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Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: OSA, Skyhub, BDT Token, ILcoin


The value of Cryptocurrency market is still dwindling at an alarming rate. Currently, the total market cap is hovering around $100 billion, down from $800 billion at the beginning of 2018.

Nonetheless, the market continues to witness new entrants despite the upheavals. It is vital for our readers to get to know this week’s newcomers and understand the technologies and business plans behind them.

Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA)

OSA has built the world’s first decentralized data marketplace that combines an ecosystem currently disjointed. The process allows parties to co-operate and develop the practical solutions that will make everyday shopping a more pleasurable experience to save shoppers time, money, secure their health as well as facilitating smart and intelligent product choices.

Esther Katz, Vice President of Communication at OSA maintains the retail industry loses approximately $500 billion annually and OSA DC reduces this waste by uniting producers, retailers, and consumers with its blockchain-empowered solutions. OSA is the native currency acting as a medium to connect the OSA DC ecosystem with the External Environment.

The project combines big data and artificial intelligence with blockchain. “OSA DC starts by gathering relevant big data from more than 100 open and private sources, cleans, processes and analyses it, and only then secures relevant hashes in the blockchain to achieve information immutability and trustfulness by all involved parties,” Katz said.

She informed CWS that OSA is an existing business that provides services to leading manufacturers. For the next five years, the company will continue its global expansion in Asia, Europe and USA, implementing its innovations in retail focusing on delivering high-quality service to its partners.

The Vice President of Communications stated that OSA is building a long-term business, partnerships and uniting smart consumers into a single powerful community, that will change retail for better. “Building a real application, OSA brings a real economy in the crypto world, making OSA a solid token,” Katz concluded.

Skyhub (SHB)

SkyHub is the world’s best blockchain-powered marketplace of services for the online booking industry. According to their Spokesman, the project’s unique business model will bridge the gap between the online and traditional travel agency by creating a trusted platform with a bustling ecosystem of active and satisfied users and by providing a convenient online booking capability, as well as a 24/7 support in multiple countries and languages.

SHB is a Masternodes Crypto that employs Proof of Stake (PoS). “We have dedicated 90 per cent to Masternodes whilst 10 per cent is for Staking,” the Spokesperson related.

The team thinks that in the next five years Skyhub will be among the top 100 coins and will also be on the top 10 exchanges in the world. They also want to be a leading brand in the travelling industry.

“For the growing Skyhub community, we thank you for being there for us and believing in us,” the Spokesman conveyed to the Skyhub community. “Keep holding since there are better days ahead with the utility token we’ve built.”

BDT Token (BDT)

BDT has built a Bitdepositary that comes with a complete Financial Marketplace and their own Blockchain. They have already launched the Bitdepositary Chain and at the end of December or beginning of January, their zero Trading Fee Exchange with the trading pairs BDT will be up.

“In Q1 and Q2 2019, we will add the User Bank Accounts and the Credit Cards,” Tobias Graf, founder and CEO at BDT Token explained. “We have built this concept of a one in all Solution in the Finance Sector for our Costumers.

The underlying technology of BDT is ERC20 but the project will soon offer users the BDTChain – X13 Algorithm – Dark Transfer – Thumbler – PoS – Staking Rewards.

“I personally see the BDT Coin and the BDT Finance Marketplace in the Top 50 of Cryptocurrencies in the coming years,” Graf said. Moreover, they are also positioning themselves to revolutionize the crypto market with fast, easy handling, secured and anonymous transactions.

The founder and CEO’s message to his community was explicit: “Buy and hold now and benefit in the near future!”

Ilcoin (ILC)

The creators of Ilcoin claim it is a modern alternative to Bitcoin developed by their Dev team. It provides a three-year-term investment model and a general bonus system.

ILC uses SHA-256 encryption technology. It is their conviction it will be the first blockchain with SHA-256 technology fitted to create smart contracts.

In an interview with a team member, he indicated that in the next five years ILC will be a stable coin with a huge community. “In my opinion, half of the market will disappear and just the good projects will prevail. Since Ilcoin is not a new project but has been in the system for four years, I think we have waited long enough in the shadows.

The project owners are optimistic the community has made a prudent choice. “Our community should know that the time has come for them to rise,” the team member emphasised.

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