underlying technology is based on Charlie Lee’s Litecoin. Block creation time is designed to create blocks every 30 seconds, five times shorter than Litecoin which creates blocks every 150 seconds and it is designed to provide a wide range of mining profitability with ASIC equipment from Scrypt algorithms.

“Our goal is to become the global leading company which will leap over Apple, Uber, Alipay, Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon, Trent, Samsung in five years time,” the CAO remarked. He thinks Mircoin will operate as a global shared company based on Blockchain technology in all industries of taxis, buses, airlines, accommodation and all areas in real life.

“Thanks to the users who hold Mircoin,” Lim told the MIR community. “I would like to make the history of the era with you as a future value tool and industry.


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