Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Welcome TV-TWO, Coin Lion, PalletOne, Crystal Token, InterValue, Ethereum Meta Part 1

by Frisco d'Anconia

It is rough times for cryptosphere but our belief in the decentralized system and monetary order will never wane. In the midst of the Crypto Winter, more projects are coming out to solve problems around the world.

This week CWS is featuring some unique and innovative projects. Don’t forget it is not only about how great the project is but also the people executing it. Get to them and make your our decision.


TV-TWO is the platform to start your night in front of the TV and discover exciting content with friends and family. It employs machine learning and computer vision technology to curate a personalized video stream offering a lean-back atmosphere and a joyful opportunity for finding the content you love.

“Sponsored messages are smoothly blended into the stream and the brands that decide to engage with their target audience on TV-TWO have to purchase the Token for Television (TTV), the only allowed currency on the platform,” Philipp Schulz, Co-founder at TTV said. “The utility token is passed on directly to each viewer of the advertising as a reward for the shared data and attention.”

Blockchain technology is used to secure the watch time, the number of views and user engagement transparency. Rather than communicating with the servers of TV-TWO, the Smart TV application directly connects to a Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain, documenting KPIs in an immutable and auditable form in the distributed ledger.

According to Schulz, this brings transparency to the ad spend of brands and takes out middlemen such as TV networks as well as Facebook and YouTube, who are selling consumer access to the highest bidder.

Schulz maintains the digital potential of TV is largely untapped by TV networks and his outfit will be a major player in half a decade. “While many people brush off TV as a dying medium, television is still the leading marketing channel with ad spends of USD $180 billion annually. To illustrate the size of the TV advertising market: While Facebook was able to generate an average revenue of $26 per user in the US in 2017, TV networks made $260 per viewer in the same timeframe,” he argued.

This was the co-founder’s message to his community:

“Since the number of TTV is fixed after the crowdsale, each issued token possesses the right to show sponsored messaged to a defined percentage of consumers that watch television through TV-TWO. If the absolute number of consumers using TV-TWO grows over time, the utility of each token increases. Thus, we have a sound business model that tokenizes an existing, potent industry, leading to a steady token demand uncorrelated to the volatile crypto markets.”

Coin Lion (LION)

LION is the native coin of the CoinLion Trading Platform and portfolio management system. Apart from providing free trades within the platform, the token provides benefits and incentives to users who participate in the CoinLion ecosystem.

“LION can be spent and earned within the platform and also track and duplicate portfolios,” Joshua DeWitt, CEO of Coin Lion indicated. The platform provides free trades in LION trading pairs, access research and analytics within the CoinLion Library as well as discounted trading when holding LION among others.

Coin Lion uses a wide variety of technologies to power the CoinLion trading platform and portfolio management system. The Lion token is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

According to the CEO, Coin Lion is focused on creating a world-class trading platform and portfolio management system in the next five years, adding they aim to give users a platform not only to trade but to share strategies, portfolios, research, and educational content related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. “In the next five years, we expect CoinLion to provide hundreds of thousands of users with world-class services related to the trading and management of digital currency,” DeWitt submitted.

He thanked the Coin Lion Community for the continuous support and urged them to visit the project’s website for official information and announcements.

PalletOne (PTN)

PalletOne believes today’s blockchain encounters the challenges of scalability and interoperability. “To address these challenges, we propose PalletOne, Protocol for Abstract-Level Ledger Ecosystem,” Cynthia Mao, CMO at PTN informed CWS.

Through connecting the blockchains, PalletOne makes the value flows between the “blockchain silos” and acts as the “IP protocol” of the blockchains, which realizes the maximization of the blockchain values. At the same time, through the combination of DAG distributed storage and jury consensus algorithm, it breaks through the technical limitations in storage and computation of traditional Blockchains and establishes a high-performance distributed ledger.

PalletOne smart contract can interact with different blockchains at the same time, so users can trade tokens from different blockchains in one PalletOne contract invocation to make the inter-chain token exchange distributed, atomic, and immutable.

“PalletOne adopted Jury consensus mechanism which combines the whole network consensus and part consensus to ensure the efficiency and safety of cross-chain smart contract execution,” Mao said concerning the underlying technology. Besides, Contract Template and Token Abstract Layer are introduced to decrease the difficulty and complexity of contract development.

She further stated that PalletOne makes inter-chain transactions possible by decoupling the state of contracts from the blockchains. Developers can choose the language they are familiar with and the platform they need.

Mao on behalf of the PTN team expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the community. “The good news is that our test host network will be online by the end of the year, and the candidate supernode campaign will be coming soon,” she added.

Crystal Token (CYL)

Crystal Token is a multi-utility token that can be used for a variety of use cases, such as Signals & Trading, Marketing Campaigns, Games, Pools and much more. “The most important use case we are currently focusing on is the design of multi-currency trading bots as-a-service,” a Spokesperson of CYL noted.

Crystal Token is an Ethereum based token. However, it is backed up by a complex platform that allows access to all the services mentioned before in a straightforward and enjoyable way. Trading bots are backed by an AI engine that performs technical analysis using trading indicators and techniques, as well as machine learning models for volume analysis and price prediction.

“Hopefully, we will reach a point where our trading services will be among the most accurate in the field, and where our image would be valued as reputable and trustworthy for an increasing amount of people,” the Spokesperson indicated in response to where the project will be in five years. “We already reached many milestones, also longevity-wise if compared to many other projects, but we are conscious that there is still much work to do.”

The spokesperson implored the community to be patient and have a long-term vision, rather than aim for unsustainable short-term profits. He admitted that Indeed, it takes time and effort to reach a good level of stability and gain momentum.

InterValue (INVE)

The core innovation of InterValue is the proposed HashNet consensus protocol. The HashNet consensus protocol attempts to form a divide-and-conquer distributed system through “on-chip autonomy.

INVE uses an unprecedented fragmentation algorithm to organically integrate HashGraph data structure, multi-signature, PoW consensus, etc., in high transaction throughput rates. The perfect balance is achieved between decentralization and security.

“InterValue takes advantage of the chains in the Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 to address outstanding issues, break some key technologies, and support more prosperous application ecosystem,” Barton Chao, CEO of the project explained. “It has functional characteristics ofBlockchain 4.0 such as fast transaction confirmation, anti-quantum attack, anonymous node communication, anonymous protection of transaction, advanced smart contract, data link and so on.”

The team believes that in the coming years the coin will be on almost all the big and reliable exchanges and will forge all kinds of cooperation with different industries including the food, agriculture, athletics, travel and many more.

Chao had this message for the community:

We are very grateful to our investors which include Rootscap, Benrui Capital, Whales Capital, Crypto Labotary, Obsidian Capital, Ok Crypto, Bigcoin Capital, Eyu Capital, Reflexion Capital, Hello Capital, Starwin Capital, Skyline Capital, Cloudchain Capital, Genesis Capital, Skywalk Capital and Huaying Capital.

Ethereum Meta (ETHM)

Ethereum Meta addresses a major weakness in Ethereum which is the lack of privacy. it enables Smart Contracts where no friend, family, nor foe can see what you bought or for how much.

A Spokesperson for the project reported:

“We are working on Smart Contract Mixer where Ethereum platform implements Zero-Knowledge Snarks and we will add this feature to our system. Moreover, Ethereum Meta token is a foundation of the Anonymous E-Market Place that we are building to be accessible by Tor Browser and provide fully anonymous experience.”

In the opinion of the project creators, decentralization using blockchain is the only possibility to have 100% privacy with 100% reliability (immutable transactions). Also, the Blockchain is the system that doesn’t have a central point of trust or central point of failure.

“It is hard to say what will happen in five years, however, we are ready to change the world by building the first Fully Anonymous and Untraceable E-Market Place,” the Spokesperson confidently pointed out.

He explained to the community that any token can store value, but only the projects that solve real business problems will be valuable in the future. Therefore, their project is privacy oriented they believe it will serve well to the specific market where users want to stay fully anonymous, hence creating a value for future use.

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